Jun 222010

Today is Miss Terry’s birthday, but I got the present, because I get to spend the day with her! Terry is a very practical lady, so she thinks it’s just another day. But it’s pretty darned special to me.

Some women want jewelry or clothes for their birthday, but when I asked Terry what she wanted, she told me one of the new Dremel Trio power tools. I asked her why she wanted that, since we are done building a bus conversion, and she just looked at me, shook her head, and sighed “There’s always something.” I wonder what that meant?

Yesterday while we were in Flagstaff dropping off the new issue of the Gypsy Journal at the mail service, we stopped at Home Depot to get Terry her new toy, but they were sold out, it being the day after Father’s Day. So I promised Terry a rain check, then took her to one of her favorite places, Barnes & Noble bookstore. Okay, I confess, it’s one of my favorite places too. We can spend hours browsing, and usually spend more than we had planned to, but we justify it by telling ourselves that we don’t drink or smoke, or play golf, or gamble, so we deserve a treat now and then.

I know I have shown you pictures of forest fire smoke two days in a row, but just to put in in perspective, here is one more that Terry took in Flagstaff yesterday. It’s close enough to town that some folks we talked to were getting pretty nervous.

Flagstaff fire

When we left Flagstaff, we stopped at the new Camping World in Bellemont to drop off a bundle of sample papers, then stopped at several RV parks around Williams doing the same. We got a chuckle out of this sign at the KOA. Somebody needs spelling lessons. But what can you expect from people who spell campground with a K? 🙂

Horseback Riden KOA 2

So what does a charming husband like me do for his special lady on her birthday? He drives her across the Mojave Desert in 100+ degree temperatures! And if that were not enough, tonight I hope to be in Bakersfield, California, where she has her choice of dinner at the Flying J truck stop or the Jack in the Box restaurant next door! Hey, do I know how to treat a girl right or not?

I’m pretty much recovered from my bout with the flu, but my energy level still doesn’t feel quite up to par. It’s about 450 miles from here to Bakersfield, so we have a long day of driving ahead of us. And if we get tired or run into any delays, I have a couple of alternative stops in mind.

We have several readers in Bakersfield who have asked us to stop in for a visit, or invited us to dinner, but this is just a quick overnight stop, since we have to be at the Elks lodge in Oceano Wednesday by mid-day to claim an RV site before somebody else snags it out from under us.

We plan to be in the Oceano/Pismo Beach and Morro Bay area for a few days, then we’ll go up to the Thousand Trails preserve in Morgan Hill for a week or so, where we have arranged tours of a few places to write about for the next issue.

Happy birthday, Terry. I love you with all my heart, my darling.

Thought For The Day – One man all by himself is nothing.  Two people who belong together make a world.

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Nick Russell

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  20 Responses to “Happy Birthday Miss Terry”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!! AND MANY, MANY MORE!!! I know you’ll be traveling all day but I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Safe travels. Hugs……….Pat and Mike

  2. PS: I hit the send button too quick. You share your birthday with my special guy. Today is Mike’s birthday, too.

  3. Happy Birthday Terry! Enjoy your vacation time! You two deserve it. Getting the Gypsy Journal out is a lot of work. We sure do enjoy reading it and also your blog every day.

  4. Many happy returns!
    Oooh. Power tools.
    Back in an earlier life, Chris was a lawyer in beautiful Morro Bay. The old office is still there as well as her old house up on the hill.
    Be sure to visit Hearst Castle to see how the poor folks lived. Worth at least 3 stories in the Journal.

  5. Happy Birthday Terry!!

  6. Happy Birthday Terry. I too will have my birthday here at the end of June. Nice to share it with a lovely lady. Connie B. PS. You’re OK too Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Good Morning and Happy Birthday Miss Terry,
    Yesterday was my birthday and I am sure i am way more than one day older than you.
    We spent the time with family helping with with outside tasks.

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Terry. Hope that you have a wonderful day and enjoy your travels.

  9. Happy Birthday, Terry! We’ll give you a special hug when we see you in August. Enjoy your time on the California coast. It’s one of my favorite places–too bad it’s so hard to get to!

  10. We had planned to get the jump on today by sending birthday wishes to Terry yesterday, and to Mike McFall also. However, on the day, and all together, “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday, Miss Terry!”

    As for tonight’s dinner, you reminded us of the wedding anniversary we spend in Missoula, MT, not long ago. We had bought 20 pounds of Flathead cherries, and Suzy had spend hours washing, pitting and packing them for freezing. As a reward I took her to a steak dinner at the nearest truckstop. Ain’t I the good guy!

  11. Happy birthday Terri. A loooong day driving for you guys. We think if we go 130 miles we’ve put in a long day.

  12. Happy Birthday Miss Terry, have a nice day even though you are traveling. Dinner at the Flaying J at least you will have a choice between the restaurant or great Pizza. Be safe and we will see you in August.

  13. Happy Birthday Terri! Even though you are traveling I hope you have a great day!!! Make Nick take you somewhere nice to eat when you get parked at the Elks…..

  14. Happy Birthday Miss Terry, and may you have many, many more!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Terry….Have a great day !!!!!

  16. I think your lady is awesome. . .and a kindred spirit. . .I would choose power tools also. . .hope she’s enjoying her special day in your company.

    BTW. . .drink Gatorade to get your strength back up. . .dehydration is a huge energy drainer!

  17. Terry,

    I like your idea for a new Dremel tool. No one can ever have enough tools and the Dremel in my estimation is a must for any serious RVer. Sandy (Cookie Queen) and I wish you a very happy birthday. And many, many more.

  18. Happy Birthday, Terry! Enjoy your special day. 🙂

  19. As the tax man said, Many Happy Returns, Terry!

    Where are you staying in Bakersfield and can you recommend it? We stayed at Orange Grove RV Park last year and liked it but a little pricey.

    A Camping World in Bellemont AZ?! Times sure change. I once worked at the Navajo Army Depot there, in the 1960’s, and there wasn’t anything else around. (Oh, and that was one of the US Army’s ordnance depots. Far as I know, the Navajos don’t have an army.)

  20. Happy Birthday, Miss Terry!

    I really do love the vicarious full-timing I am able to do by reading Nick’s blog! I am waiting with baited breath for Miss Terry to start her RV cooking blog…..It’ll be fun to write and to read!!!

    Thanks for all the fun you share!


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