Jul 122010

We woke up to gusty winds and scattered showers Sunday morning. Normally, we would roll over and go back to sleep on such a gloomy morning, but we had company coming, so we had to get in gear.

About 11 a.m. Mel and Charlene Schwartz arrived for a visit. I wrote about Mel and Charlene’s close call when a tree limb came through their windshield in an earlier blog post titled Life Is A Crapshoot. We were happy to see them safe and sound, and we had a very nice visit, talking about our mutual RV adventures. One of the best things about the RV lifestyle is the wonderful people we have met in our travels!

I guess my reputation for being a night owl has preceded me here to Pony Express RV Park,  because Mel said when they stopped at the office to find out what site we are in, the person at the desk said “Are you sure you won’t be waking him up?”

After Mel and Charlene left, Terry worked on a crochet project she has been busy with, and I tried to answer a backlog of e-mail that had piled up. Our internet service on our Verizon air card has been really flakey here. Sometimes it is very fast, and five minutes later it is about as slow as sludge. Since the park’s WiFi system is having problems of it’s own, communication is pretty spotty at times. So if you have written me and not received a reply, please be patient, and I’ll try to get to you as soon as possible.

By mid-afternoon the sky had cleared up, and it began to get pretty warm. We sure are pleased with the basement air conditioning in our Ultimate Advantage. Our first Class A motorhome, and our bus conversion, both had rooftop air conditioners, and we much prefer the basement unit. It is much quieter, and even on the 90+ degree days we have had here in Salt Lake City, it gets so cold inside the motorhome that we have to adjust the thermostat upward.

I had an interesting e-mail the other day from longtime readers Mary and Frank Maniaci, with a question for all of you. They wrote that they had issues with their Winegard satellite dish, contacted both Winegard and Camping World, and that the two companies coordinated to get their problems fixed.  They had just finished writing letters and emails commending both companies because in their words – “We will be the first to complain when something is wrong, but feel that obligates us to comment when things are right.  Are we  the rule or the exception when it comes to writing letters of commendation to those that deserve it?”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always try to compliment good service, whether it be in an RV repair shop, a store, or a restaurant. Having been a business owner much of my life, I sure have heard my share of complaints, and I can tell you that, in my experience anyway, while the complimentary  comments may not come as frequently, they are always very much appreciated. So how about you? Do you write letters, call, or e-mail to say thanks for a job well done?

Thought For The Day – A fair-weather friend is one who is always around when he needs you.

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Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “A Gloomy Sunday Morning”

  1. Nick,

    This is a great post today! Yes, I compliment very often. My rule of thumb is that I must compliment ten times for each gripe. Hey, this proves it. I now need to compliment you another six times before I can gripe!!!


  2. We were so impressed with the service at the CW in Omaha we bought a card and mailed it to them. We were getting new tires, their equipment broke and after being unable to get it replaced they took the MH to a tire store to have the tires mounted. Gave us $200 off the price of mounting, gave us the rebate without us having to send for it, gave us a full tank of propane. Yes, it was a long day but in the long run it was worth it and we appreciated what they did.

  3. Yes, when it is very good service we try to say thank you. We were just at the Nova Scotia Archives. The staff were very helpful to us. Peter wrote an e-mail to the supervisor complimenting them on what they do. This is good for the staff-boss relationship as well as good PR from user to staff. It’s also good PR for Americans and when we return we hope to get the same wonderful help/service. Honey gets more help than vinegar.

  4. Yes, we do also. Our truck, a used Freightliner, needed some repair work and the folks at the Orlando Freightliner location were so good, and were willing to take the time to explain what needed to be done and how, that an email was sent to the supervisor complimenting these folks.

    Also, the folks at the Kissimmee CW are wonderful also. They installed our satellite dish and even though it took longer than expected, our bill matched the estimate.

  5. We always try to compliment better than expected service. It is always funny to hear the wariness in the managers voice when you first call and then the way they brighten up when they realize it is not a complaint but a thank you!

    Lately in addition to thanking me for the call they often add “we really appreciate your business”.

  6. Having spent most of my working life in customer service-related positions, I know that people are much more likely to complain than to compliment, so I try to go out of my way to send acknowledgement of a job well done or gratitude when a business “goes the extra mile”. I try to live my life by the Golden Rule. It makes me a more pleasant person to be around and lifts up sometimes-weary workers.

    Last winter, while staying in a campground in central Iowa and working at jobs a few miles away, we had LOTS of snow (over and over). The maintenance crews did an excellent job keeping the roadways cleared. I sent them a card thanking them for the outstanding job they did. My husband and I really appreciated being able to get to and from home without any delays. Although, I was not looking for anything back, it made me feel good when a couple weeks after I sent the card, several of the men thanked me for the card (I did not even know they knew who I was).

    What is more difficult is to say I am sorry when I know I have “messed up”. I was having a terrible day, and due to some miscommunication from different people at Verizon, I acted in a way in which I was ashamed. The next day, I sent a letter apologizing for my behavior and bad attitude. Signing my name to that letter was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I feel that it is important to take responsibility for one’s choices.

    Fortunately, I have many more opportunities to say, “Thank you,” such as when a restaurant manager gives us our order free occasionally because we are steady customers.

  7. When it is called for I get out the printer and send a letter to someone who has done a fine job. Or, if possible, I send an email.

    There was the outstanding Lowe’s associate who helped me find the correct plumping product, there was the dentist who arranged the office schedule to do a crown for me, there was the young docent (17years old) in a railroad museum who was friendly walking encyclopedia, and several others.

    More of us need to do this.

    And, just to balance things, I write a complaining letter when it is necessary.

  8. Nah! Give me lousy service every time. I prefer it. There’s no guilt, no time-consuming letter writing, and you get to go back and see them again real soon, when they have to do whatever it was they did wrong over again to get it right — and then charge you double, void your warranty and track dirt in and out of your motorhome.

    Besides, thanking people for excellent service just encourages more of the same. Pretty soon, you’re spending all your free time writing letters of appreciation instead of doing more enjoyable things, like cleaning the footprints out of your carpet.

  9. Always!! 🙂

  10. Last year, due to having just retired and not getting all the tax info to my accountant, we had to meet several additional times and he also had to write to the IRS on my behalf to explain some financial matters. When I tried to pay him for his additional time and expense, he wouldn’t accept anything. In order to show my appreciation for his and his staff’s help, I sent them a gift of steaks and trimmings from an online steak place along with a note of thanks. He and his crew really appreciated it as I did his tax assistance.

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