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Jun 112010

I spent most of yesterday working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, making and receiving telephone calls about our upcoming Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally, and making plans for future rallies.

I had hoped to be almost done with the new issue by now, but I got lazy and didn’t keep on top of things, so now I have to push a little harder to make our deadline. It’s no big deal, we’re not behind schedule, I just have to knuckle down for a few days.

One call I got was from the manager of the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio, to discuss the dates for our 2011 Eastern rally. That’s a long time from now, but it takes a lot of planning to get things arranged, and venues large enough to handle our size group book well in advance. We didn’t lock anything in yet, but right now we’re looking at either the third or last week of September.

We don’t want to go back to the same place over and over, but it’s not easy to find a venue that has the facilities that we need and that will work within our budget. We had a commitment with the good folks in Celina for three rallies, and we are looking forward to going back to the friendly little town. It’s a very nice fairgrounds, and they really bend over backwards to accommodate our needs. We have never found anybody we can work with as easily.

I also talked for a bit with Daryl Lawrence from Lawrence RV Accessories, and I already have his commitment to be a vendor at the 2011 Eastern rally. We are pleased that so many of our vendors return again and again. That tells us that we must be doing something right.

Daryl and I lamented the fact that it is very hard for vendors to make long range plans, because some RV clubs and organizations don’t seem to be willing to communicate with each other about rally plans, even after they have the dates and locations locked in. I’ve never been able to figure out that thinking. If everybody knows what everybody else is planning, we can work together, rather than planning events with conflicting schedules that only reduce the numbers of attendees and vendors, who can’t be in two places at once. It’s hard enough for vendors to make a profit in this economy as it is, but having to play silly waiting games to find out where and when some of the rallies are going to be held makes it almost impossible.

I also got a telephone call from my daughter Tiffany, to tell me that she and hubby Jim had stopped to check out some Indian petroglyphs on the banks of a dry wash about halfway between Snowflake and Holbrook, some 35 miles north of Show Low. They came around a bend in the wash and spotted a mountain lion feeding on something up ahead. The cougar quickly ran off, but Tiffany said its paw prints were as big as the palm of Jim’s hand up to the second knuckle. And that young man has big hands! They took their clue from the cat and took their leave too, in the opposite direction. Yes folks, some places remain where the West is still wild!

About 4:30 I escaped from my desk long enough for us to drive to Pinetop with Greg and Jan for dinner at the Chuck Wagon Steakhouse, which was a favorite of mine when we lived here. The restaurant is very rustic looking, with an Old West theme that includes an impressive bar, saddles, mounted big game heads, and a chandelier made from elk antlers.  

Chuck Wagon Steakhouse 2

Antler chandelier

Chuck Wagon Steakhouse

Greg and I had rib eye steaks, while Miss Terry and Jan choose the petite sirloins. I was pleased to learn that the food and service were both just as good as I remembered.  Greg, Jan, and Terry were all very happy with their meals also. When the waitress came by to inquire if we wanted dessert, we were all too full to say yes.

Back at the Elks campground, I worked some more on the new issue of the paper and then just before dark we decided that dessert wasn’t such a bad idea after all. So we all piled back in Greg and Jan’s truck and went to Dairy Queen!

Thought For The Day – When you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.

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Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “Working Away”

  1. Hi Nick – A place you might want to check out is the Berrien Springs Fair Grounds in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The Great Lakes Association RV club has their FMCA rally there every Memorial Day Weekend. They have lots of electric hookups and good voltage. There is a big arena and also a covered entertainment building. Also other buildings to hold seminars.

    It is close to Elkhart and the Shipshewana flea market. Might be a place to look at one year.

  2. We are pleased to learn that the Rally is going to be in Celina for 2011. We really enjoyed the rallies there. The folks in town went out of their way to make everyone feel welcome.

  3. We liked the Celina fairgrounds. They made it so easy to come early and/or stay late using a Passport America discount. Plus we liked having the seminar locations so close to one another that we could talk to people between seminars without being late to the next one.

  4. We’ve also been to the Berrien Springs facility with the Telephone Pioneers. It was excellent. Our 100+ rigs only took up a small corner of the available spots, and we were parked very close to the building we used. Everyone had 30-amp electric and there was water available.

  5. No fairgrounds for us! We went to one rally at a fairgrounds and the whole place smelled like pig Sh$#. If a rally is not at a full hookup campground we want nothing to do with it! We don’t believe in roughing it.

  6. Barbara and Susan,
    We have been to FMCA rallies at Berrien Springs, and I have tried to arrange a rally there. But their rate is over twice what we pay in Celina or Yuma, and the same as we are paying Elkhart Campground for full hookups.

  7. Tom…we have been to several fairgrounds including Celina 2x and Yuma once. There was no smell of animals that was enough to put anyone off. Besides…you can bet your booty that Nick and Terry would never choose a location that would be that offputting!

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