Apr 252010

Miss Terry is like the Energizer Bunny. Give her a big job and she just keeps going and going until it’s finished. Hardly taking a break for even a few minutes, she waded through the mail duties and put the job behind her like it was nothing. I have no idea how she does it. Forget the Energizer Bunny, I married Wonder Woman!

Terry wanted me to thank everybody for their feedback on her proposed RV cooking blog. Your responses were very helpful, and really gave her confidence in the project a boost. If she does go forward with it, and that hasn’t been decided yet, it will probably be a twice a week kind of thing, definitely not a daily posting. I’ll let you know what she decides.

By late yesterday afternoon, with most of the envelopes stuffed, and our van loaded with many, many bins of envelopes to take to the mail service on Monday, we needed a break. My daughter Tiffany had called to tell us that our mail forwarding service had sent a packet of mail to her address for us, so we drove into town to pick it up.

Son-in-law Jim was under Tiffany’s Toyota Forerunner, fixing something that he assured me that he didn’t need my help with (Jim knows just how handy I am), so we spent a pleasant couple of hours playing with granddaughters Hailey, age seven, and Destiny, age three. I won’t swear to it, but sometimes I think Jim just crawls under a car and pretends to be working so he can take a nap away from all the activity inside the house. Those little ones never stop!

Once Jim was done with his project, he cleaned up, and we took everybody out to dinner. We had a nice meal, and the little ones were well behaved at the restaurant. All through dinner, I kept telling Tiffany that they need to move somewhere warmer, like the Texas Gulf Coast, where I can come and stay longer. Preferably in a full hookup  RV site they build for me next to their new home. So far she’s not buying it, but Dad can be pretty persistent.

It was a good evening, and everybody had a good time.

After we parted company with the kids, Terry and I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some things, and then it was back to the motorhome so Terry could knock out the last of the mailings.

We had only been home an hour or so when Tiffany called from the hospital to tell us that once they got back home, the girls were wrestling and goofing off, and Hailey fell and broke both bones in her left arm, midway between the elbow and wrist. Tiffany kept us informed as things progressed. This is the same arm she broke a couple of years ago.  Hailey is always climbing trees or bringing us handfuls of bugs to admire that she caught.  She’s definitely not a girly girl, and she usually has the scrapes and bumps to prove it.

Thought For The Day –  Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool .

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Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “A Good Evening Turned Bad”

  1. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

    I am sorry to her that Hailey broke her arm. I bet that Grandpa Nick will be the first to write on her cast, maybe even draw a picture of his motorhome. Hailey will be “back up and running” in no time. Kids are very resilient. Be sure to fuss over her, Nick.

  2. Oh no!– I hope she is not in pain and heals quickly!

  3. Hey Nick, Hope the grand daughter heals quickly.

    By the way, you may want to look into the link attached to “joe” above.

    Pat and Jim

  4. We are sorry to hear about Hailey broken arm, but a big hug from Grandpa and Grandma will do wonders. She also deserves a big ice cream cone . Ice cream helps it stop hurting so much. We hope she heal quickly.

  5. Oh no…..broken arms are a big pain. Sending up prayers for a safe and fast healing.
    Please keep us updated Nick…..

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