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I’ve been pretty lazy the last couple of weeks, but it’s time to get into work mode. I have an awful lot to get done between now and our rally in Yuma, which is only five weeks away.

I’m trying to develop two new seminars for the rally, one on the interesting stories we have come across in cemeteries (it may sound strange or ghoulish to some people, but we like exploring cemeteries), and one on blogging for RVers. Our pals Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour do an excellent seminar called Every RVer Needs A Blog that gets rave reviews, but they can’t make it to the Yuma rally, and I have had so may requests for a blogging seminar that I have to come up with one, even though it won’t hold a candle to the Geeks’.

I also need to get the next issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to go to the printer. We need to have it printed and mailed in the next couple of weeks. And then, of course, there are all of the rally preparations that still need to get finished. So it’s nose to the grindstone time.

I spent a lot of time yesterday fielding e-mails and telephone calls from vendors for the rally. I know it’s human nature to put things off until the last minute, I’m guilty of it myself all too often. But, some of these folks just don’t get the big picture. A couple of vendors told us they wanted to come to the rally months ago, and we sent them vendor application forms, telling them that registration was on a first come basis.

We have followed up with them a couple of times, and they assured us they would get their registrations in, but they never did. Now that the rally is coming up fast, those same vendors are upset because their competitors got in ahead of them, or because there are no vendor seminar time slots left. It takes months to plan one of these events, and we can’t wait until the week before the rally to start on it.

Speaking of rally seminars, another request we have had a lot is for a geocaching seminar. I’ve arranged for not only a seminar on this fascinating hobby, but also a follow-up field exercise to actually go out on the fairgrounds property to look for caches we have hidden for the rally. Gene Teggatz will also be doing a seminar on Adding Solar To Your RV, which is another much requested topic.

By yesterday afternoon, I needed to get out and take a break from the rally preparations, so we dropped some bundles of sample papers off at local RV parks, and then took Terry’s mom and dad, Pete and Bess Weber, to dinner at Streets of New York, one of our favorite pizza places in this area.

As the host was showing us to our seats, Ed and Joan Mikolajczak said hello to me. They were there having dinner and looked up as we were walking past their table. They have been to our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally the last two years, and it was nice to see them again. It seems like no matter where we go in this great land of ours, we run into somebody we know.

Fulltime RVers are like the population of a small town, where everybody knows everybody. The only difference is that our “town” keeps changing location all the time!

While I was out goofing off, Bad Nick stayed home to post a new Bad Nick Blog titled A Different Standard. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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  3 Responses to “Time To Get Into Work Mode”

  1. Nick, your new semirars sound great. Wish we could be there, but our program is getting changed daily, and we’ll have to miss out this year. Save us a spot next Spring, buddy!

  2. Nick, people can get ideas for their personal travel blog and read what others are doing at http://www.hitchitch.com Our Mission: To be the best site to find RV Travel Adventures and Journals. To Keep It Simple, And Do It Well.

  3. Ron, I always point people to HitchItch.com when teaching the Blogging class. What an amazing collection of travel stories!

    Nick, help yourself to any of our Geeks on Tour seminar handouts or other material if it would help. http://www.geeksontour.com/files/Blogs.pdf
    We’ll see you in Elkhart, and maybe we’ll teach our new, hands-on class there, “How to make a website/blog with WordPress.com” We will be teaching this one at FMCA in Albuquerque.

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