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We’ve been Geeked! A couple of days before we left Elkhart Campground, Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour interviewed us for one of their Gabbing With The Geeks podcasts. We talked about the Gypsy Journal and how computer technology makes it possible for us to live and run our business on the road.

Jim and Chris are a success story when it comes to operating a business as they travel fulltime in their RV. They give seminars on all kinds of technical topics at RV rallies and RV parks, they have several websites and blogs, and they teach RVers how to get the most out of their computers and digital cameras, both in their seminars and online. Their website is sort of like an online college for anybody who wants to know just about anything about computers and how they fit into the RV lifestyle.

Speaking of all things geek, my Ipad had started to malfunction recently. When I hit the Home button to exit a program or application, it wouldn’t work, and I would have to reboot the Ipad to get back to the home page. So yesterday I took it to the Apple Store at the Park City Center mall in Lancaster, about 20 miles from the Hershey Thousand Trails campground.

Driving to Lancaster, we just drank in all of the beautiful scenery. We passed fields of corn, and farm fields that had recently been harvested, with just the stubble of cornstalks sticking up like a rural five o’clock shadow. 

Farm fields

Around there, the old houses, barns, and commercial buildings crowd close to the roads.


In Manheim, one of the most picturesque old towns we have ever visited, the streets are pretty narrow, and I sure wouldn’t have wanted to drive a big motorhome through town!

Manheim Street scene 2

Manheim Street scene 3

Terry and I are history nuts, and we love the architecture of this area. Manheim was laid out  in 1762, and formally incorporated in 1838. There are so many buildings dating back to Colonial days that we were like two kids in a candy store, rubbernecking in every direction. If these old buildings could only talk, the stories they could tell!

Manheim old buildings

When we got to the Apple Store, the nice tech who waited on us (they call them Geniuses at Apple) checked the Ipad out, verified that the button had malfunctioned, and handed me a brand new 64 gig 3G Ipad, just like I had! No questions, no hassles, and he even switched my AT&T sim card from the old unit to the new one for me so I could get online with no problems. I appreciate customer service like that!

While we were in the mall, we stopped by the Verizon kiosk, because I want to upgrade from my Blackberry Storm to a Droid Incredible. The Blackberry has not lived up to my expectations, and it seems like every time they do a software upgrade (or sometimes just because it feels like it), it wipes out all of my apps and I have to fight to get them back on it again.

I was all set to go with the Droid, but then the clerk started hammering me to also buy an “accessory bundle” that included a car charger, case, and a Bluetooth headset. I told him I didn’t need or want any of that, and he insisted that I just “had’ to have them to get the most out of the Droid and that “everybody” needs a Bluetooth. Guess what, mister? I’m not “everybody” and I don’t “have” to have anything! I’m sure I’ll still upgrade pretty soon, but I’ll deal with somebody who is more concerned with what I need, not what he wants to sell me.

We can never pass up a bookstore, so when we left the mall, we browsed through a nearby Border’s, where Miss Terry found a couple of cookbooks that she has been looking for.

Then we had dinner at a Five Guys restaurant. Five Guys makes excellent cheeseburgers, and their fries are delicious. Unfortunately, there was no ice, so my soda and Terry’s tea were room temperature. I told the manager there was no ice, and he said the machine was broken. I had to wonder why nobody was fixing it, or at least buying ice somewhere to put in the drinks. I like Five Guys, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to that particular restaurant again.

After dinner we stopped at Home Depot, where Miss Terry got a new toy, a Dremel Trio multi-tool, as a late birthday present. Some guys buy their wives flowers or jewelry for special occasions, but my lady likes books and power tools!

We’ve just finished our Eastern Rally, and we’re already working on Arizona for next year!  I have added a Rally Registration Page to the blog, since I have had people asking when they could register for our Arizona Gypsy Gathering Rally, which will be held in Yuma, March 7-11, 2011. To register online, click the link below, or the Arizona Gypsy Gathering tab on the top right of this page, above the blog header.

Whatever else you do today, please take a moment to remember all of those who perished nine years ago today during the terrorist attacks. We can move on with our lives, but as a nation, we must never forget.

Thought For The Day – Consciousness – that annoying time between naps.

Click Here To Register For Our Arizona Gypsy Gathering Rally!

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  8 Responses to “Geeks, Goodies, And Rallies”

  1. Hi Nick, We live very close to NYC and I remember that day and the days that followed nine years ago. I could see the smoke from my backyard. I could hear the silence of the highway that would buzz with automobiles 24/7 that was only open to emergency vehicles. A very eerie time. I will never forget. Thanks for the heads ups about Manheim streets being narrow. We’re staying at an Outdoor World park there when we come out for the Hershey show next week. Looking forward to seeing you and Miss Terry. Janis

  2. Nick,

    As a nation, we Americans too often lapse into our oh so cluttered present seemingly suppressing tragic events from which we should learn. Today is the tenth anniversary of such a tragic event.

    Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of our minds. Patriotism is to a trait to be admired. Our country is not always right, none are, but the principles upon which it was founded are admirable and just. It is up to all of us to keep it great!

    God Bless America!

  3. Nick,
    I will never forget the tragic event and I have my flag flying high as I write this. I just signed up for the Arizona Rally but had some problems. Your link sends me to an old version of Paypal, so I just sent $125.00 to you. I hope you get it okay and if there is a form that needs to be filled out somewhere, just point me to it. Lynn and I look forward to helping out again whereever we can.

  4. There is a movement going on that wants everyone to fly their flag today in honor of those who died on that dreadful day ten years ago. So please, show the world what we’re all about and fly your flag today.

  5. We are not happy with Verizon at this time. We did find out that the person who was at the rally sold us a bunch of BS. We went to the Verizon store in Elkhart and got switch to the plan that we wanted and not the one the idiot sold us. He did switch us to the family plan.
    We learned about the narrow road in Pennsylvania with the rig, not a fun time.
    I do not think anyone will ever forget the dreadful days of 9/11, our flag is flying high to honor all the fallen in NYC, Pentagon and Pennsylvania. God Bless America

  6. The Flag should be flown at half staff today, not at the top of the pole. It also should be flown at half staff on Dec. 7.

  7. Hey Nick, as long as you’re enjoying your iPad so much, why not consider switching to the iPhone. We’ve been on AT+T for 4 years now, using it all over the country, and it has been working fine for us. The iPad and the iPhone work great together. If you are reading a book on the iPad and find yourself standing in line someplace with only your iPhone, you can open up either Apple’s iBook app or Amazon’s Kindle app and pick up right where you left off in a book on the iPad. Its pretty cool. Plus most apps that work on the iPhone will also work on the iPad and visa/versa. We especially find the Passport America app helpful and, believe it or not, fun to use! It works great on both devices. When used on the iPad, you can tap the x2 button in the corner of the screen and get the app to expand to full-screen size. Makes it much easier to select specific pins in the map when they are closely grouped together. Really cool. And it’s a FREE app to boot! 8^)

    BTW, folks, it was 9 years yesterday ago, not 10. On Sept 11, 2011 we will pause to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

  8. I’m with Miss Terry. . .it’s all about the tools for me. . .now I gotta go check out that Dremel. . .thanks for the heads up!

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