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My annual checkup at the V.A. hospital here in Lexington, Kentucky was scheduled for 10 a.m. yesterday, but we arrived a half hour early, and within about 5 minutes I was in an exam room where a nurse took my vitals, and then she took me in to see my doctor.

He read over my file, we talked a little bit about some little problems I’ve been having, he entered an order for refills on a couple of prescriptions, and told me to have a nice winter. The next stop was the lab in the basement, where they drew blood, told me they were out of flu shots, and sent me on my way. We were back in the van and headed home by 10:30. They sure do work fast there!

It looks like I’ll be kicking around this old rock a few more years at least, and that’s good news, because there’s a lot I still have left to see and do.

I’m still not completely decided about switching to the Tucson V.A. hospital for my primary care, because the folks here in Lexington have taken very good care of me. It’s just not very convenient to get here at times.

I really wish Lexington had more than one RV park, because we really don’t care for Kentucky Horse Park. It’s always crowded, and at $28 a night for a back-in water and electric RV site, it’s certainly no bargain. There are other RV parks south of Lexington, down around Berea, but by the time you pay for gas to run back and forth, you don’t save any money. At least it’s a short drive from the Horse Park to the V.A. hospital.  

Back at the motorhome, I got the new digital issue uploaded and sent e-mails to our digital subscribers with a link to access it. For some reason, a couple of e-mails bounced back, so if you subscribe to the digital issue and didn’t get the e-mail, let me know and we’ll figure out what went wrong.

A few days ago I wrote about my first impressions of the new Droid Incredible phone, and somebody e-mailed to tell me that they had heard the battery life isn’t great. That’s true, compared to the Blackberry Storm I had before, the Droid’s battery goes down somewhat faster. Especially if you are using a lot of apps at once, such as the GPS, or the Bluetooth. I don’t use the Bluetooth at all, and I keep the GPS feature turned off if I’m not using it, and I can go about 24 hours between battery charges, unless I spend a lot of time talking on the telephone. When I got the phone, I also got the accessory 12 volt battery charger cord, and I have found it useful, especially when using the GPS in the van.

Somebody on the Escapees Forum posted some info about out a new app for both Droids and iPhones called Allstays Camp and RV, which lists all kinds of great information, including WalMart and Sam’s Club stores with RV parking, Cracker Barrel restaurants, truck stops, highway rest areas, private and public campgrounds, Camping World stores, RV service facilities, and so much more that I can’t list everything here.

The app uses Google maps to locate things in your immediate area, with filters so that you only see the things you want to see. All you do is select a location, and it navigates you right to it! At $3.99, it’s a heck of an investment. I downloaded it to my Droid and have used it already. 

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing!

Thought For A Day – Every path has some puddles.

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  4 Responses to “A Quick Day At The V.A.”

  1. When it comes to medical, I would like to say stay with a doctorplace you like if they are good. It sounds like the VA in Lexington is wonderful. I wouldn’t change unless something goes downhill there.

    The reason I say this is I have a FABULOUS cardiologist in Asheville, NC. I home base in Florida and all my other doctors are there. But I just REALLY feel like Dr. Hathaway is absolutely tops in his field. Usually we just stop by Asheville on our way back to Florida as I go only once a year in the fall to see him. This year was unusual as we were back early to Florida. So I recently flew to and from Asheville from Florida just for my echocardiogram & doctor’s appointment. Others have asked my why I don’t just get a cardiologist down here in Florida. Well, I could BUT I really feel like my health is something very important to me and I want the best medical help I can get to keep Peter & I both healthy. It’s a small logistics problem to go see Dr. Hathaway but he solved a BIG problem for me with my heart.

    Since you full time and are traveling all the time, you will run into this problem of inconvenience anyway. Because you are going to have to time it to see the doctors/hospitals of your choice anyway. It’s best in my opinion to find the best doctors possible, the ones you like & stay with them. While $28 a night to stay at the horse park is high, still for 2 nights it’s a small investment in your health. Staying healthy to enjoy this life should be a top priority in all our lives.

  2. Congratulations on the check up. I would not change doctors if the current one is doing his or her job. We used to go back to California for doctors appointments and it was a long road. We used this time also to spend time with our grandson. We have switched to a doctor in Hondo TX since we now live there in the winter time, We have only seen the new doctor one time and he seems to be alright. He is used to his patients not being in the area since most of them it seems are gone in the summer time. It gets mighty warm in Texas in the summer time.

  3. Nick – I just want to say a good word about VA care. I go to the clinic in Appleton, Wisconsin and receive top notch care. The staff is friendly, effecient and respectful. They are ALWAYS on time, unlike most civilian medical facilities. Last mont I took my 87 year old father to the VA hospital in Madison, WI for very successful cataract surgery. Other than making him strip naked for eye surgery (when told he had to take all his clothes off, he exclaimed “Your working on my eye!!!”) it was a great experience. The staff there were wondeful and knew how to “handle” an elderly, crusty WWII veteran. My hats off to the VA system and the people that serve us veterans there.

  4. Have you asked the KY VA Hospital if you can park in their lot?

    Also, I personally like to get my “routine” blood work done prior to my Dr. visit so we are both “informed” at the time of the physical. I will assume if your had any abnormal blood results they would contact you. Correct? Glad you are good to go… and go… and go……..

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