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Today is our last day in Traverse City. Time sure goes fast when you’re having fun! It seems like we just rolled in yesterday.

This afternoon, Terry has her annual checkup with her oncologist, and we’re looking forward to getting that behind us for another year. Terry has been cancer free for ten years now, and every day is a blessing. But she still gets very nervous and uptight before her annual appointment. I’m sure I’d feel the same way if you tried to put me on an airplane headed back for the jungle. I wish I could make it easier for her, but all I can do is hold her, encourage her, and let her know that she is not alone.

There is so much to see and do around here that I wish we had more time. But we have to get down to Elkhart to start getting things set up for our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally. If you haven’t visited this part of northern Michigan yet, you really owe it to yourself to check it out.

Speaking of the rally, sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, I get into trouble. I had a couple of comments on yesterday’s blog from people who were upset because we have run out of full hookup RV sites, and two or three more e-mails from others who are mad at me because they waited to register, or expected to arrive at the rally without a registration, and still get a full hookup site.

I opened registration for the Eastern Rally April 10, and we immediately had several people register. And since then, almost four months ago, I have had a registration link in the blog and on our website, an ad in the printed edition of the Gypsy Journal, and constant updates on the rally, with warnings that the 50 amp full hookup sites were limited. So why am I the bad guy? Whatever happened to that old saying, “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”?

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, the folks at Elkhart Campground are scurrying to finish upgrading sites to make more 50 amp full hookups available. If they are able to get the job completed, folks can upgrade to them if they wish.

But trust me, you really can live for four days on a 30 amp site. We are currently living quite comfortable on a 20 amp circuit while parked in my cousin’s driveway. Terry makes her coffee every morning, my computer and wireless router are on all day long, and she has even done several loads of laundry! It’s all about energy management.

We’re in a hurry to get to Elkhart to get started on things there, but on our way south we plan to stop in Muskegon, Michigan to spend a couple of days with Berni and Rocky Frees. It’s been way too long since we had time with them, and we need a fix of the brand of pure insanity that only they can provide.

Bad Nick has been way too quiet for way too long, and when he gets that way, I get nervous. God only knows what goes on in his twisted mind. But he’s back with a brand new Bad Nick Blog post titled Screw You, WalMart. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Love your children enough to teach them self discipline, good manners, respect, and consideration for others.

Click Here To Register For Our Eastern Gypsy Gathering Rally!

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  18 Responses to “Last Day In Traverse City”

  1. Nick, I really take offense to your comments in response to my complaint and to the comments by some of your readers. We could not register earlier, because my daughter was still undecided if she was going to come home for the summer or travel to South America with some friends from college. Family comes first with us! So don’t make me the bad person here with your arrogance. I think I’m just as glad we won’t be coming! We definitely won’t be renewing our subscription either!

  2. Terri,
    You aren’t the “bad guy”, but I think you are unreasonable. If you couldn’t register early for whatever reason, fine, but Nick has been saying for months that the 50 amp sites were limited and when they were gone, they were gone! So how is it “unfair” that you don’t get a 50 amp site? Perhaps you and those like you aren’t regular blog readers or surely you would have known that.

    Believe me, not coming to the rally is your loss, not Nick’s. If you’ve read any other comments, you know that many, many of us think Nick & Terri’s rallies are really something special. But from what I’ve seen from your posts, it appears that you wouldn’t enjoy the rally anyway. I’m sure you would find lots of other things to complain about.

    And as for arrogance, you don’t need to look any further than your mirror.

  3. I know how Terry feels about the checkup. I had my annual check for the eight year this year and still get the “sweats” each time. It is just part of the process. Hope all goes well!

  4. Nick,

    When we visit our son in Virginia, we park in his driveway and use a 20 Amp outlet in the garage. We usually stay there for 2 weeks and get along fine. We have found that by shutting everything else electrical off, we can even run one A/C to keep us cool and comfy.

    Like you said, it just takes some power management.


  5. Terry, I understand where you are coming from, but it sounds like you want it both ways on this one. True, family comes first, and that is why you didn’t get one of the full hook up sites. You waited to see what your daughter was going to do. Now that you are able to go on with your plans, do it. Don’t feel bad about missing out on something, you made your choice to deal with family first. Good! Now get on with things. Do the best you can do at this time for yourself. You’ll still enjoy the rally.

  6. Excuse me, I meant to respond to Terri, not Terry. (Terry, best wishes to you.)

  7. Nick & Terry,
    As vendors for 7 years, we have probably attended more RV rallies than most folks will in their RV lifetime. I have to say that your Rallies are some of the best that there is. A lot of other rally organizers could learn alot from you. Your planning, caring and communication is second to none, and I know that most of our vendor friends that attend feel the same way. Keep up the great work and see you soon in Elkhart.

  8. Terri
    Stomp your feet and whine some more….all 6 year olds act that way…

  9. Nick, stop arguing with them, as a very wise man once told me, they will just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

  10. Terry,
    Just keep telling yourself everything will be “just fine”. The power of positive thinking is wonderful…. and I will also be thinking of you and waiting for good news. Excited about the rally and looking forward to seeing you both soon. {{{{hugs}}}} for you both until I can give you one in person.

  11. We still don’t know if we will be able to attend your fall rally. If we do get to come, we’ll take whatever hookups are left because your rallies are the best we’ve ever attended! We learn more and laugh harder at your rallies; thanks for organizing them.

  12. First, Miss Terry, have a great check up, we know you will. Good things happen to good people.
    Second, think of Casa Grande in ’07 and 15 amps for four days, the margarator never failed to run once. 🙂

  13. Nick, I hope you have a file set aside where you save and accumulate all the snippy, pissy, demanding, unreasonable communications from “your” public. Methinks that’s a whole ‘nuther book, or, maybe an on-going column in your newspapers.

    For as long as I’ve read your work, I’ve found that, periodically, you come across various selfish and arrogant people in your travels. Might as well get SOME traction from all that abuse. Maybe call the new category something like “Who woulda thought…”

  14. (Sending best wishes to Miss Terry that her oncology checkups continue to be stellar…)

  15. I bet you don’t have any 100 amp sites for your cheesy little rally either, do ya….

    Good Luck, Terry, but me thinks you will not need it!!

    — Kevin

  16. Terry, Good Luck on your checkup. You know you are in my prayers. Hugs, Connie B.

  17. From one business owner to another…it sure is nice to have the ability to fire a client when needed. You do a great job Nick.

  18. Nick and Terry,

    Good luck on your test. Dave and I will be praying for you. Remember Nick it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone and you will drive yourself crazy trying. You and Miss Terry do a FANTASTIC JOB and put on a WONDERFUL RALLY. We haven’t missed one of your Eastern Rally’s yet. We only wish we would be able to make it to the Western ones to. Maybe one of these years. KEEP UP the GREAT WORK and don’t let the minority get you down. See you soon.

    Thelma and Dave Middleton

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