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May 222010

I spent yesterday just goofing off. I had to send a fax to an insurance company, so I went to our bank, only to learn that this is a service that they no longer offer to customers. In a small town, with  no office supply stores, it took a couple of misses before I found a printing shop with fax service.

From there I drove another ten miles up the mountain to Pinetop-Lakeside, where I stopped at my friend Lyle Worman’s Pinetop Sporting Goods store. Lyle and I go back at least a lifetime, and we’ve gotten into misadventures from the Mexican border to the Painted Desert in that time. We didn’t get to visit much though, because he had a steady steam of customers coming and going.

Lyle said business had been dead until I showed up. I suggested that maybe he put me on the payroll, but the best I could get out of him was a stale piece of Halloween candy that I swiped off his desk.

When  I left Lyle’s shop, I went to Pinetop Book Exchange, a great little used book store that another longtime friend, Jim Lewis, owns. Jim and I go back as far as Lyle and I do, and when I still lived here we were the Three Musketeers. In fact, at one time or another, both of them lived with me for a year or more.

Jimmy was pretty busy too, but we swapped a few lies, and decided that the older we get, the better we used to be. Among his many talents, Jim is also a massage therapist, and he has a massage table right there in his book store. So when I told him that I was having twinges in my back, he threw me down on the table, kneaded here and pushed there, gave me a twist or two, and when I got back upright I was all better again!

A while after I arrived, Jim’s pretty wife Shar came into the store, and we chatted until almost closing time. They have not seen our motorhome yet, and mentioned that they were looking forward to seeing the Winnebago. But Miss Terry was home working on some projects (hey, we can’t both goof off all day!), and I was sure she wouldn’t appreciate me bringing home unannounced guests, so I suggested they drop by another time. The great thing about longtime close friends is that you can say “not now” and they understand and don’t get offended.

When I got back to the Elks Campground in Show Low, Miss Terry had the washing machine going, the place was clean and freshly vacuumed, and she was just finishing putting up the other set of  Levolor blinds in our bedroom. I felt guilty because she had been working all day while I was out playing, but she assured me that things usually go quicker and easier if I’m not underfoot. Yeah guys, I trained that woman well!

But I’m not a total clod. When Terry got finished, I took her out to dinner instead of making her cook. (Can’t you just hear that old male chauvinist pig country song Put Another Log On The Fire playing in the background?)

Whenever people ask Terry why she puts up with me, she always says it’s because I make her laugh and I let her cry. I got a chuckle out of her at dinner, when our waitress asked if I wanted a refill on my Coke. I asked her for half a glass, and when she brought it back, I said “I’m sorry, miss, I guess I forgot to tell you that I wanted the top half of the glass filled, not the bottom.” The young lady started to apologize, but then she realized what I had said, and we all had a giggle.

After dinner we made a quick stop at Safeway for a few things, and on our way out, Terry noticed that the Customer Service counter had a sign saying that they had fax service available. Go figure.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the State Lines app for the iPhone. As it turns out, State Lines creators Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are also fulltime RVers, and they developed this valuable tool with folks just like us in mind. I downloaded the app to my iPad, and I’m very impressed. They put a lot of effort into developing a first class resource that all travelers will appreciate. Cherie and Chris told me that a full size version of the app to better fit the larger iPad screen is in the final stages, and that an eBook version for those without iPhones or iPads is also in the works.

Another great iPhone/iPad app lists all Escapees RV parks nationwide, with information including location, address, number of RV sites and amenities, contact information, and much more. It’s a free app that you can download at this link

While I was goofing off all day, Bad Nick was hard at work pounding out a new Bad Nick Blog post titled Bitten By The Boycott. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – My wild oats have turned into prunes and All Bran.

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  7 Responses to “Just Goofing Off”

  1. Nick,
    Here’s what I do for faxing: bought “Essential Fax” software (works great), take picture of my document with digital camera, upload it to photo editing software, save it, and fax it.

  2. Nick, I wish the app State Lines was available for the Palm Pre Plus. It sounds like a neat tool, as does the Escapees Parks directory. Another way to “fax” is to scan the document on your printer and send the file as an attachment by email.

  3. Nick,
    Just like Larry said, get the doc on your computer and use this http://faxzero.com/.
    I hardly ever fax anything but when required by someone to have a signature use this which is free program and one free fax a day.

  4. Nick; Remember the Neatworks little scanner of Terry’s takes your signed document, saves to a PDF file then you can email it or fax it via faxzero. We’re loving the NW. Cool, rain, then shine, then drizzle, then shine.

  5. Hey nick; I cannot figure out if you guys are REAL fulltimers. How do you work on that bus? no place to leave comment on your other blog..Love reading your stuff – waiting for the house to sell and then we will 1. buy diesel motorhome ( thinking about wide-body no slide because of your comments.) don’t want old bus because someplaces won’t let you stay long. 2. stock it up. 3. get the heck out of Dodge! Cannot wait I am driveing everyone wacko by talking about this all the time..
    Anyway enlighten me, you must be staying in one spot a lot. I do not think I want a home base.


  6. Nick, we have used several of the free on-line fax services. Sometimes great, sometimes not. Finally last year we moved to http://www.myfax.com and bought the annual service plan. Believe me, it has paid for itself. I love it and plan to keep it…we have our own fax number for incoming and can send all kinds of outgoing faxes.

  7. Rich,
    What is a REAL fulltimer? We have lived in our motorhome for 11 years with no home base anywhere.

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