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The title of this blog is what a Gypsy Gathering rally is all about. We do a lot of laughing and having fun, we learn more about the RV lifestyle, and we love being with our huge extended family of nomads.

I really started the day off with some laughter, and it wasn’t intended at all. Just as I was starting my new Cemetery Stories seminar, the little remote control I use to advance the PowerPoint slideshow stopped working. I checked the switch to be sure it was on, pushed the forward and back buttons a time or two, and said to the audience “Please bear with me, my little thingie isn’t working this morning for some reason.”

Now, I don’t have a dirty mind, but apparently everybody else in the room did, because it erupted in laughter! About then I realized what I had said, and they tell me my face turned about six shades of red. But the show still has to go on, so I grabbed my Blackberry and called Barbara Westerfield, who handles our technical equipment. I was holding the phone up to my ear with my left hand, and I had the microphone I use for my seminars in my right hand. When Barbara answered, I dropped my left hand away from my ear, put the microphone to my mouth and said “Barbara, I need you to come to my seminar room and fix my computer.” That brought another round of laughter from the crowd, because Barbara couldn’t hear me two buildings away over the microphone.

When I began developing our rallies, I wanted them to be a combination of fun and fellowship, mixed with some pretty serious educational seminars. Sort of a hybrid between a regular RV rally and Life on Wheels, and I think we have accomplished that. We had an excellent lineup of seminars here, including many by our vendors. Mac McCoy, who Mac Boothwas also a Life on Wheels instructor, has been to every one of our rallies, presenting his excellent fire safety seminar.

Chris YustChris Yust, from Good Sam insurance, did a great seminar on the Pros & Cons Of RV Extended Warranties, and several attendees told me they learned a lot in her seminar yesterday.

 Daryl Lawrence, from Lawrence RV Accessories, is an expert on RVDaryl Lawrence electrical systems, and he has has educated a lot of RVers on how their electrical systems are designed and how to get the most out of them. If you combine all of the knowledge and experience of our vendors and instructors, I don’t thnk there is any aspect of RVing and the RV lifestyle that they don’t know about. 

FriendsSocializing is always an important part of any RV rally, and everywhere you looked on the fairgrounds this week, there were small groups of friends old and new visiting, swapping lies, and planning their next RV adventures.

Yesterday Kellie Gunn had a birthday, and there was quite a party Kelly Gunn for her. I’ve never had 300 people sing Happy Birthday to me, but Kellie sure seemed to enjoy it!

Of course, any time you put a bunch of RVers together, food is Pizza partyalways going to be a priority, and last night’s pizza party was no exception. RVers were at their tables with hungry appetites, Miss Terry’s crew of dedicated servers were lined up and ready, Domino’s delivered two truckloads of piping hot pizza, Pizza crew and we all stuffed ourselves.

I have no idea how she does it, but Miss Terry is able to organize things so well that her crew served hundreds of people in less than ten minutes! Did I ever tell you how much my wife amazes me?  

After everybody had finished eating, country singer Michael Hargis took to the stage for a fantastic concert that had everybody applauding. RV rallies are hard work, whether you’re the one Hargisorganizing them, one of the volunteers who help make it all happen, or an attendee who is on the go every minute attending seminars, shopping the vendors, and meeting up with old friends. But even though everybody was tired by the end of the day, Michael’s show was so good that he had a lot of couples up and dancing. Thanks for the great show, Michael!

Today is the last full day of the rally, and we still have a lot of great seminars left to offer, and a lot of fun too! If you couldn’t make it to this rally, I hope we see you at one of our events soon.

Thought For The Day – Celebrate something today. Anything!

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  8 Responses to “Laughing, Learning, And Loving”

  1. We’re sure looking forward to being with you at the Fall Gathering! Wish we were in AZ now.

  2. Sorry, Nick and Miss Terry — we’re not ready to leave! I don’t care if the next group does have guns, we have too much laughter and learning to do!

    BTW, we haven’t seen Bad Nick up on stage much. Does he only make public appearances during the Cactus Queen contest? (I assume that didn’t happen because of the “real” performers that appeared.)

    It’s been fun.
    Thank you, CoolJudy and Luke

  3. Nick it looks like all of the early problems have “worked” themselves out.
    It seems that everyone is having a good time and enjoying themselves.

    We attended your fall rally last year and will definitely be there again this year.

  4. Absolutely LOVING the rally….now trying to figure out how to manage to make the next one this fall in Indiana!! You guys are the best….I am so much richer for having you as friends. Love you both!!

  5. Sounds like it is fun for one & all… Wish we were there too!

  6. Nick –

    I have been following your blog more and more – it’s on my top three blogs that I check daily. I wish we were in a position to come to a gypsy rally but I’m hoping the next one I’ll be able to come. From the sound of things and the comments of people who are there, it seems like you and miss terry put on a unique rally. I look forward to meeting you and many other folks down the road.


  7. WOW, Thank You Nick, Miss Terry and all the volunteers and vendors for putting on an Amazing Rally. Not all of us are wealthy just because we drive a big RV or 5th wheel. The actual fact is there are alot of us full timers out here that are upside down on our RV loans, have lost most of our retirement funds with the stock market mess and rely on Social Security to live. The planning and price of your Your Rally made it possible for us to attend. We were able to attend superior seminars and make new friends. Thank you for realizing not all seminars must be filled with catered food and major entertainment. The learning experience we shared with others this week is priceless.

  8. I think Nick and Miss Terry Should sit back and have a cold one on me! Sounds like the rally was really great. Can’t wait to hit up a rally. It will be after my tour in Korea but you can bet the farm I’m coming to the first one when I get stateside. Although at 32 we will probably be the youngest folks there. But that’s fine I think the folks would enjoy our kids!

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