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In our nearly eleven years as fulltime RVers, we have stayed at many of the Escapees RV club campgrounds, from Washington state to Florida, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arizona, to name just a few. One we had never visited was the Escapees Pair-A-Dice co-op in Pahrump, Nevada.

Pahrump is about 50 miles west of Las Vegas, via State Route 160, a good, mostly two lane road that passes through the Toiyabe National Forest, climbing from 2300 feet in Las Vegas to 5500 feet at Mountain Springs Summit, before dropping down to about 2300 feet in Pahrump. Locals call this drive “going over the hump.

Yesterday, after an excellent brunch at Blueberry Hill Restaurant, one of a small chain here in Las Vegas, we took the trip “over the hump” to Pahrump. I’m sure glad we never tried to make this trip in our old MCI bus conversion! The V-8 engine in Greg White’s Dodge pickup was getting a workout as we made the climb.

We know a lot of folks who really like Pahrump because it is quieter and much more laid back than busy Las Vegas. But I have to be honest and say that we were just not impressed. There is little, if anything aesthetically pleasing in the community, just a lot of businesses stretched out along the main highway, a casino or two, a scattering of RV parks, and lots of subdivisions springing up out of the desert.

The office was already closed for the day, but we drove through the Escapees RV park, which was pretty full. But the few people we saw out and about didn’t seem too welcoming as we drove past and waved. Basically, the campground is all gravel and dirt, with some desert landscaping. It’s just not our cup of tea.

We did stop to check out another RV park that had been recommended to us, Terrible’s Lakeside Casino RV Park, a short drive off the main highway, and not far from the Escapees park.

Terribles Casino sign 2

This place was was pretty impressive. Many of the RV sites are situated around a small man made lake, there was plenty of grass, and lots of trees to provide shade. The view of the snowcapped mountains in the distance added to the ambience. The only drawback some people would find is that is that there were a lot of kids running around, though they all seemed to be well behaved.

Terribles Casino RV park 3

Pahrump is in Nye County, where prostitution is legal, and Pahrump is home to two legal brothels, the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch, which are located next door to each other.  Well, who can go to Pahrump and not at least drive by to check something like that out?  Not us, obviously.

Chicken Ranch sign 2 


We stopped to take pictures of both houses of ill repute, and noted that both offered free tours, and that ladies are welcome. Terry and Jan decided that seeing the places from the road was probably just fine, thank you very much!

Free tour sign

Business seemed to be rather slow, there were just a few cars in the parking lot at either place, and I don’t know how many were there just to shop the souvenir stores that both businesses have. But if you saw me there, that’s all I was doing, shopping for souvenirs! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Chicken Ranch building

Actually Miss Terry is pretty open minded, and said I could go in and take the tour. But then she said something about me having to go into quarantine for 30 days afterwards, so I decided to pass.

Terry has the sharpest eyes of anybody I have ever known, and she constantly amazes me by pointing out wildlife I would never have seen as we zip down the highway. She spotted this hawk in a tree at the Chicken Ranch, and I told Greg it was probably a chicken hawk.  Hey, I have to get my material where I find it!

Terry Hawk

All too soon, or not soon enough, depending on whom of us you ask, it was time to get on down the road. So we waved goodbye to the brothels and headed back to Las Vegas. Judging by their signs, they’re friendly folks, aren’t they? They welcomed us to uhhh… return.

Thank you sign

Bad Nick Doesn’t have time for such nonsense, so while we were out exploring the seamier side of life, he was home writing a new Bad Nick Blog titled Dumb A$$ Report, Vol. 2. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – When everything’s coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

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  12 Responses to “Over The Hump To Pahrump”

  1. Been to Pahrump, saw the “Moving Wall” monument there, stayed at Preferred RV Resort, drove through Pair-a-Dice, drove through Terrible’s, never even saw the brothels. Probably don’t need to go back to see what we missed. The Preferred resort was really nice. They have a grand wood shop available for use by visitors. I made some bookshelves for our motorhome in that shop.

  2. Good Morning Nick… Looks like you had a FUN ride yesterday… I must be in the dark ages for sure because I never knew about those brothels or that it was legal there… Of course my husband knew… As you would say hmmmmmmm… Have a fun day & travel safe!

  3. John and I took the tour with a group from the WH campground. Went to Sherri’s. It was really interesting. Saw the girls took a tour of the rooms. Next time take the tour!

