On To The Coast

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Jun 242010

We slept soundly Tuesday night, and when we woke up, our three neighbors had already left the Wasco Elks Lodge. We pulled out a little after 9 a.m., and took State Route 46, a narrow two lane road, west toward the coast.

At first the land was pretty flat, and we passed a large field of oil wells standing on both sides of the highway.

Oil wells 2

Oil wells

Then we started to climb up a series of steep golden hills, where the trees actually grew sideways!  

Steep california hillside

State Route 46 carries a lot of commercial truck traffic, and is supposed to be one of the most dangerous roads in California. It is well known for the number of serious head-on accidents that happen on it as impatient drivers try to pass long lines of traffic.

California Highway 46 hill

One accident on this highway that made history took place on September 30, 1955,  when teen idol James Dean smashed his Porsche 550 Spyder head-on into another car near Cholame. Today a small memorial near the accident site commemorates the tragedy.

James Dean memorial

In Paso Robles, we got onto U.S. Highway 101 southbound, a busy divided four lane highway. In San Luis Obispo we passed the Madonna Inn, which has over 100 rooms, all decorated in a different theme, ranging from the Caveman to the Golfer’s Room, to an African Safari, as well as the frilly Dot and Daisy Room. I love my Winnebago, but there are a couple of rooms there I’d sure like to see!

San Luis Osbispo Madonna Inn

We followed this tanker truck for several miles, and Miss Terry took a picture of our motorhome’s reflection in it.

RV reflected in tanker 3

A few minutes before noon, we arrived at the Oceano Elks lodge, where we we will be for the next five or six days. This was an easy driving day, only 128 miles. The Elks campground is pretty tight, though at this time we don’t have anybody on either side of us.

Oceano Elks campground 2

Winnie Oceano Elks 2

The cost is $20 a night for 30 amp electric and water, and there is a dump station. Considering that the cost of many area RV parks is over $45 a night, it’s a good deal. And here is a Google Earth view of where we are. Our RV is parked where the yellow push pin is, and we can walk to the beach! Location, location, location!

Google Earth view of Oceano

The central coast is experiencing what the locals call June Gloom, a period where daytime temperatures are only in the low to mid-60s, and heavy cloud cover hangs low over the hills. But when we drove to Pismo Beach, after getting the RV parked and hooked up, there were a lot of folks enjoying the water. The sun came out soon after we arrived, and the clouds you see in this picture began to burn off.

Cloudy beach 2

I love the pier at Pismo Beach, and we walked out on it to watch the people fishing. We met this pair of pigeons, who were busy with their mating ritual. The male would puff himself up and strut in front of his girlfriend, then run around behind her. I don’t know if you can see it in this photo, but he sure had a determined look on his face! But she was having none of his nonsense, and easily escaped his nefarious clutches. Being a typical male, after he struck out a time or two, he quickly ran off and found another lady bird to try to impress.

Pismo Pier

Courting pigeon

We also came across this pelican, who was busy mooching a fish one of the anglers had caught. He didn’t seem to like me or my camera, and every time he saw me, he spread his wings and let me know he didn’t like having his picture taken.

Pelican on rail big


Pelican wings spread

They sure stack the houses up close together here on the California coast!

Houses on hillside

Now here’s a great car for going to the beach. The fellow who owns this 1947 Ford Woody wagon told me he restored it himself over 25 years ago! How cool!

1947 Woody

These two ladies had their own method of transportation! 

Peddle cart

We poked around Pismo Beach for a while, had linner (that’s either a late lunch or an early dinner), then stopped at a Von’s grocery store to pick up some items before we went back to the  motorhome.

We were both still pretty tired from the long drive from Arizona the day before, so we had a quiet evening at home, answering e-mail, watching TV, and catching up on paperwork.

We love it here on the central coast, and we’re looking forward to spending a few days just goofing off. We need the break.

Thought For The Day – By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right about some things, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong about everything.

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  19 Responses to “On To The Coast”

  1. I know a lot of people like to see pictures but the last two days has been way too many. I have a very slow phone line hookup and they take way too long to load.

  2. OK, I am sold! We are joining the Elks!

  3. Thanks Nick for posting all the pics. It will be a long time (if ever!) we make it that far west, so I appreciate them. I might consider joining the Elks too!

