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We have had a good week in Salt Lake City, and really enjoyed our time here. We look forward to coming back again.  Pony Express RV Resort is an excellent base for exploring the area, though we actually have not done any “exploring” while we’ve been here. Most of my time has been spent doing genealogy research at the Family History Library, and Terry has been busy finishing up a project for her son’s wedding.

Salt Lake City is an interesting town. Many of the city streets are very wide, 132 feet to be exact, designed by the early settlers, with room enough for a covered wagon pulled by a team of four oxen to turn around.

The Mormon influence is obviously very strong, but one of the first things we saw coming in from the west on Interstate 80 was a billboard advertising a topless “gentlemen’s club.” A local business owner told me that just a block or two away from Temple Square, the centerpiece of the Mormon religion, State Street is known for drugs, prostitution, and gang activity.

We have a long day ahead of us today. We’re headed for Gypsum, Colorado, where we will stay at River Dance RV Resort for a few days while we attend Terry’s son’s wedding in Vail. The route my Microsoft Streets & Trips computer mapping program suggested was U.S. Highway 40 into Colorado, and then state routes southeast to Meeker and on to Rifle, where we would pick up Interstate 70 into Gypsum. That’s about 370 miles from where we are.

But, I have learned that one cannot always trust mapping programs, or GPS units, for that matter. In talking to several people who are familiar with this area, we decided to take a longer route that they tell me is a much easier trip – Interstate 15 south to Spanish Fork, where we’ll pick up U.S. Highway 6 and follow it to Interstate 70, near Green River, Utah, and on to Gypsum. This route is about 25 miles longer, but looks to be an easier trip.

That’s a longer trip than most fulltimers do in one day, and we prefer shorter days on the road ourselves. But we can handle it, and we want to get in and settled so we’ll have a couple of days to relax and enjoy some family time before the wedding.

I’m not sure what kind of Verizon service we’ll have in Gypsum. Their coverage map shows they have high speed EVDO, but I have learned that one cannot always rely on what the maps show. Then again, here in North Salt Lake the service has ranged from super fast to just a little bit slower than sludge. So if you log on tomorrow and there is no blog, be patient and I’ll get it up as soon as possible. Likewise, if you send me an e-mail and don’t get a speedy reply, be patient and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.

After the wedding is over, we have to make a fast trip across the country. We want to stop in Forest city, Iowa to have some work done at the Winnebago factory, and then we have to get to Traverse City, Michigan for Terry’s annual oncologist checkup the first week of August. From there, we have to rush down to Elkhart, Indiana to get all of the last minute details handled before our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally the end of August.

Several blog readers have invited us to stop and visit on our trip east, but I’m afraid there just isn’t time. One of these days, I’m going to stop all this busy-busy nonsense, get myself one of them there recreational vehicle motorhome thingies, and just relax and travel!

Thought For The Day – Yes, I do understand your problem. I just don’t  care.

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  10 Responses to “On The Road To Colorado”

  1. So I’m being replaced by the Winnebago factory now?

  2. We drove our 40 footer with toad from Green River, Utah up highway 6 / 191 to Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago. I don’t recall any problems – good route. Have a good trip to the wedding.

  3. Just went back and reread my blog post for the Green River – Salt Lake City trip. We did have some hills, curves, and road maintenance – but still it wasn’t too bad considering other areas we’ve been in this summer.

  4. We have done 6/191 from 70 to SLC and it was narrow in spots and hilly but not bad at all. It was during the mine cave-in in that area a few years ago but even with that traffic we found it to be an easy ride. Save travels and have a great weekend at the wedding. Pretty place for a wedding!

  5. just a reminder:
    Winnebago has their national rally next week (7/19-23).
    Getting a service appointment that week may be difficult; maybe the following week too.

    Good Luck


  6. Nick & Terry

    We will be going thru Traverse City this summer and would appreciate some ideas for good eats and campgrounds. By the way, we are at Broken Arrow CG in Custer, S.D. where our little Lazy Daze is parked smack dab in the middle of a FMCA Eagle (Bus Nuts)
    rally. Nice people.

  7. “One of these days, I’m going to stop all this busy-busy nonsense, get myself one of them there recreational vehicle motorhome thingies, and just relax and travel!”

    Seems to me we’ve heard that song before, and from the same singer! Nick, you’ll never do it — you love your life just as it is, and we all love you for it. Well, maybe some of us just LIKE you for it, but a lot of us love you!

  8. We were in Winnebago Service the week before pre-rally week and GNR. During GNR they change their processes but you can probably get in. Start at the Service Desk with your prioritized list. You fill out a form and they’ll assign a work number for your coach. Lists are published and posted around GNR grounds around 3-4 pm for the next day. If you are not registered for GNR, you can use your WIT membership for 3 days in the hook-ups at the Visitor’s Center (across from Service). Once assigned to service work, there are additional hook-up sites there. Most folks check-in at 7 am, meet the tech to review the approved list of items, then they return your coach around 3 pm (of course there are exceptions). Hope to see you there. We’ll be parked with the “365 Club” near Friendship Hall until next Thursday.

    BTW, picked up our new computer desk/buffet from Carlyle today. Minor problem with Corian top, but that was repaired this afternoon and will be installed in the a.m. then it’s back to Iowa.

  9. While working with a Verizon Technician on an access matter, she informed me not to rely on the number of bars to determine access reliability. She told me to go to Access Manager; Help; About Access Manager and scroll down to RSSI. Your access should read below -80 dbm for the best results. Works for us!

  10. “She told me to go to Access Manager; Help; About Access Manager and scroll down to RSSI. Your access should read below -80 dbm for the best results. Works for us!”

    In geek-speak, “Below” means having a smaller number, and being less negative. -110 dbm might not work at all, -60 dbm would be strong.

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