Mar 122010

Well, we did it again! Our Fourth Annual Western Gypsy Journal Rally ends today with morning coffee and donuts, and then folks will hitch up and scatter to all points of the compass. It’s been a frustrating, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating week that we thought would never end, that went by way too fast.

Yesterday evening, when we finally got all of the vendors cleared out of the exhibit building, finished with all of the door prizes and end of rally announcements, had all of the folding chairs stacked, and the exhibit hall swept out, it was almost 10 p.m., and we still had not eaten all day.

Greg and Jan White drove us to IHOP for a quick meal before we returned to the motorhome to do a couple hours of paperwork before bedtime, and as we plodded our stiff bodies across the parking lot on aching feet, Terry and I asked ourselves if it is all worth it.

But then we thought back on all of the positive comments we got all week long, the many warm hugs from friends, the volunteers who saw a job that needed done and pitched right in, the opportunity to teach others about the RV lifestyle, the standing ovation that Miss Terry got at the end of the rally for all of her hard work and organizational skill, and the camaraderie we all shared this week, and we knew that yes, it really is all worth it!

Nick Terry Yuma webWe may not be wealthy in terms of dollars in the bank, but with friends like we have, we are truly rich!

A lot of attendees took photos and shared them with us, and just looking at them shows you how much fun these rallies are, whether Carey Dwayne Dark web it’s a bunch of people sitting around having morning coffee and donuts, or a couple of guys just enjoying the opportunity to get together and hang out.

And, of course, no matter how busy we are, there’s always time for Nick Mac webmerriment. From the look in this photo, you’re probably not sure if Mac McCoy is chewing me out, or getting ready to kiss me. Given my “druthers” I think I’d prefer the butt chewing!

I did get a little nervous when I was making my announcements last night, and Ken Pace, Ed Allard, and Sid Dembowski, three fellows that are just a little taller than your average redwood tree, came up and took over the stage.

Dwarf webIf you’re my size, giants can be downright intimidating! Ed said that they had a good time at the rally, but that they had a suggestion for future rallies. It seems that they didn’t feel that we had enough activities for tall people, and suggested a rousing game of dwarf tossing! Hmmm, now where are they going to find a dwarf???? I’m outta here!

It’s been a lot of fun, everybody seems to have had a good time, overall, and the few complaints we have had were usually about things that were out of our control, such as the noise from the aircraft from the Marine Air Station across the street. I’ll have more photos and a rally recap in tomorrow’s blog.

Thought For The Day – A half empty glass means there’s room for more.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  10 Responses to “In The Land Of Giants”

  1. Nick and Terry, PLEASE keep doing these rallies! I haven’t had a chance to come to one yet, but I would be heartbroken if I didn’t get my chance to experience one soon. That photo of you at the beginning of the blog is absolutely fantastic and your beauty, inner and outer, shines through. You look so happy and I kind of fell in love with both of you when I saw it. You obviously did a fantastic job and I am applauding from the other side of the country. Happy trails and enjoy!

  2. Thanks Nick and Terry and all your volunteers. I enjoyed the rally and everything that went on. I have always said if you learned one thing you didn’t know it was well worth the money. The only thing that I didn’t like was the donuts. I hadn’t had one in six months and now I am hooked on them again. Enjoy your down time where ever you will be and hopefully I will be around for your next rally.

  3. Nick, that’s a great picture of you and Miss Terry. And I’d have been glad to help Barbara by eating her donut if we’d been able to be there. Congratulations on living through another of your grand rallies! We’ll be heading to a SKP Chapter 21 rally just south of Tucson next month. We’ll let you join us if you want to Boondock!

  4. This is our first Gypsy Journal rally and only our second rally as RVers. Hands down, yours was the best because of the variety of seminars, the great exhibitors and the terriffic organization. We will be back.

  5. Thanks for another great rally, Nick and Terry! It was a pleasure to attend and help out a little where we could. We look forward to the next rally in Elkhart!

  6. Whenever anyone asks me which rally I would choose if I could only attend one, I always say yours. You guys are the best! You just proved it once again. Thanks for another great week.

  7. Nick, Can’t wait to be at one of your rallys. Sounds like a great time. The Picture of You and Terry is very nice. It should be your new blog photo.

  8. Nick & Terry, we both had such a great time…we are going to do everything within our power to come to Elkhart, IN for the next one. Oh yea, we’ll be volunteering, too. Definitely parking…may be work but a great way to meet folks!

    The vendors and seminars were exceptional. Nice to see something a little different each time and somehow you manage to do just that. We’re going to have to boondock more to pay for everything we bought from the vendors! LOL!

    Keep doing what you are doing…you’ve got it right!

  9. Great rally. We supported some vendors and the entertainers. Thank you to both of you and all the volunteers for putting it on. Hope to attend in the future.

  10. Had a great time at the rally as usual!!! It was well planned, informative, social, fun. All the ingredients for a successful rally!!!! Keep up the good work. Have a restful time for the next few weeks.
    We drove from Camp Verde, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ this morning on I-17 and encountered SNOW above 6000 feet. More snow than this Florida girl has ever seen before. Nice but give me warm tropical sun and sand any time.

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