A Rude Awakening

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Aug 222010

I got a rude awakening early yesterday morning, when my dream about having my very own harem was interrupted by a large, cold drop of water plopping down onto my forehead. Instantly, Brittany, Bambi, Tabitha, Tanya, and the rest of my “girls” disappeared and I bolted upright in bed, just in time for another dollop of water to hit the top of my head! What the heck was that!

It had rained all night long, but it wasn’t a hard driving rain, more just a gentle rain that tapped on the roof of our motorhome and lulled us to sleep. By now Terry was also awake, because who can sleep with all of those gorgeous dream girls scampering around, and a groggy, naked, chubby hubby flailing around and splashing water everywhere?

Investigation showed that the water was dripping from the top of our bedroom slide, which really ticked us off, because we had brand new slide topper awnings installed in Arizona in February, and the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa installed new seals around both the bedroom and living room slides less than a a month ago.

We ran the bedroom slide in and Terry found that the top of the slide had a lot of gunk like mud, wet leaves, and this used rivet that had apparently been left there by the techs at Winnebago. And to think, we went to the factory because we wanted the professionals to do the job!


It appears that this stuff was pressing against the slide seal and channeling the water inside, because once it was cleaned up and the top of the slide wiped dry, we put it back out and there was no more leaking. I’ll be calling the folks at Winnebago Monday morning to report the problem, because the new seals are covered by warranty, just in case of a repeat performance. 

In Friday’s blog on Michigan Back Roads, I wrote that we were not able to take a picture of the vintage police car at the courthouse in Paw Paw, Michigan. Blog reader Terry McKnight e-mailed me a picture of the car, with it’s huge fender mounted red light, and old style blue “bubble gum” light on the roof. Thanks Terry!

Old Sheriffs Car e

I have a couple of rally updates for those of you who are coming to our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally next week.

As I reported a few days ago, I really goofed on the space we would need for our vendors and seminars, and believed the buildings here at Elkhart Campground were big enough. However, I was counting the number of vendors we had registered, and overlooked the fact that several of those vendors needed two or even three booth spaces. I should have been keeping better track of things and cut off vendor registrations before we had so many, but I dropped the ball.  I have to talk to some of the vendors and see if any of them are willing to work with us, either in taking a smaller space, or possibly becoming an outside vendor.  

Even so, there won’t be enough room for all of the seminars, and our evening entertainment. So we are renting a huge tent used for special events, similar to what they use at the big show in Quartzsite, or at the Winnebago Grand National really in Iowa. These are not ideal solutions, and I really feel terrible for messing up so badly, and I’ve lost sleep over it, but we’ll make the best of a bad situation, and hope folks will understand. What else can we do?

We have also had to cancel our Wednesday night pizza party, which is a mainstay of all of our rallies. The local Domino’s Pizza has closed its doors, and none of the other pizza shops in town (or a combination of them) can handle an order the size of ours for the rally and assure us that the pizzas will arrive on time, hot and fresh. Dominos has delivery down to to a science and has always come through for us, but the other shops in town get a deer in the headlights look when we tell them that we need 125+ pizzas, all delivered at the same time, and all hot and ready to eat. If we can’t do it right, we won’t do it. Our attendees deserve better than that.

For those coming to the rally who want to join the Moose, I picked up a big stack of applications Friday at the Elkhart lodge, and I will be happy to sponsor you. The cost is reasonable, and Moose members can take advantage of overnight parking opportunities at lodges coast to coast. And the Moose is a wonderful organization that does a lot of great community work, and yes, ladies are welcome to join too!

The dues at the local Elks lodge are very high, and for anyone wanting to join that fine organization, I’d recommended the lodges in Gila Bend and Ajo, Arizona, which are much more reasonable.

While I was fretting over leaking slide rooms and RV rallies, Bad Nick was busy posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled Potpourri. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are too busy living our fears.

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  7 Responses to “A Rude Awakening”

  1. Even the best of service facilities can and do make mistakes. And we shouldn’t have to look over the shoulders of factory technicians, but we should (Just ask Orv). Glad you found the plastic “rivet” early.

  2. Sorry about the pizza party, but look at the number of calories you have saved us from. I would have consumed 3-4 pieces, so thank you!

  3. The Pizza Party always was great. So that wont work how about a different great event.

    There are enough grills and helpful chefs that you could have a fun Hot dog party or ice cream sundaes ?

    The Rally will be great with our without I wish I could be there.

    Don Hankins

  4. Hey Nick, relax! No sense losing sleep over the GJ Rally. It is not life or death. It will all turn out okay. So we don’t have pizza night, so what! We can do something else. Good vendors will be able to adapt. We know RV’ers have to be able to adapt all the time! Just don’t drown in bed.. See ya soon!

  5. Pizza – Schmeetza! The best part for me was observing the organization and volunteer precision getting everyone through. Your volunteers are the very best!
    I don’t think ANYone is going to starve. You’ll figure something out.
    Wait. This is Ramadan. Devout fasting until sunset.
    See you all soon!

  6. Nick and Terri
    Forget the pizza, forget the tight vendor spaces and stop worrying yourselves to death! You guys have set the bar so high for your rallies that you expect way too much of yourselves.

    If we have to sit in a tent or under a tree, so what? You offer more seminars, more fun, and more good fellowship than any rally out there. The folks who know and love you will be fine, and the rest can learn to love you or go to hades!

  7. Nick. . . Nick. . . Nick: that cold water was mean’t to keep Terry from killing you when she turned over and saw what you were dreaming! As always, oRV

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