Aug 102010

I spent part of yesterday working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, which has to be at the printer on Tuesday of next week. I need to knock this one out, so I can concentrate on all of the details we still need to finish up for our Eastern Gypsy Gathering, which is less than three weeks away.

In the early afternoon, our pal Michele Henry from Phoenix Commercial Paint stopped by to visit and welcome us back to Elkhart. Michele said she has been getting a lot of work in from Gypsy Journal readers, and as soon as she finishes one of her custom full body paint jobs on one RV, it’s time to start on another.

I like to see a small businessperson succeed, and while Michele says we have had a lot to do with that, I know that word of her excellent work and affordable pricing has spread far beyond our modest reach due to her many satisfied customers, who are so thrilled with the results.

After Michele left, I talked to our screen printer and started the ball rolling for our rally T-shirts. If you’re coming to the rally and want a shirt to commemorate the event, please send me a quick e-mail at and let me know the sizes and how many shirts you want. You can pick them up and pay for them at the rally, but we just need an idea of how many shirts we need to order in each size.

Speaking of T-shirts, check out our friend Marlene Hinman in her one-of-a-kind shirt from our Arizona rally. Marlene won the shirt as a door prize, and since it was a larger size than she wears, she took it apart and rebuilt it as a sleeveless style. How cool!

Marlene Hinman Rally shirt

Later in the afternoon, I had a meeting at Heartland Recreational Vehicles with Coley Brady, Director of Sales, and Jim Beletti, Director of Owners Interests. We are trying to set up a factory tour for our rally attendees, and if we can work out the timing, it would be an interesting opportunity to see how a top quality fifth wheel is built.

We also stopped by Elkhart Bicycle Shop and arranged to have owner Steve Peterson present a seminar on Bicycling For RVers at the rally. Steve will be talking about the different styles of bicycles on the market, how to choose the right bike for your needs, and different methods of transporting your bicycle as you travel.

We were only back at Elkhart Campground for a short time before Greg White called and said it was time for dinner, so we went to Lunker’s in Edwardsburg, Michigan with Greg and Jan.  Lunker’s is a great place, where you can buy everything from a shotgun to a fishing road, not to mention a kayak, a tent, or a sleeping bag.

They also have a great restaurant called the Angler’s Inn, and it’s one of our favorites in this area. The fare ranges from burgers and several varieties of fish, to such exotic choices as alligator tail, frog legs, buffalo burgers, ostrich, and elk.

They were pretty busy, but our server was very efficient, and took good care of us.  We topped off our meal with excellent slices of Totally Turtle Cheesecake. Yummy!

While I was busy with all of that, Bad Nick posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Fighting Fire With Fire. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – It’s not the pace of life that concerns me, it’s the sudden stop at the end.

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  4 Responses to “Lunker’s And A New Rally Seminar”

  1. If Marlene has her sewing machine with her, she could probably go into business modifying t-shirts for other women. I don’t like crew necks so I don’t usually buy souvenir t-shirts–except for my Gypsy Rally one, of course–but I would pay to have mine converted to a more comfortable neckline.

  2. The Gypsy Journal shirt I got at the western rally in Yuma needed some “adjusting” by me also. I took off the sleeves and had a v-neck installed. Now it’s a cool muscle shirt that doesn’t choke me either!

  3. I never heard of a company with a “Director of Owner’s Interests”! Is that unique to Heartland?

  4. I never had before either, Camille, but it’s a great idea. Thinking like this is just part of the reason Heartland is the fastest growing RV company in the industry.

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