Apr 242010

We had a busy day at home yesterday. Miss Terry was busy stuffing envelopes all day, and she put a huge dent in the job. I am always amazed at how fast she can whip through this Herculean task.

Because each envelope that goes out under Standard Rate mail is bar coded, getting even one out of sequence creates major difficulties (and delays) at the post office. Terry has her own method of getting the job done, and she will not allow me or anybody else to help her. We’ve had many people offer to pitch in and help get the job done faster in the past, and each time, all it has done is slow down the process. So I just stay out of the way and let her do her thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

While Terry was hard at work, I was busy trying to teach myself how to use a computer page layout program called InDesign. For years I have been using an ancient version of another layout program called PageMaker to put the Gypsy Journal together, and it is so antiquated that it will not work with many other computer programs, or on computers running anything newer than Windows XP.

I bought InDesign a couple of years ago, and to be honest, it just intimidated the heck out of me. I don’t do well learning computer programs from a book, I need to do it hands on. Since PageMaker has become more and more problematic, my goal was to get familiar enough with the new InDesign program to use it. After a lot of online research, a couple of online videos, and a lot of experimentation, I think I am finally getting a pretty good handle on it now.   

It was a cold, windy, nasty day, and we even had snow flurries a couple of times! At one point, when I carried a couple of plastic mail bins filled with envelopes out to the van, the wind almost blew the heavy van door shut on me.  Wasn’t spring supposed to start on March 20? What ever happened to April showers bringing May flowers?

I hope my daughter knows how much I am sacrificing to be here visiting her. I have RVing friends who are in 75 and 80 degree weather right now, and I’d sure like to be there! Of course, every time one of my little granddaughters snuggles up with me and gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “I love you, Grandpa Nick,” it’s worth every frigid minute I spend here!

Okay, I have a new brainstorm. For years now I have been trying to get Miss Terry to compile some of her great recipes from her Miss Terry’s Kitchen column in the Gypsy Journal into a cookbook, to no avail. She is just convinced that nobody would buy it, even though many of you have told her you will. So how about if I could convince her to do a new Miss Terry’s Kitchen blog a couple of times a week? Who would be interested in it? Let her know by posting a comment here, or sending her an e-mail at travelinterry@gypsyjournal.net. I’m not saying it will happen, but who knows, anything’s possible.

Thought For The Day – If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?

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Nick Russell

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  19 Responses to “A Busy Day At Home”

  1. Oh, I definitely would be a daily reader of Terry’s cooking blog!!!!!!! I really interested in her pizza recipe! And I would also buy Terry’s cookbook if she ever decided to write one.

  2. Do it Miss Terry!
    Barry & Joyce
    Travis AFB, CA
    Gonna be 75 here today Nick! LOL!

  3. Yeah — we’d go for that blog. We use quite a few of Miss Terry’s recipes, at least once or twice, sometimes more often. And the cookbook? Sure!

    Here in Benson, we’ll be in the low 80’s for the next several days. Maybe then we’ll move to the high 80’s, the low 90’s and eventually the low hundreds. Probably never go above 110. Adn\\nd we’ll be here for it this summer again. Stop by if you’re in the area!

  4. I think tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough. I can’t wait to see it….maybe Nick’s page will have to be second.

  5. I’d definitely check out Miss Terry’s Kitchen blog. Any chance of getting the cinnamon roll recipe as the first entry? 🙂

  6. I would defiantly buy her cookbook, I am in my usual rut with cooking, just ask Mike. Nick we have not had good weather since we left Hondo. It has been overcast and dreary, The wind has blown constantly. We have had rain a couple of times and last night despite some sun we had our first severe alert posted for most of the night. We did get the rain but missed the nasty part. We have the humidity that goes with this part of the country. We have had temps in the 60’s & 70’s with the humidity to match. We leave here Thursday and hope to find at least sunny weather. The humidity is something we will just have to put up with as long as we are in this part of the country.

  7. I’m a lurker and the thought of a Miss Terry’s Kitchen blog brought me out of the shadows. Please do it Miss Terry.

  8. I would definitely read Miss Terry’s kitchen blog. I like to read and try new recipes especially ones that are easy to make in the motor home.

    Glad you are enjoying your time with the grandchildren. I am sure missing mine as we travel/work with the carnival.

  9. Another vote for a recipe blog from Miss Terry! You go, girl!

  10. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I would read it everyday!!

  11. What?
    Why do you want that lovely woman to do more work? Doesn’t she do enough now?
    You should be ashamed of yourself!
    A post once in a while, only when SHE wants to do it, should suffice.

  12. She could hi-jack your blog at least once a week and give you a day off:)
    Seriously, we’d love it!!

  13. Have been waiting on the cookbook for a lonnnng time! would love to see any recipes she would share. But I have to agree, a blog everyday….a lot of work as you know Nick. We will take anything we can get..can’t wait!

  14. How about setting her up as an author on this blog? She can have her own category on her own page. She wouldn’t even have to learn WordPress if you set her up with LIveWriter. Then, she can write when she wants … once she’s written a substantial number of posts, you could separate it out into her own blog if you want.

  15. I get most of my dinner inspirations from online cooking web sites. Don’t make it a daily commitment (that is too much work) but do organize the recipes with descriptive titles and primary ingredients as keywords for searching. “The RV Cookbook” name is already taken (did a Google search) but from reading the description, it sounds like it could use some of Miss Terry’s updating with fresh ingredients, regional travel favorites, convection-oven friendly, and, of course, Nick’s ratings. You go, girl!!!!
    – Judy

  16. A blog with Miss Terry’s recipes would be wonderful – you have my vote! How about linking it to yours when she has a recipe to share, similar to how you link Bad Nick’s posts?


  17. I’m just a little ol’ country boy from Iowa so I can tell you that anything as regular as this blog is as bad as milking cows. I don’t know how Nick does it. I surely wouldn’t ask Terri to do it no matter how regular. A cookbook is the best answer. Git’er done and be done with it! I would be a hobo on the railroad before I would milk cows for a living.


  18. What would Taco Bell, McDonalds, and the Chinese buffet do if I were to start cooking for myself again. Terry, let him keep the grind.

  19. I was a long time PageMaker user, but the transition to InDesign (at the time version 2), was painless. I was dreading the process, but it us the same paradigm as PageMaker (desktop paste board), but has many cool new features. I would start off right with the new CS5 instead of CS4 (which is due out in the next month). Training is always an issue, however, Linda.com offers tons of video that will work you through any of the transition issues. However the Adobe classroom in a book series works you through getting started process with lots of sample files and step by step lessons. Although I am not an expert, I will be glad to offer any assistance during the transition.


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