Darn That Bird!

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Jun 132010

I was awakened earlier than usual yesterday morning by a bird pecking on our bedroom window. Miss Terry shooed it away, but the dumb thing came right back, and was at it again. I was real tempted to get my BB gun and teach it a lesson, but I don’t do those kind of things any more, since Terry got me housebroken. So I just cussed the bird and all of his feathered friends, and got out of bed to start my day.

Terry and Jan White spent the morning with some “girl time,” shopping and having fun without having to deal with us guys sighing and impatiently looking at our wristwatches.

We love spending time with Greg and Jan, and we’ll be sorry to see them leave today. It’s been a fun visit. But then again, we always have fun with those two! Fun seems to be their middle names. Check out this picture of them from the Awkward Family Photos website. I just love the look on Jan’s face! At least Greg looks like he’s having a wonderful time. Be sure to read the comments left by readers about the picture, especially the “Priceless” one.

Greg Jan rollercoaster

We’re jealous that Greg and Jan are going to be on the road today. We have enjoyed our time here in our old hometown with my daughter Tiffany and her family, but we sure are looking forward to seeing some sights. We had planned to leave tomorrow or Tuesday, but between the delays in getting the paper finished, and wanting to stay here a few days until some tests come back on a couple of family medical issues, we will be here a little while longer.

A while back I mentioned my pal Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz’s new e-book, Retire to an RV: The Road Map to Affordable Retirement Living. It’s a great guide for anyone contemplating the RV lifestyle. While the ladies were out yesterday morning, Greg uploaded a link to their new book, which you will find in the column on the right hand side of this blog page. Check it out and download your copy today. You’ll also find links to some of Jamie and Alice’s other books, including The Woman’s Guide to Solo RVing and Taking the Mystery out of RV Writing.

Today I’ll be working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, and I think I may be getting a handle on the new InDesign layout program. It’s still taking longer than I had expected, but hopefully I’ll start making better time, now that I have learned some of the program’s quirks.

Some readers have asked how I feel about my new iPad, now that I’ve had it a while. I can honestly say that as I have become more familiar with it, and all that it is capable of, I am even more impressed with the iPad than I was the day I got it.

Well, this has been fun, but it’s time to get back to work and try to knock out a few more pages.

Thought For The Day – If it weren’t for stress, I’d have no energy at all.

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  7 Responses to “Darn That Bird!”

  1. That In-Design is quite a powerful product. But a bit complicated. I used it a while printing out Men’s Group name tags every week. My daughter Kelly used it extensively while getting her Master’s Degree in Interior Design.

  2. Bird tapping at your bedroom window? That’s even worse that the quail that wakes us up nearly every morning. I believe he (or she) roosts in the mesquite tree in the corner of our neighbor’s yard, right by our window. He/she is up by 4:30 or so calling out “Hello! Hello!” At least that’s what it sounds like. Even if we reply, it still sits there calling “Hello! Hello!”

  3. Jan better have a good sense of humor or else you are in BIG trouble!!!!!

  4. What a picture! I love the look on Jan’s face! Priceless!

  5. Do you think your Ipad would make a good replacement for a laptop?
    That is, if you only used a laptop for e-mail and web surfing.

  6. If all you do is e-mail and web surfing, I think the iPad is fine. That’s what I use mine for most of the time. If you want to attach files, pictures, etc to e-mail you will probably want a laptop.

  7. […] example, if you check this article out, you’ll see this perfectly innocent picture of two people having fun…well, one of us is having […]

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