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We slept in yesterday morning, taking advantage of the calm before the storm of activity this weekend, when Terry’s son Casey marries his lady love, Leslie.  River Dance RV Resort has cinnamon rolls on some mornings, and Rusty and Rebecca, in the office, had insisted we allow them to treat us to a couple, as compensation for the short delay getting into our RV site yesterday. 

We appreciated the gesture, and the cinnamon rolls were huge, but since Miss Terry makes the very best cinnamon rolls in the world, it’s hard for anything else to compare.

It was another hot day here in Colorado, well over 90 degrees, and we are finding that our Norcold refrigerator doesn’t keep things like milk nearly as cold as the residential style refrigerator we had in our bus conversion. Our awnings help shade the sides of the motorhome, which helps a bit, and the air conditioner keeps it nice and comfortable inside, but the refrigerator is definitely working hard just to keep things cold.  

The Eagle River runs right along the edge of the campground, and we walked down to check it out yesterday afternoon. The water was moving along pretty well, and it would have been fun to get our kayaks wet.

Eagle River in Colorado 5 

Eagle River in Colorado 4 

At one point there is a wide gravel sandbar just a couple of feet off shore, and Terry rolled up her pants legs and went wading. She said the water was cool and felt wonderful on such a hot day.

Terry on gravel bar 4

Terry in Eagle River

The water is very clear, as you can see in this picture. We didn’t spot any, but the folks in the campground office said beaver are seen frequently in the river.

Clear water

While Terry was out wading, I took some photos of the river and the campground. It sure is located in a scenic spot. The campground stays busy all season long, and because it’s the weekend, it’s even busier. All day long everything from popup trailers to huge motorhomes were pulling in.

River Dance RV Resort

River Dance RV Resort 3

I spent much of the afternoon working on the schedule for our Eastern Gypsy Gathering in Elkhart, Indiana the end of August, and I hope to have the preliminary schedule posted on our main website by sometime Monday. I’m still waiting for last minute confirmation on a few seminars.

About 6 p.m., Terry’s son Cody and his wife Jonna came by to visit, and we went out to dinner at a place in Eagle called Moe’s Barbecue. It was pretty good, but not in a league with Hog Wild in Cottonwood, Arizona, or any of the Bandana’s Barbecue or Famous Dave’s we’ve been to at different places in the country. But, it was nice to spend time with Cody and Jonna.

Back at the RV, we chatted for another half hour or so, but since Cody has a lot of responsibilities with his twin’s wedding on Sunday, including the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner today, we soon called it an evening.

We’ll be busy with family activities the rest of the weekend. Terry’s other son, Shawn, and her daughter Kelly, are arriving today, from New Mexico and Nebraska, respectively; and her parents and sister Dani will arrive from Arizona this afternoon. So we’ll have lot of family to spend time with.

Thought For The Day – My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

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  10 Responses to “The Calm Before The Storm”

  1. Great thought for the day. It’s my Dads Birthday. I used it in my blog post today, too.
    Enjoy the wedding.

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Terry looks like she enjoyed herself in the cool water. Sounds like you have a very busy weekend with all the family coming for the big event, Have fun and enjoy the wedding.

  3. Try running refrig on gas. I find it works better in extremely hot weather than electric. Enjoy your Blog.

  4. No pictures of Ms. Terri’s sons? Maybe with the upcoming wedding, you’re waiting for pictures of them when they are all dressed in their finest. Please take a lot of pic’s at the wedding so we can all see. Thanks.

  5. Ref the Norcold refrigerator- I’ve had 2 Norcolds and 1 Dometic and none of them will keep the milk cold when temps go past 90. If the sun is bearing down on the refrigerator side of the rv, temps inside the frige will be in the high 40’s. Definetly not safe for food storage. I’ve had enough. No more elec/gas friges for me. This winter I’m going to remove the Norcold and replace it with a counter depth 23 cu ft side by side residentual refigerator. I can hardly wait.

  6. Here’s my trick for a hot day. I always find that the freezer continues to stay cold even though the refrigerator temp. rises. I have 7-8 of the “blue Ice” packs. I’ll distribute 4-6 at a time into the refrigerator to add additional cooling and then return them to the freezer to replenish.

  7. Have you added a little fan inside the bottom of the fridge? They do help, although they can’t do the whole job. There are battery operated ones as well as the type you can wire in.

  8. I recently saw a solar powered vent cap that you can replace the factory one with. It’s solar powered motor has a temp control that turns it off and on and is totally automatic and maintenance free.

  9. Ref: Fridges: Are we spoiled or what ??? The 49’ers who settled the west didn’t have any fridges in their RV’s to keep their food cold. And they “walked” most of the way.
    Have a great Ho-down at the wedding Nick & Terry……
    the 20th century has been good to us. !!

  10. Ref: Fridge: I’m using a surplus 24v fan on the top shelf of my fridge, wired it up to the light inside, although it was hard to find a ground in there, then I touched the ground to the cooling fins, and bingo, fan is running. I put an alligator clip on the ground line, when I want the fan on I just clip it to the fins, take it off and it shuts down. That fan makes a world of difference!!! I can leave the fridge set on 4 (of 5) on the hottest days and it will freeze my milk. Plus its running at 12v so its nice and quiet.

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