May 162010

I spent most of yesterday busily doing nothing, and managed to get most of it done.

Don Bingham, a faithful blog reader and newly retired Apple employee, contacted me to congratulate me on my new iPad and to tell me that he wanted to present me with three great apps; Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, which are word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs, respectively. These will really help me get the most out of my new iPad, and I appreciate your generosity, Don.

The only problem was, for some reason, when I tried to download the programs directly to my iPad from the online Apple Store, I kept getting an error message. Eventually I downloaded them to my desktop computer, and then transferred them to the iPad, along with Scrabble, the iPad version of the popular board game. I also downloaded my iPod music library to the iPad.

Well, why have a new game if you don’t play it, right? So there went most of the afternoon. As it turns out, for a wordsmith, I really suck at Scrabble. The computer knows words I never heard of. I managed to beat the game a few times, but it pretty much cleaned my clock every time.

I did tear myself away from my new toy long enough to go up to the office to pay for two more days to extend our stay here at Happy Days. Or at least I tried to. As it turns out, the office is closed on the weekends, so I left them a message that we will be leaving Monday, and will catch them before we take off.

I also called Camping World in Mesa to complain that ever since we got our new tires installed, the end of February, I have been having problems with both inside duals. They are losing air, and giving false readings on my PressurePro tire monitor. The consensus of Mike McFall from PressurePro, and other experienced tire people, is that when they installed the valve stems, they either screwed the extenders down too tight and collapsed the small washers inside of them, or that the valve extenders themselves are bad. After some discussion with the service manager at Camping World, he acknowledged that they have had problems with their valve extenders in the last few weeks. So we have an appointment with them first thing Monday morning to hopefully remedy the problem.

I may have been a couch potato most of the day, but not Miss Terry. That lady is always busy doing something. Her sister Lisa had invited us to dinner, so Terry made up a big batch of refried beans to go with the tacos Lisa was preparing, and while they were cooking, she installed the new Levolor wooden blinds in the bathroom, in place of the original metal mini blinds. We are replacing all of our window coverings with the Levolors, and this was the first one so far. I think they look very nice, don’t you?

Bathroom blinds

We went to Lisa’s at 4 p.m., and she and husband Jim made us feel welcome, then stuffed us with delicious food as we had a fun evening together. We don’t get to see enough of Jim and Lisa, because they have very busy schedules, so it is always a treat to get together with them when we are in town.

Back at the motorhome, I parked myself back on the couch and attacked the Scrabble game again, because I’m nothing if not persistent, and lazy. The game beat me three rounds out of four, so I finally gave up and did something productive instead, moving to the far end of the couch and giving Miss Terry her nightly foot rub. I have to do something around here to earn my keep!

Thought For The Day –A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  16 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Nick,
    Those blinds look real nice.

  2. You are a very smart man, Nick. Keep up with those foot rubs! And the new blinds look great.

  3. Nick, I think the idea is you are LEARNING new words from the computer, so it’s a GOOD thing when you lose. Like the Blinds, they make a big difference. It tickles me when people tell me they are retired and work at , Verizon, Apple, Wal-Mart, Happy’s… Retirement = Doing what you want, when you want! As you say Nick, even you work yet. (at your Desk) Have to be at those “GREAT” Rally’s you put on. But hey with technology today, you may be able to do both at the same time. Lay on the couch AND work LOL… Enjoy your toy. ~ken

  4. Let me know what kind of reception you are getting with the 3G Ipad with AT&T. So far, I haven’t seen to many good comments on AT&T’s coverage.

  5. The blinds look great, we also had problems with our inside tires with the readings on our pressure pro. We did have to replace the stems on both sides. Since then we have had no problems with them. We love our pressure pro and it has saved us many times while on the road alerting us to possible problems before disaster struck. It is akso nice to hear that you are actually relaxing and enjoying your IPAD; Is Miss Terry also relaxing for a change? she always seems to be working as you seem to do. Have fun and travel safe

  6. Oh a man who rubs his womens feet… Loving that! Mine would not touch my feet with a 10 foot pole… Darn it! And they are cute little clean feet ann manicurred… ;-D Glad your having such a great time with your new toy. Sounds like fun… Have a great day and travel safe!

  7. Nick, I know what you mean about the on-line Scrabble game. Nancy and her sister have been playing this together for several years now on a daily basis. Nancy’s sister is a professor of linquistics at the University of Alabama, Mobile, so between the two of them I’ve learned that I simply don’t stand a chance. They keep inviting me to join them. . . rrrright. I’ve never learned how to eschew obfuscation. As always, oRV

  8. Uh oh. Those three new aps sound like work ones. Be careful not to turn your iPad into a tool rather than a toy. You are entitled to those play breaks.

  9. Instead of playing with your toys like a little kid, why don’t you finish the two new books you have been promising us at your rallies for three years now? You spend way too much time sightseeing and wasting time on frivolous things, instead of taking care of business. If nothing else, go for a walk and get rid of that big gut you laugh about. It’s time to grow up, Nick.

    “When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things.” I Cor. xiii. 11.

  10. oh-oh… here we go 🙁

  11. NIck and Terry — The blinds intrigue me and we would like to know that if, when you are traveling down the road, the blinds rattle or make other annoying noises. We, too do not like the day/night shades as they block out any air flow and have considered slat-type blinds but were worried that the might be noisy while traveling. Let us know after you hit the road again.

  12. “Foot rub”??? There’s probably an app for that!

  13. Yes, Nick, please let us know if the wooden blinds cause a lot of noise. Have been wanting to change our day/nights. Please ignore Mike D, enjoy yourself, life is too short not to!

  14. The blinds came brackets that attach to the wall or window frame, depending on how you install them, and the bottom of the blinds go into those brackets to keep them from moving or rattling going down the highway..

  15. Nick,
    Like your thought for the day but I always say “That a balanced diet is 4 cookies (or other treat) in one hand and a diet coke in the other “.

  16. Nick, I don’t have/play scrabble, but i do play ‘words with friends’ which is very scrabble like. if you decide to get it, feel free to start a game with ‘lxsn’ sometime! 😉

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