May 042010

We had snow here in Show Low, Arizona on several days last week, and on Sunday we got two inches of the nasty stuff. I wrote in yesterday’s blog that we plan to go down to Tucson for a week or so, and it immediately warmed up to about 70 degrees yesterday! The weather is supposed to be in the mid-70s here for the next ten days. Go figure.

Yesterday I got a lot of work done on the computer, while Miss Terry hemmed up several new pairs of jeans we both bought a few days ago. I got Terry a new Bernia Bernette sewing machine back in January, and this is the first opportunity she’s had to use it. She is very pleased with its performance, and said the new machine does everything her much heavier ancient Pfaff would do, which gave up the ghost last year.


We also took some time to run into town to see daughter Tiffany and her little ones before we leave town. Terry helped seven year old Hailey with her homework while three year old Destiny spent the time doing whatever it is that three year olds do. I have to tell you, as much as I love my grandkids, there is nothing in the world that would make me want to be a parent of little ones again. I really like this stage of my life. I can go see the girls, spoil them rotten, and then retreat to the the peace and quiet of our motorhome!

As most of you who have been reading my blog and the Gypsy Journal know, I am a strong proponent of both parties in an RV knowing how to drive it. In our case, I do most of the driving, but Miss Terry is fully capable, and comfortable in taking the wheel of our Winnebago if I get tired or just need a break.

Learning to drive a big rig is intimidating to a lot of people, but with skilled instruction, anybody can do it. If you are planning to attend our upcoming Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally in Elkhart, Indiana, I have good news. Dennis Hill from the RV Driving School will be there, offering lessons behind the wheel in your own RV. Here is your opportunity to learn to maneuver that big rig like a pro.

Another great learning opportunity is just a month away. The RVSEF RV Lifestyle, Education and Safety Conference is being held in Bowling Green, Kentucky June 3-6. We won’t be able to make it this year, but Walter Cannon has put together an excellent educational venue for both new and experienced RVers. Many of the folks I taught with at Life on Wheels will be there as instructors, including Gary Bunzer (The RV Doctor), Mac McCoy (Fire and Life Safety), Jim and Chris Guld (Geeks on Tour),  Al Hesselbart (RV Hall of Fame), Dennis Hill (RV Driving School), Rick and Joyce Lang (RVSEF), Howard Payne (, to name just a few. Log onto the RVSEF website, or call 321-453-7673 for more information about the conference.

As I said, we’re leaving Juniper Ridge RV Resort today and going to Tucson. We need to spend some time with my cousin Beverly and I have some other family members there I need to touch base with, plus we are looking forward to visiting a couple of our favorite restaurants down there, and if I can find one, I may break down and buy one of the new Apple 3G iPads.

Bad Nick is looking forward to a change of scenery too, but he took time to post a new Bad Nick Blog titled Another Dumb A$$ Report. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Heck is for people that don’t believe in Gosh.

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  8 Responses to “I’m Leaving, So It Warmed Up”

  1. I strongly suspect that there is a new Apple 3G iPad in Nick’s future.

  2. I learned more in a couple of days at Life on Wheels, predecessor to the RV Lifestyle, Education and Safety Conference, in a couple of days than I have in my two years on the road since. I’ve also taken the RV Driving School lessons in two different motorhomes and still can’t believe how helpful they are. And I’ve been to a couple of Gypsy Gatherings and had more fun than ought to be legal. I highly recommend everyone put these events on their calendars and change their plans, if necessary, to get to them.

    No, Nick didn’t pay me to say this. This is an unsolicited testimonial. 🙂

    Linda Sand

  3. I concur with your statement about the grands. . .I love every minute with mine. . .but am totally exhausted by the time they go home.

    I’m loving the I Pad idea also, so will be waiting to hear all your thoughts.

    Love your blog, and your website. . .thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Anybody can drive an rv. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should! There are a lot of people out there that shouldn’t even be driving a car, much less an rv, even though they can.

  5. I agree both parties in the RV should be able to drive it. Dale has driven our 40′ Tiffin from Tucson AZ, to Mission TX, to Baton Rouge LA, to Goshen IN, to Indianapolis IN, to Charlottesville VA, to Elkhart IN since last November. All this driving of the RV and the driving of the Sport Trac has occurred at my Indy heart doc’s “suggestion” and will continue at least until I see him again. We have always shared the driving in all of our RVs, if she couldn’t or wouldn’t have been willing to get to be behind the wheel, we’d baking in the southern AZ sun. Anyway she says I’

  6. Darn fat fingers…..

    Anyway she says I’m the better navigator. If she will continue to haul me around, see ya down the road.

  7. Hey Nick… I’ve been missing on your roll call because of lousy internet connections… Darn AT&T just isn’t doing well for us in Oregon. Sounds like you’ve been busy as always and on the move again… Sorry your having bad eweather… we are too! CHilly & rainy here in Oregon. Have fun and travel safe!

  8. With our Class Cs, I shared driving. Then we got a Class A 34′ gas rig and took lessons from the RV Driving School which reinforced skills and built confidence. I navigate because DH can’t, but if I had to drive the rig I knew I could. Now we have a 40′ diesel and I’m taking a “refresher” course May 19. I’ll probably still navigate but will take more driving shifts to keep the skills current.

    Nick, time to have a workshop on “Navigating for Directionally-Challenged RVers” and maybe I’ll get more time behind the wheel. 🙂

    (Also a graduate of SKP Boot Camp and LOW)

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