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I think I’m probably one of the few men I know who wasn’t parked in front of the television yesterday, eating junk food and watching the Super Bowl. While I do love junk food, football just doesn’t do a thing for me. Just because I’m built like a football doesn’t mean I have to like it. Of course, I don’t watch baseball, hockey, golf, or any other organized sport either.

A few years ago we spent a few days at the Escapees Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming, New Mexico, and one Sunday morning when I went up to the office to check out so we could go on to Arizona, everybody was amazed that we’d travel on Super Bowl Sunday. I probably further advanced their belief that I must not be a real red blooded American male, because I replied “No, I just had a big bowl of Frosted Flakes, I don’t have room for a sundae. Besides, it’s too early for ice cream.”

We did learn, however, that if you have to drive someplace on an interstate highway, Super Bowl Sunday is a good day for traveling. We pretty much had the road to ourselves all the way to Tucson.

Instead of watching the big football game, I spent yesterday working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and fielding e-mails and telephone calls from people about our Gypsy Gathering rally next month.  

Our friend and former Life on Wheels co-instructor Russ Maxwell must not be a football fan either, because he stopped over for a visit during the early afternoon. Russ is a factory representative for Carefree Awnings, and will be presenting a seminar on the Care and Operation of RV Awnings at our rally.

Awnings are a great way to shade your RV during hot weather, and can add to your outdoor living space, but you can’t just roll them in and out whenever you want to and ignore them the rest of the time. Russ’ seminar will teach you how to properly care for and use your awning, and I learned a thing or two from him about the awnings on our Winnebago during yesterday’s visit.

Today will be more of the same. I have about a dozen pages to finish on the new issue so I can get it mailed up to our printer in Flagstaff, and I hope to get it sent out by Wednesday. That will give me time to get it back from the printer, and then catch my breath before we have Terry’s dad’s big 80th birthday party on Saturday. 

Thought For The Day – The most secure investment you can make is in yourself.

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Nick Russell

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  6 Responses to “What’s A Super Bowl?”

  1. The Super Bowl is one of the only three or four footballs games we’ll watch in a year, Rose Bowl being another. We’re with you about golf, hockey, backetball, baseball, etc. On this bowl game we didn’t even know who was playing until we turned it on. Since it was Sunday we rooted for the Saints. Usually that puts a hex on the team we root for, but by golly they won! Now what?

  2. The superbowl is the only time that I watch the commercials. We do our potty runs, laundry, cooking dinner during the game and then run to the TV to watch the commercials. Of course, that is unless the Redskins are playing, but that is ancient history!

  3. In our “pre-retirement” life, we were big football fans. We even had season tickets to the Broncos until they decided to rip us off by building a new stadium and charging thousands of dollars just to bid on season tickets. Wes watches some football now, but I really don’t care that much for it any more. Can’t believe all the time we wasted on it before. I tell my friends we’ve “out grown” it:( There are more important ways to spend my precious time.

    On another note – I took the Awning class at the first Escapade we attended. It was a very valuable one. I learned more practical lessons about our awning than I ever thought I would need, but it has served us well. Our awning is still in great condition and it is because I maintain it as I was taught in that class. Well worth the time and effort.

  4. This is the first year in the last ten that we haven’t travel on Super Bowl Sunday, never any traffic and we always got into camp and setup in time to watch the game. Funny thing is we’re from Detroit and we still love football.

  5. We like to watch golf and football (college and pro). I really like Peyton Manning and the Colts so was disappointed in the game. But New Orleans played a wonderful game and out played the Colts. There’s always next year!!!!!!!!
    We love to travel on Sunday. There is less traffic, and getting into an RV park on Sunday especially state and federal parks is easier. We don’t boon dock a lot. Can but we both enjoy having at least electric. So coming in on Sunday means all the we-es (weekenders) are leaving or gone. We find nice, quiet, mostly empty campgrounds.
    Looking forward to the rally!!!!!!

  6. We watch & enjoy football but we know many people who don’t and we love them just the same… LOL LOL At least you could have done the snacking… Have a wonderful day & travel safe. Happy Birthday to Terry’s dad!!!

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