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Aug 242010

I have some good news to report on the rally front. As I reported a few days ago, I really messed up when I was counting the number of vendors we would have at our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally, because I did not take into account that several of those vendors wanted two or three booths. Suddenly we realized that we had nowhere to put everybody!

I’m happy to report that at least that problem has been solved. Sunday evening our friend Dennis Hill from the RV Driving School came by our motorhome to tell us that he was willing to cancel his vendor booth if it would make room for another vendor. Dennis said he had some driving lessons scheduled, and he could still do them, just not have a booth to sign up any more students.

And then yesterday morning, another good friend, Butch Williams, called to tell us that he and his wife Fonda would just come to the rally as attendees and give up their induction cookware vendor booth to make room for somebody else.

Wow! Do you realize what those folks were willing to do for us, and for the benefit of the other vendors? These are business people who essentially agreed to close up shop to help us out of a tight spot, and to give other vendors an opportunity to make money, even though they had reserved their vendor booths months ago, and built our rally into their travel schedules. You darned sure don’t see that kind of character and integrity every day!

Fortunately, Miss Terry got her graph paper and rulers out, did some drawing, some erasing, and some more drawing, and said “If we really tighten up and do some creative spacing, I think we can do this after all!” So we spent most of the day yesterday inside the building, measuring and laying out the vendor area, and I’ll be darned if she didn’t make it work! Don’t ask me how; all I do is come up with these harebrained schemes, and Miss Terry makes them happen, and makes me look good in the process.

So now we can fit in all of our vendors, including Dennis, and Butch and Fonda. And I hope everybody who comes to the rally takes the time to stop by their booths and thank them for their willingness to do whatever it takes, even losing money in the process, so the rally is a success.

With the new layout, we’ll have two rooms of vendors, and we’ll be moving some of our seminars out to the big tent we are renting. It’s not the way we originally planned things, and it’s not the way we wanted to do things; but as several of the folks who are coming to the rally have told us, we’ll still have a good time, in spite of ourselves.

At this point, the only camping spots we still have available are 20 amp water and electric, but we have plenty of them. If you want to come to the rally, and have not registered yet, shoot me a quick e-mail at and we’ll get you on the rally list.

Bad Nick is really ticked off, and I’ll let him tell you about it in today’s Bad Nick Blog, titled Too Stupid To Live. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Live life for what tomorrow has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away.

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  1. Can’t wait to get there…hoping my “early” reservation still works. LOL! Tell Miss Terry I’ll be ready to help in any way (and we’re both good to go for the parking crew).

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