Mar 172010

Yesterday morning we left the Yuma County Fairgrounds, our home for the last several weeks, and drove 85 miles north on U.S. Highway 95 to Quartzsite, with Greg and Jan White following us in their American Eagle. They had never been to this part of Arizona, so I played tour guide on the handheld radio, pointing out the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Yuma Proving Grounds, and Castle Dome as we motored north.

In Quartzsite we left the main highway long enough to make a half loop around town to give them a feel for the place, though there were only a handful of RVs scattered about here and there, as opposed to the thousands that cover the desert in January and February.

From Quartzsite, we continued north on State Route 95 through Parker, then along the Colorado River through what is known as the Parker Strip, a land of dramatic mountains, cool water, and scenic beauty. I always love this drive, it’s a good two lane road, with plenty of pullouts if you need them. However, unlike past trips in our old MCI bus conversion, we didn’t need them. The Cummins diesel engine powered us right up the hills without blinking an eye!

Arriving  in Lake Havasu City, we parked both rigs at the Elks lodge, and I went inside to obtain permission to leave them there for a couple of hours, while Greg unhooked his Dodge pickup. Seeing the London Bridge was on Jan’s bucket list, so we drove across it, and then back again, then we parked and got out to see the historic bridge and checked out the shops in the small English themed village in the bridge’s shadow.

London Bridge shops

It must be Spring Break, because later on Greg told me that there were some pretty young ladies in skimpy bikinis and other revealing clothing. I didn’t notice them at all, because I was busy taking pictures of Miss Terry, and I only have eyes for her.

Terry London Bridge 

We grabbed a quick snack at Dairy Queen, then got back on the road and drove another 23 miles north, to hook up with Interstate 40. We took the interstate a few miles west to Exit 1, then got onto a narrow two lane road that had more nasty twists and turns than a politician’s biography. I’m sure Greg and Jan, following along faithfully behind, wondered just what kind of an adventure this crazy man was taking them on, and Miss terry uttered a reservation or two herself. But, eventually the road smoothed out, we rejoined State Route 95 through the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation, and came in to Bullhead City, where we crossed the Colorado River into Laughlin, Nevada.

Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin has an RV parking area where you can dry camp for $5/night, or $25/week, but every other casino seemed to have signs advertising free dry camping, so what’s up with that? We saw lots of RVs dry camping in designated parking lots at casinos all through town.

We stopped for the night at the River Palms Casino, which has a free dry camping area high on a hill, with great views of the casino lights below. Security told us we could get a free permit to stay up to 14 days. Then we would need to renew the permit, but we could do so for as long as we wanted to.   

River Palms Laughlin 2

We registered, parked our motorhomes, then headed back to the casino for dinner. If you join their free Players Club, you get a free T-shirt, and on Monday and Tuesday nights, two prime rib buffets were $9.95 with the Players Club card.

The line to register for the Players Club was long, and the line for the buffet was even longer. I must have been tired and cranky. Or else the bunch of French Canadians in line in front of us just ticked me off when they let some of their friends cut in ahead of us. People in line started to grumble, and Bad Nick emerged and told them that was bulls&%# and to go to the back of the line. Two did, but one lady stood firmly and said “These are my friends!” I told her that Greg was my friend, but if he tried that crap, I’d throw him out of line too!

One of the guys in their group turned around and told me in very good English it was okay, she was with him. I assured him that it wasn’t okay, and that the next time I came to his country, I’d be sure to be a rude jerk too, He gave me that smirk some folk use when they think they are being funny,  and played the old “I don’t understand English” thing with me. I told him that I knew that he understood me very well, and that he understood exactly what I thought of him and his crowd. I’m sure I embarrassed Miss Terry, Greg, and Jan, but once in a while somebody has to stand up on their hind legs and tell the jerks of the world where to get off. Besides the only place more dangerous to be than between a mama bear and her cubs is between a fat man and his food!

Today we plan to leave early and continue on to Las Vegas. Our leveling jacks are acting up again, and would not work when we arrived in Laughlin. Hopefully we can get that issue resolved in Las Vegas, and then just play tourist and relax for a while. 

Thought For The Day – Only dead fish go with the current.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  16 Responses to “The Q, A Bridge, And Bad Nick”

  1. YAAAAAA Nick finally someone to tell the French where to get off. Most people would just take it. One of the many reasons I never go to Quebec the “No Speak English” crap. Come to Canada and enjoy all the other Provinces where they will be very friendly. Enjoy Vegas I am heading up there the first of April.

  2. I heard once that the French do not understand the concept of waiting in line. They mass the gate, or window, and push their way in. That’s just how it’s done in France, I guess. Each to their own.

    A friend who lived in France for years said the funniest thing he ever saw was a group of Frenchmen trying to navigate a revolving door. All at once!

    And the friendliest people I ever met were in Quebec. And some of the best food! If you don’t count poutine!

  3. Good morning Nick! Hey Susan W, what the heck is poutine???

  4. “A fat man and his food!”

    All I can say is “how do you get coffee off the keyboard that you just spewed all over it?”

    Now that story was funny!

