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It rained all night Saturday night, and when we woke up yesterday morning, we were greeted by a gray drizzle that lasted all day long. The temperature never got over the mid-60s, and heavy clouds hung low over the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

We drove back to the Giant Center and finished setting up our vendor booth for the Hershey RV Show. I wanted to check out the room where I’ll be doing my seminars, but it was locked. So we trudged all the way around the main level of the stadium to the show office to see if we could get inside. We had to wait fifteen minutes or so while the lady there tried to straighten out a problem for another vendor, and then were told to go back to the Registration Tent where we were yesterday.

There we found the person in charge of speakers and seminar rooms, who told us that the room was indeed locked, and that we couldn’t get inside to know what equipment I will need for my seminars. As far as she knew, all that the rooms had in them were screens, so I’ll have to use my own LCD projector and laptop for the seminars. I also got her to agree that during my thirteen hour seminar on Sunday, which I described in yesterday’s blog, I can get two potty breaks and a short nap. 🙂

Once we had the booth set up, we drove back to the Verizon store where we got our new phones the other day. I had not been able to get my e-mail on my Android phone and needed help. Apparently there was some glitch in our e-mail program, which originates from Yahoo, which hosts our websites, that would not let the Droid in to access my e-mail.

A very nice Verizon tech named Jaimie Zamora worked on the problem for over two hours, eventually calling Yahoo’s technical support. Between Jaimie and the Yahoo tech, they finally got the problem figured out, and now I can get my e-mail on the go. I get upwards of 200 e-mails a day, a lot of it junk that folks insist on forwarding to me, and my big reason for having a smart phone is to manage it when I’m away from my desk. Otherwise, it can pile up and backlog pretty quickly. I really appreciated all of Jaimie’s hard work!

The Giant Center is right across the street from Hersheypark, an amusement park that is popular with families from all over the east coast. My buddy Greg White would love this place, because he never quite grew up, and loves riding roller coasters. I never grew up either, but I never had the stomach for those contraptions, even as a kid. So if we’re ever here together, Greg will just have to ride alone. I’ll stay on the ground and eat all of his cotton candy!

Hershey roller coaster 3

Can you stand one more picture of the neat old buildings we keep seeing in this area? I hope so, because here you go. We spotted this handsome old farmhouse near Hershey the other, and really admired it.

Stone House 2

There are so many beautiful old buildings around here that we are gawking like typical tourists everywhere we go. Don’t be surprised if I slip a few more pictures in the blog before we leave the area. For folks who live in the east, places like this may not be any big thing, but after spending most of our adult lives in the west, where there aren’t nearly as many structures like this to be seen, they’re pretty awesome.

After we finished at the Verizon store, we grabbed a quick dinner at a Chinese buffet we had discovered when we were in Harrisburg a few years ago, teaching at Life on Wheels. Then we made a quick stop at WalMart, and headed back to the Thousand Trails campground, where we spent the evening inside the motorhome, printing out a supply of our different camping guides to sell during the RV show.

Bad Nick doesn’t like going outside in the rain and the cold, so he stayed home yesterday to post a new Bad Nick Blog titled Screaming Kids. Check it out and leave a comment.

Hopefully, today it will clear up a bit and we’ll see some sunshine.

Thought For The Day – How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.

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  6 Responses to “A Rainy Day In Pennsylvania”

  1. Nick,
    For me and my bus keep the Great country side and teriffic old buiildings coming.

  2. We never tire of seeing your pictures, I like amusement parks but Mike is not keen on them. Like you we do not do roller coasters, but we do like the calmer ones like the Merry Go Round. We have not been to one is a very long time and the main reason is the fact you have to hock your first born to afford to get in. I do not know how families do it now days.

  3. Keep the pictures of the old buildings coming in, Nick. But watch out for the one you showed us today. The building is leaning backwards pretty bad –= could fall down at any minute! (Try “straighten” in Picasa!)

  4. Back in 1990, when I was transferred to eastern Ohio from Okla., I too was amazed at the beautiful old homes and other buildings. What really astounded me were the dates on the old courthouses from the 1700’s, being from Oklahoma where an old courthouse was built in the early 1900’s!
    Thanks so much for the great blog and photos. I don’t know how you all get it all done!!

  5. Nick, This convinces me that I don’t like the large gatherings. They may have “Big”name: entertainment but they miss out on the personal connectiions. While getting ready to leave Eckhart, we were helped by two electricians because we lost electric, they worked in the dark and redid our electric plug and ” we had electic” . Thanks to both of you. Hope to see you in Arizona…..

  6. We went with the grandkids and nieces/nephews to Hershey Park last month. From the Giant Center, look to the left side of the amusement park and you will see one ride called Fahrenheit that goes STRAIGHT UP and then almost STRAIGHT DOWN. Apparently it is the biggest vertical drop roller coaster made. The son-in-law got most of the kids to ride it – I held their “stuff” and took pixs. Won’t catch me on those rides. Try it via YouTube:

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