Jan 252010

For quite some time now, Miss Terry has been reading about Nordic pole walking, and she decided that she wanted a set of walking sticks. After doing a lot of shopping online, a couple of weeks ago she ordered a set of collapsible Keenfit sticks. They arrived the other day, and yesterday Terry took them for a test walk.

Experts say that using walking sticks puts your entire body to work, rather than just your lower body, turning a simple walk around the block into a total body aerobic workout. The Keen website also says that using walking sticks reduces stress on the knees and lower extremities.

Terry had to adjust the poles to her height, which is easy to do by just twisting the lock rings, and then adjusted the Terry walking sticks webwrist straps to fit her hands. Once that was done, she was off and walking. She said that within just a short distance, less than a block, she could feel the effects on her arms. It wasn’t unpleasant, just that they were getting a new workout.

The sticks also provide extra stability and balance while walking on almost any Terry walking websurface. Terry’s sticks came with three different types of rubber feet for walking on different types of surfaces.

Terry said she liked the sticks not only for their exercise values, but they’d be handy in case a mean dog or a two legged varmint bothered her when she was out walking. I wouldn’t want to be either one, because my pretty lady doesn’t tolerate much nonsense, and she’d give either one a good whap up side of the head!

Speaking of two legged vermin, most of you already know that we came face to face with an armed burglar in our motorhome in early December. When he pointed a gun at us, I slammed the motorhome door on his hand a couple of times and really ground it down hard until he dropped the pistol.

I’m happy to report that a few days later, the creep was arrested when he showed up at an emergency room 75 miles away with both bones in his wrist broken, along with several bones in his hand. He was already a parole violator, and had additional state and federal warrants out for him. The cops tell me that he probably won’t even be tried for our burglary, because he is already facing a litany of more serious charges. I know it’s probably not a Christian attitude, but I hope he has a real good time interacting with the guys on his cellblock, with just that one hand available.

Now that the bad weather has cleared out for a while, Terry and I need to make a quick run to Yuma to check out the buildings at the fairgrounds and start deciding which rally seminars and events will be held in the available buildings. We’ll probably do that sometime this week. We’ll just drive the van over, and plan to come back the same day, which will make it a long day, or, if we run out of time, we may spend the night in a motel, which is never our preference.

Thought For The Day – Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  13 Responses to “Walking Sticks And Bad Guys”

  1. Just remember Nick, it was “your” gun the creep was armed with. It was “your” gun you or Terry could have been harmed with. Have you thought of getting one of the light weight pistol safes that are on the market. Cabelas has some great ones that are easy to access but keep the intruder away from your weapon.

    We bought one of the pistol safes that open using your finger print. Quick and easy to access. It can be set up to use both you or Terry’s prints.

    Stay safe, Kevin

  2. We’ve seen folks with the walking sticks. They sound like a good idea. Do you know if any of them come with motivators to get me out to walk in the first place? Or even the second or third place, I don’t care. I just need to get out and walk!

  3. I’m going to wait for the motorized version of the walking sticks to come out!

  4. Nick, did they recover any of your stuff? Can they charge him with armed robbery? Gun charge can be serious stuff, especially since he is on parole. Just possession of it is a big no no, he will probably be gone for a long time,

  5. Nancy gave me a pair of trekking poles for my birthday last year. Had not really tried them out until we got to Arizona. There are a lot of trails in the desert around here and the poles are wonderful. My knees could not stand the stress of walking on the uneven ground without them for long. With them there is no knee pain at all. I liked them so much Nancy got a pair of her own and we use them almost every day.

    There is some good info about using them here: http://www.personal.dundee.ac.uk/~pjclinch/poles.htm

  6. Wow. So much to comment on. Sandy and I bought walking sticks this weekend. Love ’em. They provide all the benefits you describe. Regarding the creep-perp. From what I have read elsewhere, he will certainly have his hands full back in prison.

  7. Nick and Terry, we can put you up for the night in the casita on our lot. Has a fold out sofa bed and we have an air mattress that we can put on it to make it more comfortable. Place also has a bathroom with shower. You are more than welcome to stay. We are at the same place on E. 53rd Lane. The big blue bus. Ed & Stevi

  8. Another use for the walking sticks is to take them geocaching. They allow you to reach places you may not want to stick your hands – gloved or ungloved. We bought our sticks at Target and Walmart in the sporting goods section. Came with two styles of “feet”. Now, if I could remember to use them when I go for walks…..
    – CoolJudy

  9. Regarding the thief/criminal, it appears as in so many cases that this guy is a serial criminal. Most of them are. Since he is wanted on both “state and federal” charges, he was definitely a very SERIOUS threat to both you and Terry during the burglary. I am so very glad you shut the door hard on him may times Nick as he would definitely have done harm to you or Terry if he got the chance. Nick, you don’t need to second guess what you did. You saved both of you from serious harm or death. So glad all turned out well for you two.

  10. Good Morning Rick… How funny we just ordered walking sticks last week and they should be delivered today. I have a couple that are made of wood but the new metal ones are so much better. As soon as my knee is better from the surgery I plan on giving them a BIG workout! So glad they caught that guy and he will be going to prison… Hip Hip Hooray!!! Have a super day and travel safe.

  11. Excellent news re: the bad guy. (Nice job on his hand and wrist!) Thanks for the update.
    Susie & Steve

  12. Nick, glad they caught the thief. Guess he found out it doesn’t pay to mess with Bad Nick. I hope he stays in jail for a while so he won’t be a threat to others. Looking forward to the rally.

  13. Thanks for posting the information about Terry’s new Nordic walking poles. I have some relatively inexpensive Swiss Gear Trekking poles I bought at Target (I think). I love them for hikes in the woods. Had not thought about using them for Nordic Walking. Tried it and really like the extra boost in aerobic workout. Plus it just makes walking more interesting to me. The only problem is my current tips are not really made for Nodic Walking. So I found some on Amazon that I hope will fit my poles. If I continue I may upgrade to “official” Nordic Poles. In addition to the ones Terry selected I found some Leki Supreme Nordic Walking Poles for about the same price. I like the fact the strap quickly unhooks. Does Terry have any opinion from her research about Leki poles? Also I found this video very helpful to learn the proper technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJY6_DLJ2Kg

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