Holiday Weekend

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May 302010

We can tell it’s a holiday weekend, because the traffic is terrible in this little mountain community as people escape the heat of the desert and come up here to cool off. Up until now, besides the campground host, we have usually been sharing the Elks campground with only  one or two other RVs.

But beginning yesterday, we have seen one RV after another pulling into the campground. We have a Class C Grayhawk parked two sites over from us, a beautiful new Newmar diesel pusher is behind us, another motorhome and a big fifth wheel are a few sites down on the other side, and there are a few others scattered around.

Compared to commercial RV parks, we still have lots of room and privacy, but it has been interesting to see so many new arrivals. I don’t know how many are here for extended stays, and how many are just here for the holiday weekend, but since they all seem to be retired, I don’t think they have to be anywhere in a hurry.

I seem to find a way to get into mischief everywhere I go. Case in point, Friday I went up to the Elks lodge to extend our stay. As with every other lodge we have been to, registration is done at the bar, and there was an older lady there registering for a campsite at the same time. I have never met a stranger, so while they were completing our paperwork, I said hello and asked where she was coming in from. She said Tucson, and I mentioned that it must be getting pretty hot down there by now. She must have thought I was trying to pick her up, despite the 15 or 20 year age difference between us, because she said “Look, I’m married, okay?”

Ouch! And here I thought I had my very own cougar! When I got back to our Winnebago and told Terry and my daughter about the incident, they both had a good laugh at my expense.

Hoping to avoid all of the holiday traffic, yesterday we hung around the motorhome all day. I dumped our black tank, and spent most of the day doing genealogical research online. I was surprised to learn about a daredevil in my family tree. On the Genealogy Bank website, I discovered an 1889 newspaper article reporting that my grandfather, Joseph Russell, then a 16 year old boy, had jumped 110 feet into the Ohio River from a railroad bridge in Cincinnati, on a bet. The story said he was uninjured, and I had to laugh as I remembered my mom saying things like “If so and so jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” If I had known this back then, I could have shot back “Why not, Grandpa did!” On second thought, maybe not. My mom was little, but she was feisty. She may have thrown me off a bridge for smarting off to her!

While I was goofing off, Miss Terry was hard at work, hanging this Levolor blind in the window over her workstation. The three windows in the front of the motorhome are much larger than the ones she already did in the bedroom and bathroom, and the first one was a learning experience. Hanging the blinds is not as easy as the folks at Lowes would have you believe.

Living room blinds closed best

But Terry loves a challenge, and she’s so darned stubborn that she never gives up. So even though she had to do some physical contortions to get to everything, and she had to back up and attack the problem from a different angle a time or two, the result came out great, don’t you think?

Living room blinds open best

We are really pleased with the new look they give our Winnebago. Terry has two more windows to go, and she said the lessons she learned on this one will make those a little easier. 

I may not have accomplished much yesterday, but Bad Nick was working just as hard as Terry, pounding out a new Bad Nick Blog titled It Wasn’t About Slavery. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Rehab is for quitters!

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  11 Responses to “Holiday Weekend”

  1. You have a beauiful motorhome, and miss Terry does nice work. Do you ever regret walking away from all the beautiful work she did on your bus?

    I just registered for your Elkhart rally, so I hope to meet you there, if you have a spare minute. We attended your Arizona rally a couple of years ago, and you seemed busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger.

    Will you be attending the Winnebago GNR, or the 50th Escepade? Anyway, I look forward to meeting you, whenever/wherever.

  2. We have wooden blinds in our coach. We replaced the flimsy plastic ones. They are really nice especially as a added layer of insulation. The new blinds sure look good in you coach. Kudos to Terry.

  3. Love the blinds…. I want to get those! Nice work Terry… Looking forward to meeting you at your rally in August.

  4. Yes, the blinds look great, and the view out the window looks pretty good too! I wish ALL the Elks Lodges had campgrounds like that.

  5. The blinds look great and well worth the effort.

    Are they noisy when you’re traveling?

  6. The blinds look great, Terry is so talented, I wish I was. We are at the Thousand Trails Park in Middleton, Tennessee, you would not know it was a holiday weekend, there are plenty of empty spaces. I guess people around here just stay home on the weekends.

  7. Think about it for a minute or so. If your grandfather had not survived that jump, neither your mother or you or your daughter or grandkids would have existed. That means that we would not be reading your blog right now. Amazing how much one simple little act could possibly change the future.

  8. Great job on the blinds. We were also admiring your remodeled buffet table and bookcase. Carlyle (Focal Wood Products) did a beautiful job from what we can see. When Terry finishes “your” area we hope you’ll post those photos, too. BTW, we did contact Carlyle and he is currently building our buffet/desk/table remodel. We will be in Nappanee July 1 to match our trim and finish and will have the final install on July 15. We did use you, the Spiedels and others as references. 🙂
    — Judy and Luke

  9. I think the wooden blinds add a nice home-y touch to our homes on wheels. Great job!


  10. Nick – How current are the spaces available listed on the Rally website?
    Would like to wait 2 or 3 more weeks before we register if that number
    is correct.

  11. Virgie,
    We just got in about a dozen or fifteen more registrations, but I have not gone through them all yet. If you want a full hookup site, I wouldn’t wait too long. If you can handle 30 amp water and electric, you have more time.

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