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Please be careful where you walk, because my butt’s dragging and I don’t want you to step on it! And our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally doesn’t even officially start until today!

Yesterday was the early vendor set-up day, and my friend Mike Loscher and myself were over in the big building a little after 9 a.m., getting a couple of final details wrapped up, before we opened the doors and let the vendors in to start getting their booths ready for the rally.

It’s great to see so many of our vendor friends here for the rally. We’ve worked alongside many of them for years while operating our own vendor booth at RV rallies coast to coast, so we understand what vendors need, and try very hard to provide it for them at our events.

Here is our pal Daryl Lawrence from Lawrence RV Accessories. Daryl has a brand new item, the Tire Traker Tire Pressure Monitoring System, as well as the excellent Progressive Industries Electrical Management Systems, which we have used for years, both in our MCI bus conversion, and now in our Winnebago diesel pusher.

Daryl Lawrence booth

You can see all kinds of goodies at an RV rally, from safety items like the automatic engine bay fire suppression systems that my pal Mac McCoy sells, to camping chairs and other goodies to make your RV travels more fun and more comfortable.

Flags Galore is offering every kind of flag you could ever want to find, in every size imaginable.

Flags Galore booth

Dwane and Janet Trannum from Almost Heaven Micro Fibre spent most of the day hauling their inventory in and stocking their booth. I sure hope they sell a lot, because I don’t want to have to help them carry it back out to their van!

Almost Heaven booth

John and Karen Knoll stopped by the RVSEF weighing site here at Elkhart Campground to have Rick Lang weigh their truck and fifth wheel before they parked on their assigned RV site for the rally.

Rick Lang weighing

By the end of the day, everybody had worked hard, and most of the vendors were set up and ready to go. I locked the building up about 5 p.m., and then Dennis Haddix from Makarios RV and his pretty wife (whose name escapes me, I’m afraid) pulled in. They had the bed of their Itasca motorhome covered with inventory for their booth, so I opened the building back up long enough for them to unload enough that they could get through the night. Dennis is also the founder of, a relatively new online forum for the RV community.

Of course, no RV rally has officially started until Red and Beth from Too Crazy Ladies have their booth set up and open for business!

Too Crazy Ladies booth  

Today is the official registration day, and Miss Terry and her crew of hardworking volunteers will be busy getting everybody checked in, passing out name badges, and answering questions.

One nice thing about having the rally at a campground instead of a fairgrounds is that we don’t have to have a parking crew. The folks just stop at the RV park office and check in, and Bob and Gita send them to their RV site.

When we were visiting with campground owners Bob and Gita Patel late yesterday afternoon, I think they were feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also delighted. They said that this rally will be the first time in all of the years that they have owned Elkhart Campground that they will be completely full! That should help their bottom line a little bit!

Thought For The Day – Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  4 Responses to “Vendor Set-Up Day”

  1. This is an interesting blog for me. I hope to buy my Class C RV next year, and use a bicycle or motor scooter instead of a toad when I start fulltiming. At least at first while I’m getting used to driving the RV. I’m hoping I’ll do well, maybe take a class at a rally, and later get a small toad to hook up. I realize that will eventually be best. I’d be interested, though, if you have comments from people not towing anything, and how they do.
    Thanks for an always interesting blog. Have fun at your Rally!! : )
    Me and My Dog

  2. Really looking forward to the rally start today! I know that you and Terry have worked very hard putting it together and it is appreciated. Thanks for helping us get last min. reservations.

  3. We drove through Elkhart yesterday but can’t come to the rally. We are on our way to see our daughter in Maine and thought we might be able to attend your rally on the way but that just isn’t working. I’m not happy about that but it is what it is. I know you’ll have another good one and be mostly dead by the time it is over but I appreciate all you do for us even when we can’t come.

  4. We pulled in yesterday and went straight to visit Rick Lang with RVSEF to have our rig weighed. We just purchased it in April and had no idea of the weight of this rig. Fortunately, we’re in good shape.
    There are already a LOT of folks here for the rally. Still some spaces waiting for folks to arrive, but not too many.
    Nick, just keep this thought in mind, it WILL all work out in the end. You and Terry always do such a great job of putting together your rallies and trying to make everyone happy.
    Looking forward to the start of seminars on Tuesday.

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