  4. We are Elks, Moose, VFW, Passport America, Good Sams, FMCA and Escapees. With the campground prices $30 and up you have to do something!!!! Love the pics. Keep them coming.

  5. Next time you go from Bakersfield area to the coast (or back), try SR-166. It’s a quiet, lightly traveled road that I’ve been over a couple of times when I had my 38-ft. 5th wheel.
    I’m so glad you two will get some time to relax and recharge. Enjoy the California coast, one of my favorite places. Eat lots of clam chowder!

  6. Glad to hear you and Miss Terry will be relaxing a bit. When we vacation in Pismo Beach we find ourselves eating at the Splash Cafe, good food, atmosphere, and within walking steps of the pier. We camp over at Lopez Lake Recreation Area located just 10 miles east of Arroyo Grande off Hwy 101. During the summer months the lake gets busy but we camp during the month of October no crowds and we get to see the wildlife (deer and wild turkeys) they come out early in the morning and late in the afternoon and walk past the campsites. We also enjoy the many wineries in the area, and love to take a picnic with us to enjoy the wines and the beatifull settings. Hope you two get to relax and enjoy!

    Jerry and Sylvia
    Murrieta, CA

  7. I’m with Debbie — I want to join the Elks, too. What is the procedure?

    Enjoy your stay — it looks great!

  8. We’re ready to join, too! Sign us up, Nick.

  9. I live in the area you are now visiting. I would disagree with the previous comment and would avoid hwy 166. If you need any ideas on what to see in my beautiful neighbor just post. I enjoy reading your blog.

  10. I love the pictures – keep it up!

  11. The Madonna Inn is cool! Have you ever checked out the men’s room on the lower level? It is a tourist attraction all by itself!

    Miss Terry has a true photographer’s eye! Not everyone would have even seen that good self-portrait opportunity.

    Big Papa pigeon did have a determined look in his eye! And the pelican was just showing off his musculature for you. Maybe he had a thing for you?

  12. Terry take awesome pictures we liked the one with the reflection of your coach. Happy to hear that you are finally starting to relax and enjoy our wonderful lifestyle. Mike has been trying to join the elks for some time now but never can find out how, Can you help him. We would definitely use the campgrounds to stay a night or two

  13. Brad Wood should simply fix his situation with an upgrade, rather than expecing you to downgrade your service to the rest of us just so he can catch up. You don’t have to serve the lowest common denominator.

  14. I never want to see the words “Too many” and “Pictures” in the same sentence again. 🙂

    That’s like “Too much fun” or “Too low priced.” Never happen.

    Just tell me where to send my check to contribute to the “Let’s Get Brad Upgraded Fund.”

    Keep up the great work, great pictures and great humor.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Unfortunately, lots of the campgrounds are getting wayyyy tooo expensive. They think they are renting rooms in a 5 star hotel, not just a piece of ground to sit on for a while. Now I know there’s maintenance and electricity, but I think the rates cover all that. Mostly they cover wages of all the help. In my opinion, KOA are reallllllly overpriced. I seem to use Passport and Good Sam the most of all discounts. Most of the time we like to have full hookups, and usually stay places from a week to a month to longer. So will use weekly rates when possible, but not always a very big discount. In between stops I am finding that boondocking is the way! At least those nights are saved. This is the price of leading a beautiful lifestyle, see the country, and being able to “live” where ever we are parked! Thanks Nick and Terry for the wonderful pictures. Not a road we’ve been on and probably won’t be any time soon. The beach looks wonderful, kinda reminds me of Carlsbad Ca. I looooove that place!

  16. Love seeing pics! We traveled extensively for many years, but now live a more settled life. But seeing the great photos you two take, bring back lots of memories. Thanks! Keep them coming!

  17. I love all the pics….keep them coming!

  18. Loved all the pictures. It’s sure an interesting looking place..hope to get there someday soon.

  19. You have linner and we have had dunch for years! You understand this…when you have brunch (first meal) about 10 ish, then dunch at about 3 ish, then snack about 8 ish.
    You get my drift! Loved the pics, thanks so much for bringing back good memories.

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