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Yesterday we had hoped to sleep in a bit, to catch up on all of the sleep we had missed during the rally, but we were both awake by 9 a.m., which was still better than the early hours we had been getting up during rally week.

It would have been nice to just relax all day long after our hectic week, but while we are busy with a rally, life goes on, and so do our other responsibilities to our business. So we had a lot of work to catch up on. I spent some time answering e-mails that had backed up, and updated both the Small Town Festivals calendar and the RV Rally calendar on our RV website. Miss Terry spent most of the day resolving the books for the rally, so we can settle our bill with Elkhart Campground. Hopefully we’ll have enough left over to get out of town afterward 🙂

There is a tremendous amount of paperwork associated with any RV rally, and it was compounded this time around because some attendees made their reservations through us, while others paid the campground directly. So Terry and Gita have been trying to get everything sorted out so we know who paid who. There were also several people who made their reservations through us, but then decided to take a weekly or monthly rate at the campground, so Terry has to get that all straightened out and issue refunds to those who paid us and then the campground. If we ever hold a rally at a campground again, we’ll just collect the rally fee and have the attendees make their reservations directly with the campground, to avoid all of this confusion.

Greg White has had the bay doors off the passenger side of his American Eagle motorhome for the last week or so, because Michele Henry at Phoenix Commercial Paint was repairing damage from an unfortunate encounter with a boulder out west a while back. During the early afternoon, he picked them up from Michele, and I helped him reinstall them on his motorhome. My contribution to the project consisted of helping to hold the doors in place while Greg bolted them to their struts.

During the day, several people stopped in to say hello, to thank us for all of the fun they had at the rally, and to say goodbye because they were heading out.

Our mail arrived, as well as a UPS shipment of three boxes of my books from the printer, inventory for our vendor booth at the Hershey RV Show. Included in the mail was the contract for our Western Gypsy Gathering rally, which will be March 7-11 at the fairgrounds in Yuma, Arizona. Make your plans now to attend. I’ll be posting a rally registration page in a few weeks.

For those who really want to plan ahead, our next Eastern rally will be September 26-30 at the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio.

About the time we finished going through the mail, Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour came over to say hello. Chris and Jim are going to spend the winter in Florida, and we made a tentative date to meet up with them at the Peace River NACO preserve for some kayaking while we’re in the area.

About the time Chris left, our pals Mike and Elaine Loscher arrived to take us out to dinner. These two are such great friends and supporters of our work that we should have been the ones buying them dinner, but they insisted.

Back at Elkhart Campground, I was getting really droopy, so I took a nap on the couch. Later in the evening Stu and Donna (Froggi) McNichol came over for a visit. We really enjoy these two, and never get enough time with them. They left about 10:30, and a couple of minutes later, Elkhart Campground owner Gita Patel called and said she wanted to stop in and give Miss Terry some delicious soup and rice cakes, a traditional Indian dish she wanted to share. We visited with Gita for a while, and when she left, I wrote the blog and got it ready to post. By the time that was done, we were both tired and ready to call an end to our day of “rest.”

Thought For The Day – One father teaches more than a hundred schoolmasters.

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “A Day Of Rest…Not!”

  1. I am happy that you got a nap in. It was our pleasure to take you and Terry out to dinner we enjoyed it. We will see you all in Yuma this spring. You two are very special to us. Be safe and have some fun when you are in Hershey PA.

  2. Like I said when we left, we could have stayed another four hours and never run out of things to talk about…LOL! Added both Yuma and Celina to our calendar…not sure we will make either one (sigh), but you never know!!

  3. We’ll be at Yuma. You will enjoy kayaking the Peace River. We did it a few years back. Watch out for the gators.

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