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Apr 112010

After telling you in yesterday’s blog that I had uploaded the registration page for our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally, we had a great response. By yesterday evening we had 25 reservations come in, the greatest majority of them for 50 amp full hookup sites.

I guess a lot of folks are quite happy to pay more for a rally at a campground.  Keeping in mind that we only had 80 of the 50 amp full hookup sites to begin with, available on a first come basis, I wouldn’t want to wait too long to register if I absolutely had to have one. Once they are gone, they’re gone.

To hopefully meet the needs of rally attendees who prefer limited services at a lower price, yesterday I called Bob Patel at Elkhart Campground, and was able to negotiate some basic RV sites with 20 amp electric and water at a discounted rate. For more information, check out on the Rally Registration Page.

At past rallies, we have had Early Bird arrivals, and also a lot of people that just show up at the last minute without pre-registering. That has not been a real problem at fairgrounds, where we have lots of space.  Due to the Escapees RV Club Escapade rally two weeks after our event, a lot of people will be arriving in Elkhart early. I cannot guarantee that we can accommodate last minute arrivals who have not preregistered, because once the campground is full, we won’t have a place to put you.

If you want to arrive early or stay at the campground after the rally, you can call Elkhart Campground at (574) 264-2914  and register for those days. Reservations for the rally dates have to be made through us to get the rally rate.

I spent much of yesterday trying to wade through a big backlog of paperwork that I had allowed to stack up. It’s the least favorite part of my job, so I tend to put it off until I can’t see the top of my desk any longer, and then I force myself to deal with it.

Sometime in mid-afternoon, just about the time when I really needed a break, my daughter Tiffany, her husband Jim, and our two granddaughters came by for a visit. They had not seen our Winnebago motorhome yet, and they all loved it. In fact, Tiffany suggested that with all this extra room, it would be perfect for taking the little ones on a trip. Grandpa quickly nixed that idea. Our motorhome seats six, but only sleeps two!

I know a lot of RVers who love taking their grandkids on trips with them, but I’m just not sure I could handle that at this stage in my life. Those two little ones have more energy than a boxful of kittens! I prefer to visit them at their house, feed them junk food, wrestle with them and get them bouncing off the walls, and then retreat back to my home on wheels and leave their parents to deal with them. Hey Tiffany, it’s payback for those sleepless nights you gave me, sweetie!

Actually, my daughter was never a problem child, and she has grown up to be a fine young woman whom I am very proud of. (I have to say that, or she’ll drop off her kids and keep right on going!)

While I was working, and then snuggling up with those little girls, Bad Nick was busy writing a new Bad Nick Blog titled One Extreme To The Other. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.

Click Here To Register For Our Eastern Gypsy Gathering Rally! 

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  8 Responses to “A Great Response”

  1. Nick, you’ll want to post that notice about no drop ins several times between now and the Gathering! We just managed reservations for an Escapees Chapter 21 rally at a private campground. We first reserved 30 sites, and when the response was overwhelming, we managed to snag 10 more, but when those were gone, we had to turn away people from our own Chapter. There was area for dry camping, and one or two opted for that, but it was a shame we couldn’t accept everyone.

  2. Glad to hear that you had such a big responce to your rally… As far as grandkids I have 4 year old twind grandsons and all I can say is NO way!!! Have a wonderful day and travel safe

  3. She said a trip, not a summer. How long can it be .. two days, a weekend maybe? If you can’t spare a few days in your life, you’re missing a lot and so are they.

  4. We are glad that you had such a great response to the rally, our reservations are in the mail. I agree with you at my age trying to keep up with a 7 year old would be just to much. My sister in law put it in a nice way when her son asked her why she got the kids so hyped up when she kept them, Her response was it is revenge time. Love them to death and give them back to mom.

  5. Sorry Nick, but we may have to think about this Rally a couple days. We have
    never paid over $30.00 a night for camping and have also never stayed at
    Wal-Marts or such places but $55.00 is a bit much for our budget. We do not drive
    one of those big motor homes and can survive for 5 or 6 nights at campgrounds.
    We may find another place to camp in the area and then just register for
    the rally. We belong to a trailer club in our state and stay at campgrounds
    about 85% of the time and everyone is happy with them – usually. But I know
    you can’t please everyone so possible we will still see you in Elkhart.

  6. Nick, how many campsites did they allocate you? I LOVE full hook-ups and from your response so do alot of other folks. After all your sites are filled maybe you could post names/locations of other area c.g.’s for people to stay.
    Keep up the good work! we appreciate you and Miss T.

  7. Sorry, I need to make one correction to my above comment. We stay at
    FAIRGROUNDS most of the time and the rate is around $15.00. We have
    also stayed in a couple church affiliated campgrounds for the same rate.
    We always have electric and water hook-ups with dump station available.
    None of us are full-timers but several do go south for the winter and
    live in their rigs from 3 to 6 months and then we all like full hook-ups.

  8. Just registered for the rally a few hours ago via PayPal. Had to hurry up and get that registration in before all of the full hookups were gone. We’ve stayed at Elkhart CG before and enjoyed it.
    We were able to attend our first Gypsy Rally in Celina, OH last fall and truly enjoyed ourselves.
    We just picked up our new MH last Tuesday and can’t wait to start giving it a real workout. We’ll also be staying in the area for the Escapade after your Rally.
    Safe travels.

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