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We have been having a lot of fun here in Muskegon, Michigan with Berni and Rocky Frees. It is amazing how we can be apart from those two for a year, and the minute we get back together, the fun picks back up right where we left off.

Yesterday they both had to work, so Terry and I hung around the motorhome most of the day, filling a couple of orders, doing paperwork, and answering e-mails. With our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally coming up fast, we are getting a lot of registrations in.  There is still plenty of time to get yours in too, if you want to come and join in all the fun.

In the afternoon I laid down on the couch for a short nap, and Terry woke me up a little after 5 so we could go over to Rocky and Berni’s. It’s the weekend, and Fisherman’s Landing Campground is starting to get busy. We noticed several RVs that had pulled in during the day, as well as a group of tent campers down at the far end of our lane. Hopefully they won’t be as loud and obnoxious as the tent campers who have partied here on the weekends during our past visits.

We left the van at Rocky and Berni’s and took their car to a great restaurant called Hobo’s Tavern.  We ate there once before, on a previous trip to Muskegon, and it was just as great as we remembered. I had an exceptionally tender and delicious New York strip streak, while Terry had a burrito plate with red chili sauce. We both really enjoyed our meals, and from the comments Berni made about her steak, and Rocky his half rack of ribs, they were pleased too.

Back at their place, we introduced them to a fun game we learned at our Eastern rally in Celina, Ohio last fall, called Pegs and Jokers. We had looked all over for a game of our own, and couldn’t find one, so our pal Ron Speidel made us one in the craft shop at the RV park where they stayed in Mission, Texas last winter. And then our good friends Mike and Elaine Loscher also gave us a second game, so now we have two, when we once had none! Isn’t it great having good friends who are also generous, and love you too?

On the two previous nights we had played Mexican Train, with me winning one game and Berni the other, so we needed to break that tie. Unfortunately, Rocky had to get up very early Friday morning, so by 10:30 or so, he was really beginning to droop. We stopped the game, and will probably have to pick it up tonight, just because Berni was ahead by a good margin at that point. I suggested that maybe we should start a brand new game from scratch today, but poor Berni has so few victories in her life that she insisted we continue the one we already had going. Boy, some people!

Back at the campground, even more RVs and tents had arrived, and campfire smoke filled the air. When we left, the sites on either side of us were empty, and when we returned, there was a motorhome on one side, and a popup tent trailer on the other.

We’re not sure if we’ll leave here Sunday to go on down to Elkhart, or wait until Monday morning. We’re having a lot of fun, but we also have a lot of work to get done.

Thought For The Day – When in doubt, mumble.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Having Fun In Michigan”

  1. That is a fun game. We just learned how to play from a couple we met on a rally a couple of months ago. Still looking to find the game. As I recall, someone made them the one they have, as well.

  2. About the Pegs and Jokers games, be careful if you order one off the internet. There is a plastic version available that does not have the correct number of holes on each side! (It has 16 instead of 18, from corner to corner). It should be 10 spaces from any Start position to the next corner, and 8 spaces to the previous corner if you are going backwards. I think you pretty much have to have someone make one for you!

  3. I’m reading with interest as you prepare for the Rally. This is a must do if we ever come back to fulfil our RV USA dream. Your games sound fascinating … all new to me.

    Take care and have a wonderful time at your Gypsy Rally.

  4. The Pegs and Jokers game is available at the DonWes Flea Market in Donna, Tx –
    (Rio Grande Valley). We have been playing it for several years and it does get
    Since we have been off line for several days due to phone problems and out with
    5 of our children on a family campout, I am behind on reading the blogs. But being
    a native Michigander I really enjoyed the pictures you posted of The Bridge. I did
    know that we are trolls because we live beneath the bridge but we are more widely
    known as Michiganders. I also love the UP and hope to get up there in early Oct.
    Also love the Traverse City area and have camped at the fairgrounds with our
    Michigan Travel Trailer Club a few years ago. You are right, so much to see and do
    there and so many great restaurants plus the dunes and the drives out Leelanau
    and Old Mission peninsulas.
    Someone mentioned in a comment about the Yugo lady being blown off the bridge.
    I believe that was determined to be a suicide (If my memory is correct).

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