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I’m a short round guy, but sometimes I feel stretched so thin that I just can’t cover all the bases, no matter how hard I try.

We have a lot of folks from our rally who are still here at Elkhart Campground, or else are at the fairgrounds in Goshen, waiting for the Escapees Club Escapade rally to start.

Before and during our rally, and since it has ended, we have had many offers to take us out for lunch or dinner from more people than I can count. We appreciate that, and it’s very flattering that so many people want to treat us to a meal and have some time to visit, one on one (or two on two, as it is).

But, there are only so many days in a week, and so many meals we can eat. Plus, we are worn out from the rally, and just need some down time. And we still have a ton of post-rally work to get done before we leave for the Pennsylvania RV Show in Hershey on Wednesday.

We don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings or act like we are too good for our many friends and readers, but sometimes we just have to say no. In at least a couple of cases, that has resulted in hurt feelings, which I really regret, and which really stresses me out. But what can we do?

My dad used to say never complain and never explain, because you’re friends don’t need it, and your enemies won’t believe it. I don’t have any enemies that I know of, if you don’t count ex-wives, but I sure hope our friends understand that there are times when we have other obligations, and times when we just cannot accommodate everybody.

Yesterday Miss Terry and Gita Patel from Elkhart Campground reconciled the numbers for the rally, and arrived at the amount we owe the campground. This rally has been a real shot in the arm for Bob and Gita, and we’re glad we could bring them so much business, and were able to introduce so many new people to their RV park.

I spent some time going over the schedule for the Hershey show, and it looks like I will be presenting my Highway History And Back Road Mystery seminar every day of the five day show. We’re looking forward to introducing a whole new audience to the Gypsy Journal and our books.

After we get done in Hershey, we’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do. We want to go back to Washington, D.C. again, and there are several things in Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland I’d like to see and do stories on.

We may return to Elkhart to get the next issue of the paper printed, and some dental appointments out of the way. I also have to spend some time in Lexington, Kentucky, getting my annual medical checkup at the Veterans Administration hospital. We know that we’re going to be in Florida for part of the winter, but we’re not sure exactly when we’ll get there. That’s the great thing about the fulltime RV lifestyle – our plans are always written in Jello.

Bad Nick has been quiet for too long, but he just posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Combat Knows No Calendar. Check it out and leave a comment.

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  7 Responses to “Stretched Too Thin”

  1. Nick, in Yuma we saw how hard you and Miss Terry worked to make the rally a success and I know that Elkhart was no different. She was in the building long before anybody else every morning, getting the coffee and donutes ready and long after we had all gone to bed you were up posting your blog. You guys never stopped all week long, and I know that the work didn’t start then because you had been working at it for weeks before the rally.

    If anybody is so insensitive that they can’t take no for an answer and understand where you guys are coming from they are not a friend anyway but a selfish jerk. Putting you in a position where you have to say no is being rude in my humble opinion.

  2. We really appreciate the time you took to stop and talk to us at the rally last week with everything else you had to do. We have been to other rallies where the people in charge were never available to the crowd. I like that Nick and Terri are not primma donnas like some of the other peoples in your position. You both were always out there making everybody feel very welcome.

  3. I am your friend so you have to forget how tired you are and how much work you have to do and how many other people want you to give them attention because its all about me me me!!! Only my feelings and what I want count. With friends like me you dont need enemies!!!! The problem you have Nick is that you are too nice and want to please everybody and that is a sure fire recipe for failure.

  4. Nick, if you do get to Baltimore, be sure to check out the National Aquarium, and the Streetcar Museum. Both very cool places. When we go to DC we always stay at Cherry Hill. It’s pretty pricey, but very convenient and you can take the bus right from the RV park to the Metro station. It’s also an easy commute to Baltimore from there if you can’t find a campground in Baltimore.

  5. My wife and I will be heading to Hershey next week, from Toronto, to try to nail down the motorhome style we will spend our retirement years in. After reading you blog everyday for a year or so, we are looking forward to seeing your seminar there and hopefully meeting you and Miss Terry.

  6. It was a pleasure to meet both of you, and we would like to get to know you better, but it was obvious that you were stretched way too thin at the rally, so we will have to postpone getting better acquinted. We think we have sold our condo in Massachusetts, and we plan to spend our winter in our newly purchased townhouse in Jupiter. Perhaps we can get together for lunch sometime this winter when you are in Florida. In the meantime, we thoroughly enjoyed your rally. We hope you get rested after Hershey. See you down the road somewhen; travel safe.

  7. We couldn’t attend this rally but we are arriving at Elkhart CG Tuesday but will only insist on a virtual SKP Hug. We just left PA and told friends to say hello to you from us when they go to the Hershey RV Show. One will be shopping while the other will be coaching. Normally Florida snowbirds, they both hope to head west this coming winter to checkout that scene. Enjoy your “down” time.
    — “Juke & Ludy”

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