Oct 082010

Whenever there’s nothing on TV worth watching, I don’t feel like reading, and I’m too lazy to go exploring, all I have to do for entertainment is look out my window. There’s sure to be something going on in the campground!

We stayed home yesterday while I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. During the afternoon, I saw this a guy in a large Class A motorhome move from one campsite to another across the road and six spaces down.

Moving Rv awnings out 2

There’s nothing surprising about that, a lot of times people relocate from one RV site to another. Sometimes they move to get better TV reception, or to a site that is more level, or maybe next door to friends. We’ve done it ourselves on occasion.

I’m not sure why this fellow moved, but it was how he moved that caught my attention. He left his window and main awnings out, his rooftop satellite TV dish up, and entrance door open. Basically, he disconnected his campground utilities, pulled up his leveling jacks, and took off. And they call me lazy????

Moving Rv awnings out

I’ve seen all kinds of weird and crazy things in campgrounds over the years, from the folks who took their dog for a walk by holding the leash out the car window as they drove through the campground; to the couple who had to unload their entire trailer and stack boxes and bins of stuff outside just to be able get inside every time they arrived at a new RV park; to the fellow parked next to us who kept us awake because he decided that 2 a.m. would be a good time to totally empty out his storage bays and rearrange them over the next three hours.

Most RVers are great people, but they are still people, and we all know what strange animals they are!

I never even stepped outside yesterday, except to take the pictures of the guy moving his motorhome. I spent most of the time at the computer, getting the Letters to the Editor and my Meandering Down The Highway travelogue ready for the new issue.

I can do a day or two chained to the desk, but then I need to break away, at least for a little while. Today we have some errands to run, and then it’s back to work.

The weather has cleared up and it has warmed, which makes it nice, because we can have the windows and door open to air out the motorhome. Besides, that way I can watch the comings and goings, and the campground follies just outside my window. Now that’s entertainment!

Before I close, I need to wish my buddy Greg White a belated happy birthday. Although I did get a little nervous when I saw his birthday cake in his Crab Cakes and Birthday Cakes . . . blog. Maybe Greg and I are seeing too much of each other, what do you think?

Greg birthday cake

And what really sucked is that even though my name’s on the cake too, he didn’t even send me a slice. FedEx does have overnight delivery, Greg…..

Thought For The Day – The trouble with being punctual is that usually nobody’s there to appreciate it.

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  4 Responses to “A Day At The Campground”

  1. Well, it was an ice cream cake, and all my dry ice had melted, and I didn’t have FedEx on speed dial, and I didn’t know the address of your campground, and it had onions in it, and…and…we ate it all anyway.

  2. OK, I kind of understand the awnings – but why leave the dish up? He will have to re-aim it anyway! Oh well.

  3. And he’ll be the first to complain that his slides don’t work right.

  4. We were at a campground and the guy next door always had a beer in his hand. No kidding, after two days we couldn’t believe it. I mean everywhere he went it was in his hand from early am to bedtime. I like beer too, but I usually put it down on a table or something at some time during the day. The real laugh here is when in the middle of the night there was a car crash on the road outside the campground. Yep, you guessed it, out he came with the beer in his hand! He must have slept with it next to him or maybe even in his hand.

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