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Aug 042010

Thanks to all of you who e-mailed or posted comments wishing Miss Terry good luck with her doctor’s appointment yesterday. I’m happy to tell you that she got a good report, and continues to be cancer free after over ten years. And she feels much better now that her yearly ordeal is over.

We were talking a bit with the oncology nurse before the doctor came in, and I mentioned that I strongly believe that Terry’s willpower and attitude had a lot to do with her recovery. When she was first diagnosed and they told us she had Stage 4 cancer, I asked her first doctor what that meant, and his casual reply is “Stage 5 is when they bury you. You folks probably need to be talking about funeral plans.”

Talk about a lack of bedside manner! He could just as easily have been a mechanic telling us that we probably should think about trading in our old clunker, because it was past saving. Terry promptly fired that SOB, and we found a wonderful doctor who was just as committed to saving her life as she was to surviving, and her being here today is living proof of the power of positive thinking, in every aspect of our lives.

One thing that Terry always says is that, if the worst would have happened, she was glad that at least we had that first eighteen months on the road to live our dream. Over the years, we have met too many people who waited too long, waiting on the perfect “someday” that never arrived.

Today we’re headed south to Muskegon, Michigan for a few days with Rocky and Berni Frees. While it has been pretty comfortable here in Traverse City during our stay, and we have gotten along just fine on 20 amp electric, yesterday it really warmed up and we would have liked to run our basement air conditioner.

I’m also looking forward to a clear shot at the sky for my automatic rooftop TV dish. The thick trees in my cousin’s driveway prevented us from getting a satellite signal, and I don’t have a portable dish any more. I jokingly told Miss Terry last night that we have turned into “those people” – the ones who really enjoy their full hookup RV sites that we used to sneer about when we spent weeks, even months boondocking. We still boondock for an occasional night or two, and are quite comfortable doing so. But, there is something to be said for creature comforts on a long term basis.

We have enjoyed our stay here in Traverse City, and very much appreciate my cousin Terry Cook and his family’s hospitality. They always treat us like, well, family. We appreciate you guys, and look forward to getting back up here again next year.

Today will be an easy run, about 140 miles. After our 440 and 480 mile mad dashes to get here from Iowa last week, we’re looking forward to much shorter trips in the foreseeable future. Yes, we have turned into “those people.”

Thought For The Day – Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure.

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Nick Russell

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  13 Responses to “A Good Report”

  1. Congratulations on the good health report! Now you can relax and enjoy being in a beautiful part of Michigan.

  2. Nick that is EXCELLENT to hear that Miss Terry received such a good report again. Now, kick back for a few weeks before your Rally starts. We are very anxious to see you guys again as we had a great time at last years Rally.

  3. Terry, thats wonderful news again! I do believe that the fighting spirit has a great deal to do with beating any kind of health issue. My mother never gave up on beating MS and when she passed she had never spent a single day that she couldn’t take care of herself. Nick, you tell us all the time how lucky you are you have her in your life and we can see why. Safe travels to Indiana friends. Tom & Karen

  4. Great News Terry!!!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    Your self-prescribed, inner strength most assuredly has been a temendous factor in your great ten years. We met you after the two-year mark and reconized your strong spirit. Keep it up gal!!!

  5. Congrats Terry! A great report, and having the “anticpation” of the appointment over, now breath…
    love ya

  6. Yes!!! Have a great day y’all.


  7. Congrats to Miss Terry! Yea….another year and that worry out of the way. Yes….I’ve earned the nickname “Foofy” because for the most part…we have to have FHUps and a clear shot for the staellite on the roof to connect. We are living a lifestyle that is fantastic all the way around, but I didn’t come into this wanting to live in inconvenience or not have services. We have stopped and “Boondocked” when we just can’t go any farther…but we don’t do that much either. A little planning is all it takes. I am finding this year that it is more expensive than necessary. We don’t want to buy these campgrounds, we just want to sit for a night or two. Lots of places around here seem to be catering to “Workers” with 5vers….that’s great, but they are raising rates for all of us retireds too.

  8. Great news Miss Terry!! I hope that I will continue to get good reports like your also. Just got my first six month report and I’m still clean also. I too had an Oncologist with a bad attitude, on my first visit with him after surgery he told to prepare myself for chemotherapy. When I asked him why, was there any sign of cancer returning, he said no, but it does sometimes happen so I should just resign myself to it. Like you I have not been back to him since and the new Doctor has been very positive about my recovery.

    Keep on keeping on. both of you!!

  9. So glad to hear the good news!!!!! Hugs will be forthcoming later this month!!

  10. Great news Terry! To defeat this monster you have to have a positive attitude about beating it. One other very important fact and that is the support you get from family and friends. It does change your outlook on life. Being a cancer survivor you look at thing differently. In our case we decided that we were going to go ahead and retire and do our thing. This thing was to buy an RV and enjoy the traveling we had dreamed of for so long. Retiring took a little longer but we did do it and we have enjoyed this life so much. I still have to have the yearly checkups and it is nerve wracking as ever but we want to catch it early if it comes back. See you soon

  11. So glad to hear Terry’s all clear medical report. We also are glad we went full time when we did. Since John has Parkinsons we are so glad we went early or if we waited we might not have gone at all.

    We too are also turning into “those kind of people” who like their creature comforts.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  12. Yeah Terry!!!!!
    And yes, we are “those kind of people,” too. Mostly we like to be in a campground with at least 30 amp, where water and dump at our individual site are optional. We can boondock but it’s really (for us) not that cost effective. If we boondock, we have to run our generator for at least 4 hours to keep up the batteries. If you want AC, you have to run the generator all the time. And in this heat right now, you need AC. So it costs us at a minimum two gallons of diesel fuel (minimum $5.25). It we find a nice COE, Passport, city or fairgrounds park, we can usually get by on $10-$15 per night. So for us, boondocking is just not saving us lots of money.
    And we like to be off the road by about 2 or 3 pm. So we don’t travel late in the day. If we boondock, we have to sit there most of the afternoon as well as all night. We would rather sit in a nice quiet campground with just trees, grass and RV pads. We don’t stay in resorts or destination campgrounds that have all the bells and whistles and cost you lots of money. We don’t make reservations but do call ahead (the same day) to make sure they have a place for us at our chosen campground for the night. We have rarely been denied due to full campgrounds.
    My ideal campground is close to the road I came off of and want to get back on but not noisy, has trees, grass, a nice level site (could be grass or gravel), has the hookups in the correct place, has at least 30 amp electric on our site, has water and a dump available that are easy to access, is quiet, has a nice view (could be tress and grass, mountains, water), is reasonably priced, is quiet, has friendly staff, has a laundry (could be just 2 washers and 2 dryers), all parts of the park are neat and clean and is quiet. We have found a number of these small but great parks around the country. They are Mom and Pop campgrounds, city parks, fairgrounds, COE, some state and national parks, Elks and Moose Lodge campgrounds. We use Passport, Trailer Life Directory, RV reviews on the internet, Elks and Moose books and internet sites, city websites on the internet to find these parks. It takes a little time but it’s worth it for the comfort of a nice afternoon and night.

  13. Congrats on the good news, Terry! I am so happy that you continue to receive good health reports. You have so much strength and stamina. Nick indeed is so very lucky to have found such a strong woman.

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