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I’m sorry yesterday’s blog was so short, but I was just too punch drunk from two days of parking RVs and putting out fires to function. I’m just as tired tonight, but at least we got back to our motorhome a little earlier (9 p.m.) and I can think straight.

Besides being an expert instructor, my friend Dennis Hill from the RV Driving School really knows how to handle a camera, and he has been busy taking photos here at the rally, and was gracious enough to allow me to use some of them in the blog, so you call can see all the fun you’re missing if you’re not here.

Tired Nick webYou all know about Good Nick and Bad Nick, but here is a picture of Terry laughing webTired Nick taken Monday night, after operating on adrenalin, nervous energy, and only about six hours sleep in two days. Miss Terry was just as exhausted, but she’s never too tired to laugh. How did a guy who looks like me ever get such a beautiful, intelligent  lady to even give him a second glance? It’s one of the great mysteries of life. 

Welcoming crowd webHere is a shot of the crowd gathering for our official welcoming Monday night, which kicks off the rally. For most of my life, I have had such stage fright that the idea of getting up in front of even a dozen people and speaking terrified me and made me physically ill, but now I’m perfectly comfortable on stage talking to crowds like this, numbering in the hundreds.

After Terry and I welcomed everybody, Sharon and Don Del Rosario came up on stage so Sharon could tell everybody about the small afghans, called lapghans, that she crochets for a Sharon lapghans webwonderful organization called Soldiers’ Angels, that passes them on to wounded veterans. Sharon urged all of the knitters and crocheters in the crowd to consider making a few projects for our troops.

Then a fine young man from the Yuma Marine Air Station, Lance Marine webCorporal Benson, spoke to the crowd about the mission of the air station and its role in training combat pilots for overseas deployment.

It did this old veterans’ heart proud to see everybody on their feet, applauding and giving Lance Corporal Benson Applauding Marine 2 websuch respect for all he and the rest of our men and women in the military do for us. I know I wasn’t the only vet there with a lump in his throat, and a tear in his eye.

Once all of the welcoming and introduction duties were David Bradley 2 webhandled, I was only too happy to relinquish the stage to David Bradley, who put on a wonderful 90 minute concert that had the entire crowd clapping and singing along to the music.

Yesterday was packed with seminars, and the feedback we are getting on them is very positive. I was told that the geocaching seminar had over 60 people in the audience, and I know we have some new converts to the hobby!

I did a seminar on Gypsy Journal FAQs to answer some of the questions that people always have about the paper and why we do things the way we do, and then sat in on Joe Kieva’s excellent Personal Security Tips For RVers seminar. If you couldn’t make it to the rally, you can order their book by the same title, in either paperback or online as an e-book.

I don’t worry about security here at the rally, because I have Art Fennell to keep an eye on things. With this big guy Art Fennel webcovering my back, I can sleep tight tonight. Of course, having 5,000 U.S. Marines right across the street helps too!

Our vendors all seemed to be doing good business as people shopped for everything from satellite TV systems to tire pressure monitors, jewelry, and RV insurance. If you need it, it’s probably for sale in our vendor area.

I’ll be doing two new seminars today, Cemetery Stories, and Blogging For RVers. I also hope to find time to sit in on a few seminars myself. Joe and Vicki Kieva are doing a seminar on RVing Alaska, and Judy Bayless is doing her popular The RVing Genealogist, and I hope to take in both.

Before I close, I want to mention again how much I appreciate all of our volunteers, who do so much to help make these rallies a success. And, a very special thank you goes out to Miss Terry, who shoulders so much of the burden in everything we do. While I get to be up on stage goofing off and telling my little stories, she’s the one behind the scenes who makes sure the donuts get ordered every morning, the coffee gets made, the day pass visitors are handled, and a 1,001 other details that I can’t even begin to list. Without her, there wouldn’t be a Gypsy Gathering rally, or a Gypsy Journal at all. They say that behind every great man is a great woman, and I’ll tell you what, behind this very mediocre man is one hell of a lady! I love you, baby.

Thought For The Day – Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  7 Responses to “Gypsy Gathering Fun”

  1. Hey Nick, It sure sounds like everyone is having a great time. Wish we could have made it there. But we are still chasing the 70s. You and Miss Terry are both lucky. You have each other. You two are two terrific people. I am glad I have had the pleasure of meeting you both. Are you going to have the Cactus Queen contest this year? Hope you and Miss Terry will find some time to relax and recoup during this rally. Maybe we will see you down the road. You two keep up the good work.

  2. Glad the rain is gone and you are all having a great time. Wish we were there, but we WILL be at the fall rally. What a great opportunity you gave LC Benson to explain their work there at the Marine Air Corp Station. I’m sure he appreciated the warm welcome your group gave him.

    I do seem to notice a positive difference between your Gypsy Journal rally and others I have attended by different groups. You are will to allow the rally to “evolve.” In other words, you add things and make changes every year so that the seminars and entertainment doesn’t become stale. It’s not just more of the same. Sure you have popular things repeated, but you seem to add something new every year. Kudos to you and Miss Terry.

    Looking forward to Elkhart.


  3. I can’t wait for the fall Gathering! I know it will be at least as good at this week’s sounds. C U then and in the meantime, try to get some down time. You’ve worked so hard!


  4. Well I am glad all is going well and it looks like everyone is enjoying the time there… And Nick you are a good guy so that is how you hooked the beautiful & fun Miss Terry!!! Have a great time my friend…

  5. Sounds like this is a full week for everyone. Thanks to Dennis for the pictures. Maybe someday I will learn to take such good shots. Also, someday hope to get to a rally. Have been subscribers for a long time. Can’t believe our paths never cross. Kudos to Nick & Terry.

  6. You are indeed lucky to have Miss Terry, just as I am lucky to have Chris. We’re all very fortunate that Miss Terry puts up with you.

    We want someone in your blogging class to blog about it today!

    Enjoy the rest of the Rally and we will see you soon.

  7. Dear Chris and Jim of Geeks on Tour,
    We missed you!!!!!!!! Nick did a wonderful seminar on WHY you should have a blog. He did a super job. But we missed your HOW to do a blog seminar. Now that we are all hyped up for developing a blog from Nicks WHY seminar we need you two to do a HOW seminar. Peter and I will be at FMCA where we believe you are doing that HOW seminar but you sure were missed at the Gypsy Journal rally here. Hope you will be at the next Gypsy Journal rally to do the HOW seminar and others. Understand personal issues you now have but hope all works out and you are on the road again soon. Hugs, Connie B.

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