May 082010

I bet you’re wondering how I can tie those two topics into one blog, aren’t you? The easy way to do it is to say that I have some relatives that are pretty much vegetables, but that would be too easy. It would be true, but too easy, and I never take the easy way out. That’s why I get the big bucks, baby!

Yesterday, after her medical appointment, my cousin Beverly, Miss Terry, and I went to visit Vivian Leve, another cousin who lives here in Tucson. Vivian’s sister Sharon was also there, and we enjoyed catching up on everybody’s lives since we saw them last.

My Uncle Jack lives with Vivian and her husband, and it was great to see him again, because he’s always been one of my favorite relatives. Uncle Jack will be 85 in a few months. and he’s slowed down a lot, but he was having a good day and seemed very much like his old self.

We decided to go out for lunch, and after a bit of discussion of who liked what, we settled on the Red Robin restaurant in the Tucson Mall. The food was good, but the air conditioning was turned way down, and even though it was in the mid-90s outside, I wouldn’t have been surprised if we could see our own breath.

I am very allergic to onions, and whenever we go out to eat, I always emphasize to our server that no onions be included in my food, or even touch it. I’m not sure what happened, because our waitress assured me that she would stress that to the kitchen crew, but about the time we were finishing our meal, I started to get sick. We left the  mall, and by the time we got back to our motorhome at Tra-Tel RV Park, I was really in distress.

I won’t go into all of the unpleasant details, but I ended up spending the next few hours laying down on the couch reviewing all of the reasons I needed to stay alive, because at that point, I really didn’t want to be. This happens a couple of time a year to some degree, but it’s been a long time since I have had such a severe episode.

Finally, a little after 5 p.m. I began to feel almost human again, so we ran out to do some banking and a couple of other chores, and then came back to the RV park, where we spent the evening inside, doing not much of anything.

Yes, even fulltime RVers get sick sometimes, we have bad days sometimes, and occasionally we even get bored. But that never lasts long, because there is always something fun to do, whether it is exploring a new place, revisiting a familiar favorite, or just relaxing under the awning with friends new and old.

We were concerned about the fact that our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage doesn’t have the extra insulation that we built into our MCI bus conversion. But even though it is pretty warm outside, we have been very pleased with how well the basement air conditioner in the motorhome has been performing here in Tucson. 

Thought For The Day – If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your wife told you!

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  6 Responses to “Cousins And Onions”

  1. Its not a stretch for me to connect cousins and onions. I have found that relatives are very much like onions… the closer you get to their hearts the more your eyes tear up.

  2. That onion allergy is a nasty one, it seems! Sorry you have a bad reaction to Suzy’s favorite food! Speaking of Suzy, when I read aloud your thought for the day, she chortled. She actually CHORTLED! That’s not fair!

  3. sorry to hear about your reaction because someone did not do what they said they would. glad to hear you are feeling better. Your quote for the day is right on. Stay well

  4. Sorry you tangled with your nemesis of many layers. Sadly, someone didn’t remember the onions used as a flavor base in the sauce. Or, more likely, consider your illness the passive-aggressive response to the racial tensions currently manifesting in the Arizona legislature. Either way, having suffered food poisoning to the point of hospitalization, you have my sympathy. Hope you are back to 100% real soon now.

  5. Nick,

    FYI – Mid 90s is not hot, Hot’s comin’.

  6. So sorry that you had a reaction to your food. I would consider sending a note to the manager and explain what happened, probably won’t do any good for your situation but might save someone else with the same problem.

    Glad you are feeling better.

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