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A few months ago I didn’t even know what a podcast was, and now we’re the topic of one! How cool is that?

For those of you who don’t know what a podcast is, basically it’s a digital media file that you can view or listen to online, or download from the internet. Kind of like a radio broadcast that you listen to on a computer, an iPod, or an MP3 player. There are millions of podcasts floating around in cyberspace, ranging from short movies (think U Tube), to talks on any subject you can think of, from technology to religion, to politics, as well as musical podcasts. Many producers have their own regular podcasts.

A while back a gentleman named John Huggins contacted me and told me that he and his wife Kathy have a website John Kathy Huggins weband produce a weekly podcast called Living The RV Dream, which they produce from their motorhome as they travel around the country fulltime. John asked if they could interview us, and we arranged to get together. Wednesday afternoon they arrived and we had a very nice visit, then John set up his digital recorder and we sat down for the interview.

We talked about our life as fulltime RVers, about the Gypsy Journal, and about our upcoming Gypsy Gathering rally. I’ve conducted a lot of interviews in my newspaper career, and I’ve been interviewed myself before. John and Kathy are real pros, and they kept the process flowing smoothly. Miss Terry isn’t quite as comfortable when she’s put on the spot, but she did a fine job and helped carry the conversation well. The podcast is live now, and you can listen to it here.

In previous podcasts, John and Kathy have interviewed folks like Fleetwood executives Dave Coffin and Justin Humphreys about the future of Fleetwood; Mark Nemeth from the Escapees RV Club; and Ron and Opal Erickson, a country and gospel duo who have been working the RV circuit for years. Other podcasts have covered things like the Escapees Bootcamp Program for new RVers, getting their RV’s thermo pane windows repaired at a Florida business specializing in refurbishing RV windows, RV fire safety, and their travels around the country. I’m hooked! All of their podcasts are available free online, and it’s like having an RV radio program on my computer. Check out their website and our interview, they are a great resource for both new and experienced RVers. I was so impressed with John and Kathy that I asked him to do a seminar on podcasting at our rally, and he readily agreed.

John had originally said they needed about an hour of our time, but we had such a fun visit with them that it stretched out a couple of hours, and then we piled into their car and headed to the nearby Texas Roadhouse for dinner. The time flew by, and all told, I think we were together about five hours! Isn’t the RV lifestyle wonderful? We meet new friends wherever we go!

While Terry and I were learning about podcasts, Bad Nick was busy too, writing a new Bad Nick Blog post titled You’re Fired! Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Live the life you love, and love the life you live.

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  8 Responses to “We’ve Been Podcast!”

  1. Good Morning Nick… I had never heard of podcast until a couple of weeks ago…. Another blog I follow was interviewed… It is a very neat idea. I will go and listen to your interview… Have a great day!
    Travel Safe!

  2. We turned it on, and shortly turned it off again. Another great thing about the RV lifestyle is that we don’t all have to like and do the same things others like and do. Try it out, find out if it fits, and if it does, hurray! If it doesn’t then try something different. We were just invited to join Facebook, we did, and now what? Look at somebody’s pictures that don’t mean a thing to us? Yes, we’ll look at our daughters’ pictures — they are both on Facebook, but first we’ll have to find out how, and while we are doing a little traveling isn’t the time. But thanks for giving us the opportunity to listen in and see if we like it!

  3. Nick, I am very interested in seeing the podcast, but I can’t get it to come on. Is there a trick or a setting I need to do?
    Thanks, Lu

  4. Lou,
    All you have to do is click the link and it should start. It is not a video, so there is nothing to see, it’s an audio broadcast, like listening to a radio program.

  5. Interesting podcast. It’s another first for me…
    John and Kathy do a great job of interviewing and put on a very informative podcast.

  6. Now you have done it. All these people with aircards are now going to go and listen to podcasts and wonder how they used their 5GB per month limit. They will be charged enough money they can’t afford anything including their Gypsy Journal subscription. It will all be your fault.

  7. Bill,
    I have learned that indeed, most things in life are my fault. A couple of ex-wives and a platoon full of attorneys taught me that long ago.

  8. I loved the podcast. I finaly know what you and Miss Terry sound like. 🙂

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