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Apr 092010

Our old hometown of Show Low, here in Arizona’s White Mountains, was first settled by Mormon pioneers, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) still has a strong influence on the community. However, not everybody here is a member of the church, and I guess the owner of this Jeep wanted to be sure folks knew it.


In our RV travels around the country, we have seen hundreds of funny business signs, and even more bumper stickers, vanity license plates, and signs on vehicles that have had us laughing out loud. If you do much traveling, I’m sure you have too. Here are some we just couldn’t resist taking a picture of, and a few that our readers have sent us from all across the nation.

I think we camped next to these folks at least once.

ass family

When we spent a few weeks down on the Texas Gulf Coast a couple of years ago, we spotted this mural on the side of a home built RV.  I wanted to peek!

Butt nekid

Some of the funniest vehicle signs we have seen have been on septic tank pumper trucks.  One of our readers sent the top one from California. I’m not sure which administration was in power at the time, but does it really matter?

Pumper truck

We took this one in Indiana last summer, while staying at Elkhart Campground.

Smells Like Money Elkhart

I think I may have been married to this lady at one time.

His Hers truck payments

And to this one too!

PMS 247

My buddy, Jim Gass, sent me this picture, and when I showed it to Miss Terry, she made me sell my motorcycle.

motorcycle trailer jim gass

Now this is a girl with a Bad Nick sense of humor!

My Ass

We slept in yesterday, and then ran into town to do some banking, drop off some orders at the post office, and then popped in to see my daughter Tiffany for a while. Son-in-law Jim is working two jobs to make ends meet in this troubled economy, and we have not had much time to visit with him since we’ve been in town. We did get to chat for a few minutes when he came home from one job, but it was obvious that he was worn out, and we urged him to get a couple of hours sleep before he headed to his night job.  I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Jim, and I’m glad my daughter is married to such a hard worker who gives so much of himself for his family, but I worry about the young man.

After we left Tiffany’s place, we stopped for an early dinner, and then came back to Juniper Ridge RV Resort. It was warmer than it has been all week, and the wind wasn’t blowing much, so Miss Terry took the opportunity to cut my hair and trim my beard. I’m glad she did, because I was sure getting shaggy!

Then it was a quiet evening, doing some work on the computer, watching TV, and just relaxing with my best friend. Life is good!

Well, at least I had a quiet evening. Bad Nick was busy posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled So What Should We Do? Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Those who don’t beat their plowshares into swords will be ruled by those who do.

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  1. Very funny signs Nick! and yes we have seen the ASS family from time to time…
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. Nick,
    That worry you have for your son-in-law is the same worry the older adults had for us when we were his age. I think it’s genetic. Nice to hear about a young man that take is responsibilities seriously. Too many just give into the “easy way out” by attempting to live off of others hard work.

    Loved the signs!


  3. MMMM Giggles with coffee. Not a better way to start the day :0)

  4. Been seeing those signs more and more, but you can never get enuff of them

  5. Stu,
    Your comment about living off of the work of others was also something from the adults of my childhood. Things go around but they don’t really change even though the view from the carousel is always changing. If one has a short memory or does not pay attention, one never knows what’s coming. But, anyone that does pay attention demonstrates it by having more faith in the future.

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