Apr 282010

After the whirlwind activity of getting the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished, printed, and mailed, it was nice to have a day when we didn’t have to do anything. Yesterday we slept in, and when we got up, Miss Terry made a delicious brunch of crepes. Yummy!

We spent some time checking e-mail and visiting some of our favorite websites, and handling a few little chores around the motorhome. Miss Terry did a couple of loads of laundry, and I dumped our black tank. Then we prepared a few orders we needed to mail out.

Eventually we got ourselves in gear and drove 26 miles into Pinetop-Lakeside, where we stopped at the post office to mail out the orders. Then we stopped at a yarn shop, where Miss Terry looked for some yarn she needs for a crochet project, but they didn’t have anything she wanted.

From there, we drove to my friend Jim Lewis’ Pinetop Book Exchange. Jim and I go back about 25 years, and he is one of the treasures in my life. Soon after we arrived, Jim’s lovely wife Shar showed up, and we swapped lies and told stories for a couple of hours, until it was time for Jim to close up shop for the day.

Then we all walked a few doors down to El Rancho, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, and one we never miss when we’re back in our old hometown area. The food was delicious, and the easy conversation among old friends was comfortable and fun.

When we left Jim and Shar, we stopped at the Lowes in Show Low, to pick up the new wooden Levolor window blinds we had ordered to replace the day/night shades in our Winnebago.

With them loaded into the van, our next stop was at my daughter Tiffany’s house. Seven year old Hailey wanted to show us her brand new cast, and Grandpa and Grandma Terry got to sign it. Thanks to everybody who wrote and expressed concern over Hailey’s injury. At first there was some concern that she might need surgery to repair the damage, but her doctor said he expects a full recovery, with no complications.

It was getting close to the kids’ bedtime, so we didn’t stay too long. Our final stop for the day was at Wal-Mart, where Miss Terry looked again for the yarn for her project. They didn’t have what she needed, so we headed back to the motorhome at Juniper Ridge RV Resort.

Starting tomorrow, we have more bad weather headed our way, with wind tomorrow, then low temperatures and thunderstorms for the next few days after that.  We’ll probably stay close to home and piddle around, except for an occasional trip into town to see Tiffany and her family. I have quite a bit of computer work to catch up on, and Terry needs some time to wade through a backlog of paperwork, so we have plenty to keep us busy.

Bad Nick has already been busy, posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled An Uproar In Arizona. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day –  A clear conscience is a soft pillow.

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  3 Responses to “Old Friends And Good Food”

  1. Hey Miss Terry,

    Go to the website of the brand of yarn you are looking for and you will find many more colors of yarn than you will ever find in a yarn shop, also it will be cheaper and usually you can get the yarn in just a few days.

    Best way to go yarn shopping that I know of

    Good luck with the project


  2. Nick I do hope you can post some pictures of the new shades before and after. I,am get sick of the day night shades.


  3. We fulltime, used our day/nite shades every day for 6 years now, ( we have 8 of them) and have never had one break……Knock on wood. We like them!

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