Weird Weather

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Apr 232010

Yesterday was a weird weather day. When we woke up we had about an inch of snow covering everything, but at least the wind from the day before had stopped. We left for Flagstaff about noon, and bucked a headwind most of the way, but nothing the van couldn’t handle.

About fifteen miles east of Flagstaff it began to snow hard, and within minutes it was sticking to the windshield and starting to cover the roadway. Near Winona, Miss Terry spotted several elk on a hillside, but the best I could do was a quick glance because driving was becoming a challenge.

Once we got to the Arizona Daily Sun newspaper, who does our printing when we’re in Arizona, it was nearly a whiteout, and the temperature had dropped fifteen degrees. It was so nasty that we pulled the van inside their pressroom to load up the new issue.

We had to make a couple of quick stops before we left town, and when we got back on Interstate 40 eastbound we were both wondering if we could make it safely back to Show Low.  The road was covered in snow, and more was coming down! We knew that we had at least fifteen miles of this, if not more, depending how far east the storm had moved.

Then, miraculously, in less than a mile after getting on the interstate, the snow suddenly stopped and we were driving in sunshine so bright that we could see the shadows of the cars around us! We had dry roads and no wind all the way home. Like I said, weird weather.

In a blog a few days ago, I wrote about Two Guns, once a famous Route 66 icon. Just a few miles west of Two Guns is another reminder of the good old days, the Twin Arrows Trading Post. Long abandoned, the historic trading post has been fading away and is looking pretty forlorn, and the two huge arrows that were a Route 66 landmark had about disintegrated.

Twin Arrows Trading Post

I’m happy to report that the arrows have been refurbished and are looking good today, and the news is that the old trading post will be restored, as part of a project that will include an Navajo Indian casino on the other side of Interstate 40. It’s good to see a part of history coming back to life.

Twin Arrows

I’m afraid I have some bad news to report. Any RVer who has been to a Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) rally surely knows Henry Gartner, aka Flakey the Magic Clown. For years Flakey has been a fixture at RV rallies, where he rides around on his motorized cart and performs magic tricks for the crowds. We received word yesterday that Henry’s beloved wife Kathy passed away Wednesday in Ohio. We always enjoyed visiting with Kathy and Henry, and we extend our condolences to Henry at this terrible time. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Miss Terry will be busy the next few days stuffing envelopes, so we can get the new issue back to the mail service in Flagstaff on Monday. Since the weather report is for more cold weather the next few days, it’s just as well. We’re happy to stay snug and warm inside our cozy home on wheels until good weather returns. Assuming it ever does!

Meanwhile, Bad Nick posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Obama Bashing Gone Too Far. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Happiness is good health and a bad memory.

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  1. If history is any predictor, volcanic activity like Iceland is having will definitely disturb WorldWide Weather and the longer it erupts the more unpredictable that WWW is going to become.

    Maybe Gaia is awake and countering Al Gore’s global warming problem.

  2. Don’t know anything about Gaia, but I do know something about old historic spots, and we are so happy to hear the trading post will be re-opened for all us old-timers to rejoice in!

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