  4. We were recently at the SKP park. One “gentlemen” was their self-appointed sheriff as he policed our site. He was constantly walking through and checking connections, monitoring our speed and just being an pain in the rump. We met some really nice folks but his attitude ruined the desire to stay again. We visited the brothels and ended up with a t-shirt from each one. We don’t normally buy t-shirts but we certainly think these will draw attention. It’s a fun town to write a blog about because something is always going on. The winery on the hill is a magnificent place for lunch.

  5. Nick,

    Let’s hope the owner of the car in your picture doesn’t mind the –uh pardon this one — “exposure”. I could easily read the license plate number.

  6. Pahrump, Nevada requires a certain mindset that loves quirkiness. I spend my first two months of winter travel at Preferred RV Resort where I purchased a membership. I learned about it from Art Bell, the original host of the RV talk show Coast to Coast. I had to see a place always referred to as, “in the land of Nye, in the shadow of the valley of death, over the hump in Pahrump, and in the desert of the sea.” I have taken the tour at Sherry’s Brothel and found it fasinating. It is a needed legal service regulated to provide a disease free place versus the land of pimps and every disease known to man. The mindset of the working women has always fascinated me. To see their work areas (not their bedrooms but specialty rooms for rent) while they talk about the service provided in a business like manner does present a different picture from the pure sleaze ordinarily thought of. A brothel located north of Pahrump is now offering a male prostitute strictly for women. The Nevada Legislature voted to make this legal in December. Everyone is waiting to see how this will work out. A couple of my friends and I intend to visit it next November to see what he looks like, how much things cost and ask pertinent questions (I mean you guys are visual souls so some 70 year old naked woman could cause equipment failure!). And, NOOO we are not partaking of the service. We just have a curiosity………………..

    Other than the brothels, Pahrump is a small agricultural community with an interesting history you can experience by visiting a very nice museum there. The local TV stations are a hoot with programs you just could not find anywhere else except in a small town – “Louie and the Flag Man”, “The DA’s Report”, and the local VFW show, etc. It is a town of contrasts from the brothels, to feed stores, to casinos, to an upscale RV park (that failed), and a speedway nearby where one can pay to drive expensive race cars. One of the casinos had two separate contests where the winner would receive a John Deere tractor. A local caught me laughing at the lighted billboard and told me quite matter of factly that these were VERY POPULAR! The radio station started by Art Bell, KNYE, has some of the best baby boomer music you’d ever want to hear.

    Ok, so now you know I love Pahrump! As with most places I stay more than a week, I read the local newspaper for events and what is happening in general. Then I jump in with both feet — not always good but you sure do have some experiences. Oh yes, the Christmas season has an event for everyone called – Pah rump a pum pum

    Need I say more?

  7. You’re too late the male prostitute has left for lack of business. It was in the news last week.

  8. Cindy in Wyoming and others who have made comments seem to think that just because a brothel is legal makes it alright in God’s eye. Well it doesn’t!! God hates fortification and that is what you seem to think is worth a tour! A whorehouse is not a tourist attraction, it is a blight on mankind! You are all sick!

  9. That’s the story: the male prostitute left for lack of business and they are sticking to it. The truth is no male can work an 8-hour shift in a brothel. [But some would like to try!!!]

  10. Elizabeth, God hates Fort Sumter? Or did you mean fornification???

    Well guess what – you don’t need to visit a whorehouse. But I am glad to be acquainted with someone who knows exactly what is OK in God’s eye. If I remember correctly, Jesus didn’t curse prostitutes. Whatever you think, the only one who has any right to judge me and will is God and honey you ain’t him/her!

    PS If God hated “fortification” so much, why didn’t He make humans like animals who have special seaons for breeding instead of making it a pleasurable experience we can enjoy 365 days a year??? Hmmm Check out God’s eye about that one Lizzy!

  11. The winery on the hill that was mentioned also presents an outstanding Thanksgiving dinner. A group of us drove over from Vegas in 2007 and 2008 and enjoyed a 4 or 5 course meal with the appropriate wines for each course. I think it was $40/ea the first year and $45/ea the second year. And well worth it. We also sent home a case of wine that they made labels with our names printed on them.

  12. Pahrumph is a cool town. all kinds of things to do arround there . I used to take my time off out there and loved it . alot of my friends still live there and go out to pahrumph to play. Every thanksgiving weekend in death valley near there , they have a big off road rally . it is so big the sherrifs department has sand rails and side by side atvs set up with lights and sirens . and also , not to burst any bodys bubbles but if you dont agree with the brothels , stay out. i have been going to nevada for yeats and never set foot in one but also, if you think that it is only in nevada , visit a local massage parlor sometime . not all are seedy but i will guarantee there is one in your home town that provides a service to people and they arent checked fot vd.

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