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Many people have asked me how I come up with something new to write about every day in the blog. Usually it’s no problem; I write about our travels when we’re on the move, and about the RV lifestyle in general when we’re stationary for  awhile. And sometimes I stumble across something totally unexpected I want to share with my readers. Yesterday was such a day.

When I drove into downtown Salt Lake City to do some more genealogy research at the Family History Library yesterday, there was a crowd of people, a contingent of Utah Highway patrol Officers,  a horse drawn hearse, and several news crews across the street from the library.

Horse drawn hearse 4

As it turns out, it was the funeral for world famous artist Arnold Friberg, who died Thursday, at the age of 96. Friberg was known for his patriotic and religious paintings. His work also included the posters for the Cecil B. DeMille movie The Ten Commandments, for which he was nominated for the Academy Award; paintings depicting scenes from the Book of Mormon;  and his masterpiece work Prayer At Valley Forge, portraying George Washington kneeling next to his horse, praying for guidance during the darkest days of the American Revolution.

Fribeg was also famous for over 300 paintings he created to honor the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and he was a beloved friend to the Mounties. A squad of Mounties, in their trademark dress uniform known as the Red Serge, the scarlet tunic, worn with the flat brimmed Stetson hat and high boots, were on hand to escort his hearse to a nearby cemetery.

Mounties at attention 2

A squad of Mounties in full dress uniform is something very few people ever see in the United States. The Mounties’ everyday working uniform is a grey shirt with dark blue tie, blue trousers, ankle length patrol boots  and a regular policeman’s style cap. The Red Serge is worn only for special formal occasions. A news reporter at the scene said Friberg loved pomp and ceremony, and his funeral certainly provided that, in a grand way.

Mounties Marching 2

After watching the Mounties march off behind the hearse, I went up to the second floor of the Family History library, where they have a large bank of computers where visitors can do their research. These computers are hooked up to just about every online genealogy resource that exists. It would cost a person a small fortune to subscribe to all of these websites and services, but it’s all free here.

FHL computers

Half of the second floor has aisle after aisle of cabinets filled with microfilms that contain records for millions of people.

Microfilm cabinets 2

Each box contains a separate filmstrip, and each strip has hundreds, some even thousands, of pieces of data. Everything from court records, to birth, wedding and death records, newspaper items, land records and deeds, and much, much more.


In this age of computers and internet access, I had forgotten a lesson from my early newspaper days that I was reminded of in a big way yesterday. When you are sitting at a viewer, cranking through page after page of microfilm to get to what you are looking for, you can very easily get what can best be described as a form of motion sickness as the images fly past your eyes. Some people experience the same thing when trying to read a book or newspaper while riding in a car. After about three hours, I was so nauseated, and had such a headache, that I had to give up for the day.  When I go back next week, I’ll pace myself better so that doesn’t happen again!

Back at the RV park, I picked up Terry and we went to two different Joann Fabrics stores to get enough of a particular yarn she needed to finish a project she is working on, then we had dinner and went home to a quiet evening.

Today we have some visitors coming by, and then we may drive over to check out the Great Salt Lake. Or, if it’s too hot, we may just stay home and enjoy the air conditioning.

Thought For The Day –  Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

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  6 Responses to “Mounties And Mormons”

  1. When SLC is too hot to enjoy, it is a great day trip to ride up to Park City and the former Olympic site. When we were there, we watched aspiring ski jumpers zoom down the astroturf covered ski jumps; other skiers used a short jump and swimming pool to practice tricks. You can ride a zip line, pilot your own skeleton-like “sled”, or ride (with driver) in a bobsled. Interesting museum, too. It’s a fun day trip.

  2. Nick, A great way to see the Great Salt Lake is to drive over the causeway to Antelope Island. There’s a huge herd of bison and lots of other wildlife. You can get a buffalo burger if you like. Take your bicycles and ride some of the trails. It’s amazing how remote the island feels, so close to the dense population of the Wasatch Front.

  3. If they still allow it a good way to cool off on a hot day is to take a dip in the lake. Because of the density of the salt level it is a neat thing to do because you can not sink. Way back in the dark ages there was a amusement park called Salt Air, we use to take the special train from SLC to the park for a day. The only thing left now is the rotunda and a history of the park and area, Take your kayaks and have a good time. Have fun

  4. Thank you for the great pictures of our boys ( all four of them). The carriage horses are Jim and Charlie, brothers, and the drivers are Blaine and Dee, also brothers. It is always our honor to assist in taking loved ones to their final destinartion in a manner they would have liked. Mr. Friberg was a Utah treasure, to be sure.

    Happy travels to you, enjoy our fair city and all it’s wonders, and if travelling from Park City and the georgeous Heber Valley towards Provo, be sure to stop by Bridal Veil Falls and beautiful Nunn’s Park. The view is well worth it.

  5. After suffering from motion sickness, especially on ocean excursions and even at some movie theaters, I found Bonine (Meclazine); it does not make you drowsy. The astronaughts use this same stuff. The benefits are amazing! I can read in the motor home going over a mountain pass. It is sold right next to the Dramamine (which makes you very sleepy). Your next film record search would be more enjoyable! $5 or $6 for eight tablets of the brand name, Bonine, or about $10 for 100 tablets of generic Meclazine; ask at the pharmacy counter.

  6. Nick,

    I do like the Mountie uniforms but, they sure could use some training on marching in sept! Marines do it best.

    PS and I am a Navy guy 69-73

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