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Aug 112010

I wish I had something new and exciting to write about in today’s blog, but right now I’m in my plow horse mode, just plugging away to get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to go to the printer early next week.

This is the mundane part of our job, and while we enjoy the traveling, sightseeing, and adventures we have along the way, none of it matters if we don’t sit down and put it all together for the next issue. Our lives are pretty cool overall, especially compared to the rest of the working world, but into every working RVer’s world, a little rain must fall. Six times a year, this is our rain.

My plan for this week was to chain myself to my desk and get the job done. Of course, nothing ever goes exactly according to plan. When I fired up my computer yesterday morning, the display on my LCD monitor was an ugly shade of deep rose or pink. I spent an hour or so trying to adjust the color balance, and got it somewhat back to normal, but all day long it would suddenly switch from green to blue to red tints, and no matter how much I fiddled with the color balance, it would not stay at any one setting. I suspect the monitor is on its last legs.

I really can’t complain. I’ve had this Envision monitor for at least five years, maybe six, and it has been bounced along over many thousands of miles of highways and back roads, which it was never designed to do. I just hope it holds out long enough for me to get the new issue finished.

Several people have asked me why I don’t use a laptop computer, like most RVers do. While I have a very nice Dell laptop, I spend hours a day at my desk, and I just prefer the larger size keyboard and monitor of a desktop unit. And yes, I could plug an external keyboard and monitor into a laptop, but this is what works best for me.

I did take a break about midday, when Al Hesselbart from the RV Hall of Fame Museum stopped in to say hello, and asked  if I could give him a ride to a repair shop a few blocks away, where his car was waiting. It’s always good to see Al, and we look forward to spending  more time with him while we’re here.

Back at Elkhart Campground, I kept pounding away at the keyboard, with occasional breaks to readjust the display on my monitor, while Miss Terry made a WalMart run to stock up on things we needed. I hate shopping, so it’s always best if she goes by herself, and doesn’t have to deal with me breathing down the back of her neck while she shops.

A couple of times, folks who are here waiting for our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally to start came by, but I was just too busy to visit, and asked them if we could get together after the paper was finished.

About 5:30 we got together with Greg and Jan White  and Al Hesselbart at a nearby Chinese buffet for dinner, and Al told us about his trip to China last winter to be the featured speaker at an RVing conference. The Chinese are just discovering the RV lifestyle, and Al said there are only about 30 campgrounds with RV hookups in the entire country! It was interesting hearing about his trip, which was a once in a lifetime experience.

Back at the campground, I went for a short walk, then came back and worked for a couple more hours, until it was time to stop and get the blog ready to post.

Like I said, just plugging away, and tomorrow will be more of the same.

Thought For The Day –The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.

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Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “Plugging Away”

  1. Nick

    The reason your monitor color is changing is most likely a broken wire in the monitor cable. Make sure the monitor plug is firmly seated into the computer. It could also be a problem with the monitor itself.
    In any case no adjustment will fix the problem. You can replace the monitor if the computer is working properly.
    If you decide to go to a laptop you can always connect an external keyboard, mouse and monitor to the laptop.
    If you want you can replace just the monitor with an LCD monitor, you can always purchase it at a very reasonable price.


  2. Hi Nick All the years of you writing has been great and yesterday I got out all of the
    Issue of the Gypsy Journal and compared some of the story’s and some of your adventures back then . I thank you again for all the years and hope for many more
    from you and the thought for the day , today fit us gust right in our life’s . And then
    know the two of you is the best too. Good luck with the Rally this year and try not work to hard the two of you .

  3. Nick,
    Check the data cable connections between the computer and monitor. That is often the reason for color weirdness. Cables do go bad and connections get loose. Cheaper than a new monitor. Even then, it might be time for a new monitor. See you soon. Gotta go. 3 seminars to present today at FMCA. And signups for boot camp class is at 7am. What an ungodly hour!

  4. Nick, as you plug away at the latest issue of the Gypsy Journal, keep in mind the pleasure it brings to your readers. You put a smile on the faces of many people with every issue. Keep up the effort, please, for all of us!

  5. When our last monitor died, we needed another tv so it was a tv/monitor(32in}. But 32 was to big for bus, while in Elkhart last October where you were we bought the first of two 22in tv/monitors. Oh I’m the one who bought and installed 2 tanks there. And we were in AJ, Az. from Jan. to May4, 2010, hope to get there this winter. Keep up the good work!!!!!

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