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May 212010

When we’re not busy traveling in our RV or writing about the RV lifestyle, I enjoy surfing the web and reading the many blogs and websites about RVing that are out there. Even after eleven years on the road, I manage to learn something new every day from what other RVers are writing about. 

Today I thought that I’d share some of the interesting blog posts and websites I have come across in the last few days of web surfing. Some are interesting for their great photography, others for information I didn’t know, and a lot of them are just plain fun!

On the RV.Net blog, Mark Post had a revealing look at statistics gathered from RV Poll Results. According to Mark, 42% of RVers responding said that they have spent a night in a Wal-Mart parking lot; 60% connect to the internet every day, 94% use rest stops when traveling in their RV, and 70% have stayed in a friend or relative’s driveway. Check Mark’s blog post for more interesting numbers. I’d be interested to know how your responses to the poll compare.

Also on the RV.Net blog, my pal Jaimie Hall Bruzenak has an interesting post about how  RVers who volunteer at public parks and campgrounds are perceived by at least one Arizona newspaper. Jaimie and her writing partner, Alice Zyetz, have an excellent new e-book out titled Retire to an RV: The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement Living. You can learn more about their new book and much more about RVing at their RV Lifestyle Experts website.

Blogs help us keep up with our RVing friends, so even though we may be hundreds, even thousands of miles apart, we get to share in their adventures. Our pals Tom and Barb Westerfield combine RV traveling with their other passion, geocaching, and in their Caching On The Road blog I read that they are visiting my old stomping grounds in coastal Washington state. I got my start in the newspaper business up there a lifetime ago, and it’s fun to see their pictures of the region now.

Another couple of good friends who are exploring my old neighborhood are Greg and Jan White, who are in Westport, Washington, just a few miles from where I lived back in the day. Their Our RV Adventures blog makes me homesick.

Yet another blog that brought back fond memories is Levonne Gaddy and John Huntley’s California Odyssey. They’re workamping at Morro Strand State Beach in Morro Bay, California. Miss Terry and I honeymooned in Morro Bay, and we hope to get back there one of these days for another visit.

I mentioned parking overnight at Wal-Mart earlier. Another place where we have found free overnight parking is at casinos. The Casino Camper website has a tremendous amount of information on casino camping coast to coast. Mac McClellan and his wife Chris do a great job of keeping the information up to date and useful to their readers.

One of the greatest resources for finding RV blogs and websites is the excellent Hitch Itch website. Here you will find hundreds of links to RV blogs and RV websites that can provide you with a lifetime of interesting reading and valauble information about RV travel and fulltime RVing.

Thought For The Day – You can’t stay young forever, but you can be immature the rest of your life.

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  2 Responses to “Surfer Dude”

  1. Yes, we have stayed a night in a WalMart parking lot.
    Yes, we get on the internet daily, or at least try to.
    No, we don’t stop at rest stops. We both drive and since we are in a Class A use our own potty.
    Yes, have stayed in friend’s/relative’s driveway.
    Added: Yes, we have dry camped in a Casino parking lot.
    With camp grounds getting ever more expensive, we try to dry camp (which is not our favorite means of camping) sometimes to help offset the high camping fees. We don’t have solar so run the generator during dry camping which costs us about $6 a day (2 hours for one gallon of diesel). So dry camping is not free. But that’s better that $20-$30 a day at most campgrounds.
    We do use Passport America and the Golden Age pass whenever possible but in some areas we travel like the NE USA the use of these is limited.
    So far this year we are averaging just over $17 a night (we left FL in early Dec). Our 3 week stay in SLC, Utah (23 days for $800) really messed with the average. But that’s why we dry camp some to offset those expensive stays.

  2. Connie, We left Florida the end of February. So far we are averaging $11.54 per night camping. We also BD when we are traveling and stopping overnight.

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