May 252010

As fulltime RVers, we get to see all kinds of wonderful things and all over the country, and we visit places most people can only dream of. But not every day is about playing tourist. Some days we just keep busy with life in general. Yesterday was such a busy day for us, even though we were not traveling or out sightseeing.

Terry’s parents, Pete and Bess Weber, were fulltimers for several years, and now that they have settled into a house in Apache Junction, they keep their motorhome on a leased lot at the Hon Dah RV Park, here in the White Mountains. Yesterday, they drove up to get their Pace Arrow ready for the summer, and we spent most of the day helping them with that chore.

After the water, electric and sewer connections were hooked up, and Pete had purged the water lines of the winter antifreeze, we got their car unloaded. Then Pete and I raked a winter’s worth of dried pine needles and debris from their patio and the rest of the lot. Meanwhile, Terry and her mom were inside putting things away in the cabinets and closets.

A winter storm had knocked over their tripod mounted TV dish, and before Pete hooked up his signal finder meter, we just pointed the dish in the general direction of where the neighbor’s dish was, and went inside to see if by any chance we had gotten lucky. Unbelievably, we were locked onto a good strong signal! Then Bess had to call Dish Network to reactivate their motorhome’s receiver, since it had been on hiatus all winter long. 

I’m sure glad we live in our Winnebago year around and don’t have to move in and back out every few months, because by the time we were finished, we were all tired!

After we caught our breath, the four of us went to Red Devil Pizza in Pinetop for an early dinner and some more visiting. Red Devil has absolutely the best pizza in the region, as well as great sandwiches and pasta. Terry and her mom had lasagna, I had an Italian sub sandwich, and Pete opted for the fish and chips, and it was all delicious.

After we parted ways at the restaurant, Terry and I stopped at my friend Jim Lewis’ book store, so I could have Jim adjust my back again.  It sure is great having a bone cruncher in the family!

Then we were off to my daughter Tiffany’s place in Show Low, where she had a package of mail waiting for us from our forwarding service. We got our mail and our grandkid fix, but didn’t stay long because it was close to their dinner time.

Back at the Elks lodge campground, Miss Terry cut my hair and trimmed my beard, because I was so shaggy that I was getting very close to violating the city’s leash law. I have reached that point in my life where, even though I have lost most of the hair on my head, by the time we get my ears and eyebrows mown, it takes just as long.

We had a quiet evening, catching up on some e-mail and watching TV before we called it a night and headed for bed.

Thought For The Day – Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  2 Responses to “Monday In The Mountains”

  1. Thought For The Day – Save the Earth. It’s the only planet in the neighborhood we can live on!!!! Breathing is great but chocolate is nice too!!!!!
    Just stayed at the Ostego, Michigan Brookside City Park. RV sites in back of park. 4 RV sites (2 concrete pads and 2 grass), 30 amp, water, 72 hour stay. Price – FREE. Very nice!!!!!!! You just have to go the police building in town and register or they will be knocking on your door late at night. This camp area listed in Day’s End. Much better than using campground memberships!!!!!!!

  2. Since my husband sold chocolate for over 20 years, I am a true chocolaholic. Love your thought for the day.

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