Apr 292010

It’s windy again here in Northern Arizona, go figure. Yesterday,  for the fourth time in four weeks, Interstate 40 east of Flagstaff was closed due to high wind and blowing dust. Will it ever stop?

The wind blew hard all day yesterday, with gusts over 60 miles per hour. It never let up all night long,and today we have more of the same. The weather report says we can expect sustained winds at 25 to 40 miles per hour, and gusts over 60 miles per hour. I think I know what the Oakies in the Dust Bowl must have felt like.

The storm system is also bringing more cold weather, with highs in the upper 40s and low 50s the next couple of days, and Friday night it is supposed to get down to 29 degrees! This sucks. I love visiting with my daughter and her family, but I’m already looking forward to getting someplace warmer. Hopefully someplace where I can open the motorhome door without the wind trying to rip it off its hinges.

I spent yesterday loading a new version of QuickBooks Pro into my computer, and then setting it up for our bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Pro 2010

Then I loaded Family Tree Maker 2010. I have been using Ancestry.com for my genealogy research, and since this is an Ancestry product, I was looking forward to adding its capabilities to my family tree search. To be honest, so far it hasn’t really impressed me. I don’t see what I can do with it that I couldn’t already do just with my Ancestry.com subscription. Time will tell.

Family Tree Maker 2010

The new 3G Apple iPads are scheduled to hit the stores on Friday, and I really, really wish there was a Best Buy or Apple store nearby. The closest Best Buy is in Flagstaff, and the closet Apple store is in Gilbert, Arizona. Hmmm…. road trip time? I know I could order one online and have it delivered, but I’d prefer to purchase it from a store and have the techno-geeks there set it up for me so it’s done right.


While I was doing my thing yesterday, Miss Terry caught up on a bunch of paperwork, and logged in some new registrations for our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally. In the evening she made a wonderful supper of fried chicken and wild rice. It sure is nice being married to a woman who is beautiful, smart, and a great cook too! How’d I get so lucky?

Bad Nick doesn’t like the wind either, so he stayed inside and posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled It’s Working Already! Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

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  10 Responses to “It’s Windy, Go Figure”

  1. Family Tree maker it’s a supermarket shelf program. Peters suggests Root Magic 4.0. And be sure to cite your sources for all your info. There is nothing worse than a name, date or place in your genealogy and you can’t remember where you got the info. Also, how believeable is the info? Did you get it from Aunt Tille or did you get it from a birth certificate? Remember using info from other people is great but WHERE did they get the info? There is lots of misinformation out there on the internet. Just because some one has you back to Charlemagne, are they correct or have they used other genealogies which are suspect? Some people are just name collectors and they don’t support the data in their genealogies with sources.
    Presently at the NGS (genealogy) conference in SLC. Having genealogy fun.

  2. Nick,
    Before you invest in the Ipad, you might do a little research on a competing version that I saw on the news, It’s made in Germany and has a lot of features the Ipad doesn’t such as USB ports and such. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it but you should be able to “Google” it.

  3. I have used FamilyTree Maker for a number of years and have had a lot of upgrades. But this FamilyTree Maker program 2010 is the worst one I have used. They made some changes and for me they were for the best. Not friendly. I loved the 2006 Version. But to each his own. I didn’t like to trust Ancestry because everyone puts their own version of their tree on it and sometimes you just have to take the one you like best, if you don’t know for sure a date or entry. Someone had entered my family tree and they had it all messed up. And again, you give the information to them free and then they sell it. And again, waiting for that recipe for that delicious fried chicken and wild rice.

  4. We just arrived at a Nevada State Park close to Carson City (after a winter season on the California coast) for our summer workamping job. The first night the winds blew 70 mph, yesterday it snowed 2 inches. Last night it was 27 and will be the same tonight. What were we thinking?

  5. Hi Nice I am in Pahrump and this whole area has been windy for about 4 days guess you are getting that. It is cold here now and still windy and I am supposed to head up to Cedar City Utah. mmmm I might have to reconsider it is snowing up there today. I think the only place it is nice is where I live in Ontario and has been for a couple of months. It figures. When I go home I am sure it will get really cold.

  6. Nick, you needn’t worry about buying an Apple product online. It will work right out of the box, no setup needed. I just got my first Mac after a series of PC’s and there is virtually no learning curve. Everything does what it should with the first thing you try, because it is logical. What a change.

  7. Hi Nick, we made it to Shawnee OK this morning. Poor Mike had to fight strong winds the entire way. Right now we are at the OK State Rally and we are really rocking and rolling. The winds have been with us the last 5 days and we really wish they would go somewhere else. We are have sustained winds of 15 mph with 25+ gusts. The temps are a little warmer than you have but with a wind chill it feels a lot colder. Good luck with your new I-pad.

  8. Just to let you know it SNOWED here in SLC today al morning. around noon, big flakes. Yesterday we had nasty winds, dust in the air and sleet. And this is the end of April. If you every get a chance to go to one of the large genealogy conferences (NGS, or FGS) you should go. Great fun and good seminars for learning. Day 2 down and 2 more to go.

  9. We’re settled into Green River, UT waiting out the weather. We’ll be heading east on I-70 to Denver and then a little further south. Really don’t want to get caught in the mountain passes with snow…looks like early next week it will clear up. Phew!

  10. Nick,
    I have been using Roots Magic for several years now and the latest edition Ver. 4 is as good as it gets. They provide excellent support and you can save a lot of information and print scads of reports. You also get access to the LDS Family Search files which is a good complement to the Ancestry.com data base. Just go to “www.rootsmagic.com” and browse their web site to see all the features. Now as for the wind, are you sure your not parked at the Western end of the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland, OR

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