    Ken and Nanette

  5. Nick,

    The best place to get service for your Jacks is to call HWH in Moscow,IA. They have a roveing service man in this end of the country. If you can live with the problem for a while, the best thing is to take the rig to Moscow and they’ll make quick work of the problem.


  6. Ya Gota Love Bad Nick

  7. Poutine is french fries with gravey and then cheese curds melted on top. It is yummy and very high in fat. Of course everything that tastes great is.

  8. We too have experienced very rude French Quebecers. Once on a catamaran trip from Skagway to Juneau, once while visiting a memorial to an airplane crash near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, all the time while they are staying in RV parks in the South Texas Valley and hogging free campsites along the Natchez Traceway. They were loud, boorish and uncaring of anyone else around them. However, when we visited the Quebec City area, we found them to be unfailingly polite, courteous and helpful. We had been warned by western Canadians to expect bad treatment in Quebec, but found that was not true while we were there. It is difficult to brand a whole group for the bad actions of others. We have experienced this line jumping phenomenon with many, many US citizens–mainly people like us. The elderly and near elderly.

  9. Unfortunately rudeness is becoming the norm, whether it be in buffet lines, driving lanes, or going through doors and letting them slam in the face of the fellow behind! When folks show common courtesy, it shows respect and makes the world a much better place to be. I applaud you for speaking up and saying what others are only able to grumble about. Of course, you do realize that when rudeness is practiced, the jerks who do such things haven’t got a care or a clue how offensive their behavior is! (Just makes us feel better to have our say…)

  10. Welcome back to vegas>>> As you well know there is alot more that that strip to do a & see. Take the van & be sure to see the new bridge out at the dam when your in Boulder City on business. It is ahh some. ever been to Red Rock west of town ?? Nice drive & lots of pretty scenry. [use your nat’l park permit for the gate] Johnnie Walker RV is my choice of dealers in vegas. They have a honest shop. I have been doing business with them for over 30 years.
    I personnaly don’t trust Camping World. That is the old Wheeler RV crew who was a bunch of bandits in the older days..”One mans openion of course” Oh don’t go over the Dam on the way home to Ariz. They are Blasting on the road on the Ariz side of the dam. Mile 1 to 17. up to hour delays in effect. new ramps to the bridge construction. go home thru laughlin to Kingman.. I love “Bad Nick” He’s my sort of guy !!!! You make each & everyone of my days with your blog. wish I could follow in your foot prints.

    Dave Kunz
    Wannabe full timer
    SKP 89011

  11. Living in NY, I can certainly feel your pain, given that our northern neighbors include both Ontario (which is very nice) and Quebec, which while beautiful in many ways, alas, includes the oh so obnoxious Quebecois. Check your email later, I’ve got a couple of jokes which I won’t publish here that you might enjoy.

  12. Hi Nick,
    I lived in Lake Havasu and Bullhead city for several years. I have always enjoyed that area. I even worked at the English village for a while, when it was more crowded. The buffets in Laughlin were good eating and easy on the wallet. I enjoyed taking the water taxis (ferries) from Bullhead city to Laughlin casinos. I enjoyed seeing the native burros roaming the street in Oatman, Arizona, and eating a buffalo burger at the Oatman hotel.

  13. Good going Nick, I am glad that someone stood up to these rude people. We have been to Canada and the two providence we visited they were very nice to us. I am fed up with the rude French Canadians. The no speak English is a crock. The two areas we visited were Alberta and BC. Your were right to tell them to go home. Have fun in Vegas. Hope you got your stabilizer problem fixed.

  14. Man I wish I had been there to see Bad Nick tell those French Canadians off! It may have embarrassed your friends and Terry, but somebody has to let the jerks out there know that they can’t always get away with their crap.

    As a Canadian myself, I find that the people from Quebec all seem to have that rude snotty attitude, and I can’t stand them. In our RV park here in Mission Texas, they let their dogs crap all over and never clean up after them, they drive their golf carts across other peoples lots and they play that “No English” game when you complain.

  15. Bad Nick I hate those creeps too! We call them the Quebec cretins. They fill up RV parks from Florida to Arizona and think they are exempt from all rules or even common courtesy. One backed into our pickup and just drove away, even though three diffeent neighhbors saw him and yelled at him. Caved in the whole door. I called the cops and he denied it even with witnesses and paint from my door on his car. He claimed his car had not been driven in two days, but when the cop put his hand on the hood it was hot. Then he started saying the he could not understand English. Turns out he is a retired minister!

  16. Nick, in thinking about logistics for the Yuma rally, I tried to find info in camping at the fairgrounds a day or two before and after as we can stay at Emerald Cove in Earp, Ca free coming and going from Las Vegas, but we gotta be gone from there for a week. I know it’s possible to do because in this blog, it says you guys stayed there for …how long? Funny how nothing is said in any of the 10 websites I tried to find anything out about it. Of course there are more than 10 websites about Yuma County Fairgrounds, maybe I just didn’t find the right one, so I’ll call later today. You also mentioned in this blog about your leveling jacks not working, what was the problem? Our don’t always work the way they’re supposed to either and I’m wondering where you went to get them fixed in Las Vegas. Hope you’re doing ok, looking forward to seeing you and Terry, and the rest of the gang.

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