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Jul 082010

I closed yesterday’s blog by telling you we had tire troubles. Here’s the story:

From the time we left Gilroy Tuesday morning, until the time we arrived at the the Emigrant Trail Museum in Truckee that afternoon, one of our inside dual tires had lost over 35 pounds of air. This is the same problem we have been having with the inside duals ever since Camping World installed them the end of February. Supposed they fixed it when we went back a few weeks ago, but evidently not.

At that time it was determined that the problem was the valve extensions, and it might still be. Especially since one look at the scratches and tool marks on it told us that the valve extension was not new, and was probably the one that gave us problems before.

Our motorhome has an onboard air compressor, and I have an air hose, but as it turns out, there is a problem in our auxiliary air system somewhere and we couldn’t get it to work. We found a gas station where we could fill the tire, and I left the valve extender and PressurePro sensor off, and checked the tire again before we set off yesterday and it was still holding pressure. So once we get into Salt Lake City, I’ll find a new extender to put on the tire.

Yesterday morning we left Boomtown Casino and followed Interstate 80 east across Nevada, Traffic was busy in Reno, but the rest of the day we didn’t have much to deal with. The first part of our route was pretty curvy as we followed the Truckee River, and then we came into a big valley with salt flats as far as the eye could see. We zipped past this barren landscape in no time at all, but it took the pioneers of the Donner Party six days to cross the salt flats.

Nevada salt flats

Nevada salt flats 5

Miss Terry was taking pictures out the window as we motored along, and she managed to capture this smiley face somebody made to welcome travelers.

Smiley face

Some of the mountains off in the distance still had snow on top of them, but down on the highway it was over 90 degrees!

Nevada mountain 5

Part of our route had some steep climbs and downhill grades, but nothing compared to crossing the Sierras the day before. Both days, the Winnebago had no problems, the big Cummins diesel engine never started to get too warm, and carried us over the top as fast as I wanted to go. After years of being passed by eighteen wheelers in our old bus on even small grades, it’s sure nice to pull over into the left lane and pass them by as they labor up the hills!

Steep Nevada hill 2

We stopped at the Flying J in Winnemucca for fuel, but their RV pumps were out of order, and there was a long line of trucks at the truck islands.  We continued on another 50 miles to Battle Mountain. I don’t think the Flying J there was a company store, but rather an affiliate, but it was easy to get in and out.

We saw some nice rock formations alongside the highway!

Rock formation

We arrived at Crossroads RV Park in Wells, Nevada about 4:30 p.m., with  346 miles under our belt for the day. Crossroads is a small Passport America park, nothing much but a gravel lot with 30 amp full hookup RV sites. But at just $10 a night, it’s a good bargain. We have four bars of high speed EVDO internet service, which is always nice.

One of our subscribers recommended Crossroads to us, and said the managers, Dennis and Irma Sayers, were wonderful people. When I checked the place out on RV Park Reviews, their friendliness was mentioned in the first three reviews I read. So I was looking forward to meeting this nice couple.

Sure enough, they were just as nice and helpful as could be; Irma checked us in and chatted for a while, then Dennis got us parked and made sure we were hooked up okay. I asked about restaurants, and Irma got right on the phone to call the shuttle van from a local casino to come and pick us up and take us to the restaurant. You don’t get that kind of service very often!

When we got back from dinner, Dennis and Irma stopped by to check on us, and Terry gave them a tour of our motorhome. I think Dennis was thinking about going RV shopping by the time they left!

We have about 180 miles to go today to reach Pony Express RV Resort in Salt Lake City, and then we’ll have a few days to relax, do some genealogy research, and we have a couple of technical issues on the motorhome that we need to look into. Nothing major, but apparently the gremlins have been at work.

Thought For The Day – A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the fake smile.

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Nick Russell

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  13 Responses to “Tire Trouble”

  1. Nick, you mentioned stopping in Battle Mountain, NV, but you didn’t mention their “claim to fame”…


  2. Nick,
    After installing our Pressure pro we had similar problems with losing air. The hard,straight extenders were the culprit. Bit the bullet and installed the braided stainless steel flexible ones. A little more money but haven’t had any issues in over a year.

  3. Nick,

    Stop getting service at Camping World and go to recognized service centers. For tire problems, go to a truck tire stop. Camping World is an okay place to buy RV stuff, but I would never let them work on my coach. I have read far too many complaints about their lack of skills.

  4. We agree 100% with George! We had a Steer Safe added to our rig right at the company shop. When we went back a few years later to have it checked out, their techs told us that Camping World is now an installer for Steer Safe, but people have been coming to them (Steer Safe) and the techs have found them installed upside down! Now, for heaven’s sake, they are even installing the Banks System! What damage might they do!!!

  5. We also agree that Camping World is good for RV stuff, but we do not use them for repairs or have the put on any equipment. We have used them for things like oil changes. We have had to put the steel valves on the tires because of the extensions.We were having the same problem that you are having. So far the tires have been fine. Terry takes awesome pictures. The next part of your journey to Salt Lake is what we consider the most dangerous part. It is over the Salt Flats. The fact that it is boring can have you drifting off to sleep behind the wheel. So keep alert. Stop at the rest area by the Speedway it gives a great history on the flats and some of the men who broke speed records on the flats. Be safe

  6. I got the braided steel extensions put on all tires last summer in Crescent City CA, after one of the old rubber ones split. Had it done at a tire store. No problems since.

  7. …and to add to what Elaine said, make sure you take pictures of that weird looking thingie on the north side of I-70 near the west end of the salt flats.

  8. Oops! Make that “I-80”

  9. Question — If you are traveling east across Nevada and stopping overnite in Wells, how did you already cross the Salt Flats? I’m confused.


  11. That’s correct, Art. Those salt flats are in Nevada. We saw the big salt flats in Utah the next day.

  12. Nick I am surprised you don’t have Mike’s CO2 system.

  13. Our tire dealer in Tampa took my braided extenders & put them where they belong, in the trash. He installed brass truck extenders on my F550 dualies & I haven’t had a problem since. He also said that if there was a problem new extenders could be found at pretty much any truck stop.

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