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Drinking Water station webWe had forgotten from our previous visits to Yuma just how bad the local tap water is. Most folks here buy water at “water stations” like this one, which can be found all over town. You bring your plastic jugs, put a quarter or two into a vending machine, and fill them up with filtered water. I don’t think we have seen water stations anyplace else that we have traveled. If you are coming in for our Gypsy Gathering rally, please try to arrive with a full fresh water tank if you can, for your own good.

We spent most of yesterday running around getting the pizzas for our Wednesday night pizza party arranged, and trying to find somebody at the WalMart bakery who could understand that we need to order 25 to 35 dozen donuts every morning during the rally. We need to go back, because everybody we talked to was just a little bit dimmer than your average donut. I think some people work at WalMart only because they’re not smart enough to get jobs that require them to memorize lines like “Do you want fries with that?”

Back at the fairgrounds, we spent some time checking out the location of the electric outlets scattered around the Winnie at stables webproperty. We will only have a few 30 and 50 amp electric hookups, but we need to reserve those for people with special needs. But we should be able to hook everybody up with 20 amp service, which is enough to keep batteries charged. That’s all we’re using here next to the stables, and we’re getting along just fine. Think of it as upscale boondocking!

Several people have asked if there will be WiFi available at the rally. The fairgrounds does not have WiFi, but we have found at past rallies that there are usually a few people with internet connections who leave them open to allow others to get online. These days, with air cards so cheap and the service available almost everywhere, I don’t know why anybody would depend on hit or miss WiFi for internet access.

Marine fighter 2 webThe fairgrounds is right across the street from the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, and most of the day Northrop F5 and AV-8B Harrier jets are flying overhead. It is amazing to see how closely those pilots fly in formation.

I had never seen a Harrier land or take off before, and it is pretty Marine fighter formation webinteresting. When they come in to land, they hover and then set down slowly, instead of making a high speed landing like other aircraft. It gets a little loud sometimes as they roar past, but that’s the sound of freedom, baby!

I need to clear up some confusion on the RVSEF RV Lifestyle, Education & Safety Conference to be held in Bowling Green, Kentucky June 3-6. They have me listed as an instructor on their website because we have agreed to be at future conferences, but we will not be at the June event. We have been promising ourselves for years that we are going to slow down, and this is the summer for that to finally happen. We just want to piddle around and just let the wind and whimsy blow us where they may. But, not to worry, RVSEF honcho Walter Cannon has put together an excellent program, and you’ll find plenty of top notch instructors at the conference. Whether you’re a new RVer, a veteran road warrior, or a wannabe, you’ll learn a lot at the conference.

Thought For The Day – I want to move to theory; everything works in theory.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  13 Responses to “Don’t Drink The Water”

  1. Nick, you must have been asleep when you were in the Rio Grande Valley. There are Water Stations like that on almost every street corner. Thousands of them…..

  2. Water stations in Aransas Pass and Rockport too:)

  3. Regarding water, we installed a built-in water filter with a separate spigot at the kitchen sink, and have had no trouble with drinking water since we bought the coach 8 years ago. We are careful not to gulp in the shower.

    On the subject of the harrier, it’s a great aircraft for limited field capability, but it burns up spare parts like crazy. The brits took a shortcut and simply diverted airflow from the engine to a downward for direct lift. Unfortunately, this starves the hot section of cooling air, which is brutal on hot section parts. But it certainly has been good for profits on the sale of Rolls Royce spare parts over the years!

    We are sorry to be missing your rally, but we have commitments in the state of Florida for the next month.

  4. Actually, there are water stations just like that over most of Arizona. You’ll find them in strip malls all around Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler. The water is so salty you don’t even want to rinse off the windshields of your vehicles. If so, you’ll notice big white spots that you will need to rinse off again. We’re down the road at the Yuma Elks … weather is gorgeous here!

  5. Nick –

    1- We have one water station in Benson, although I have no idea why, except that some folks won’t drink the “free” water anywhere they go. Our water is clean, clear and delicious.

    2 – We are surprised no one (especially WalMart employees) has jumped your butt over that statement! It’s true that there are some folks working there that can’t understand simple questions or requests, but there are others who can actually help you. You may have to look around for a while, but they are there.

  6. “I think some people work at WalMart only because they’re not smart enough to get jobs that require them to memorize lines like “Do you want fries with that?” ”

    I understand how frustrating it can be to try and place a simple order but for some reason it doesn’t get accomplished. After all, how hard is it to take an order for donuts?!

    But come on Nick. Do you have to be so harsh with your choice of words? If these people weren’t working then

    “they would be joining the rest of the welfare rats” (in your words).


  7. Re: 20 amp. electric at the rally. It should be fine if everyone uses it wisely. The trouble is, there are always some people who feel they need to use every electric appliance they have no matter what the amps. available. Then we start to have outages! Do we need to use our microwave/convection ovens daily, portable electric heaters, electric water heaters, outside lights for decoration, air conditioner/heat pumps, electric refrigerators, electric blankets, all the lights on, & who knows what else? And then they wonder why the electric went off again! I’ve seen it, believe me it happens. I get nervous when the electric gets low even though we do have an electric monitoring device on our unit. So, that being said (I feel better now), let’s try to conserve electric at the rally so we head off any problems before they occur.

  8. I’m really jealous with you being right there to hear and see the military jets, especially the Harrier’s. I use to pack a lunch and park at Yuma’s Wal-Mart just to enjoy the show. I am totally out of control when they fly over. We are taking a extended trip later this summer and I hope to be able to find RV Parks or Boondock areas to help satisfy my love.

  9. Lighten up, kiddies, Nick only said “some” Wal Mart employees! Besides, I agree. I stopped at one in New Mexico last week and asked if they had any of a particular brand of dog food for older dogs that I have found at other Wal Marts. The girl looked at me, licked her lips a couple of times, started to speak, stopped, and then showed me CAT food and asked if that was what I meant!

  10. This is our first winter in Arizona and we love it, but every time I shower my skin itches terribly. Is that because of the water here? We also washed our fifth wheel and truck, and when they dried there was big water spots all over them.

  11. We are currently at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which is right across from Nellis Air force Base. We have been enjoying quite a show this week as in addition to the regular flights, there is a joint training going on with pilots and air craft from other countries.

    So far we have seen F-16s, F-18s, A-6s, A-10s, B1-bs, and a KC-135. It is quite noisy, but they do put on quite a show, especially when they return to base flying in tight formations, and break off one by one to land.

    See you in a couple of weeks in Yuma.


  12. Just a quick update. I heard jets roaring overhead, went out see them, and it was the Thunderbirds. Evidently they are going to put on a show this weekend as well.


  13. Paul, the Thunderbirds home base at Nellis. If you go to the main gate and tell them you want to go to their on-base Museum, they’ll direct you to their visitor’s center, give you a base pass and a map to the flight line where they have their own hanger.

    We’ve stayed on base at the FamCamp during their Red Flag Week and know what you mean about all the take-offs and landings.

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