Mar 092010

Yesterday’s parking for our Western Gypsy Gathering rally went much more smoothly, thanks in part to the rain going away, and also to the fact that I appointed Greg White as our parking crew chief. Greg and I spent hours on golf carts, bringing RVs onto the fairgrounds and getting them parked, with the help of our hardworking volunteers. They were scrambling around all day long, getting rigs in off the highway and tucked away in corners all over the fairgrounds., and the last RV rolled in about 8:30 p.m. I don’t have a count yet as to how many RVs are here, but the place is packed!

I’ve been up for 18 hours, and poor Miss Terry even longer, and we’re both worn out. And, my computer has decided to act up and keeps freezing up on me. I think it’s telling me to go to bed.  We have to be back up in five hours.  So I’ll say goodnight.

Thought For The Day – If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens.

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “Rally Parking, Day 2”

  1. Early indictions point to a best-ever Gypsy Journal Rally here in Yuma. You have a terrific program lined up for us and last night’s C&W singer, David Bradley, was outstanding. You and Miss Terry certainly enjoyed the music as you were seen dancing to the toe-tapping music at one point.

    And whoever secured all of those great prize drawing gifts from local merchants did one heck of a fine job. Did concealed carry play a role 🙂 ?

    One final thought. We like being parked on real grass much better than the gravel found in so many campgrounds. There is a very friendly atmosphere at the rally.

  2. Haven’t done a rally in a number of years. The parking was smooth no line up, seminars look interesting and the entertainment last night was great. The best part is the friendly people. Thanks Terry and Nick and all the volunteer it is appreciated.

  3. Nick, I know it was a difficult start for you but the rally is going smoothly now and everyone seems to be enjoying it . Thank you both for all you labors and the other volunteers too.

    Allan & Jeanne

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