Jan 282010

We’re on the road today, headed for Yuma to check out some things at the fairgrounds for our Gypsy Gathering rally in a few weeks. One of the buildings that we thought we would be able to use is not going to be available, but they have a couple of other ones we need to look at before we can decide which seminars will be in which locations, and where our vendors, registration, and evening events will be held.

We already have more RVs registered for the Yuma rally than we had at our Eastern rally in Ohio last fall, and every day more registrations are coming in. I think it’s going to be a big one, folks!

We have a good lineup of vendors, selling just about anything you could want to put in, on, or under your RV. Some of our latest vendor registrations include SMI Brake Controllers for towed cars, Magna Shade windshield sun screens, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Lightblasters LED lights, Phil and Ann’s RV Service, and classes to obtain a non-resident Utah concealed weapons permit, to name just a few.

We have also added several new seminars to the schedule, but I can’t put them on the website until we get back from Yuma, and know what buildings we’ll have available.

Gypsy Gathering Rally web 2I did add a poster to our Rally Registration Page for the Michael Hargis concert Wednesday night right after our pizza party. Scroll down the page, and the poster is between the registration links and the schedule. We’re really looking forward to Michael’s show!

I’ve had a lot of folks offering to volunteer at the rally, and we appreciate it. We will need help with parking, registration, seminar room hosts, door prize runners, morning coffee and donuts, pizza party servers, and I’m sure some other stuff I’ve forgotten. We also need somebody who will be in Yuma a week or two before the rally who is willing to go out and solicit door prizes from local merchants. If you want to take on any of these chores, send me an e-mail and I’ll add you to the list.

One group we’ll really miss at this year’s rally are the Texas Trio; Richard King, Mark Didelot, and Manny Esparza, who have helped us with parking at the past two or three Arizona rallies. Those dogs are hanging out in Florida this winter, and I hope the mosquitoes bite the heck out of them! Not that I want to see them suffer, I’d just like to watch those little winged bloodsuckers try to fly a straight line after sucking down some of the 100 proof fluid those guys call blood!

Richard and Mark gave me a call from the Florida Keys yesterday, where they were dining at one of our favorite seafood restaurants on Marathon Key. They just wanted to rub it in that they were in paradise and I’m stuck in chilly Arizona, where we saw snow on the mountains, from Apache Junction yesterday!

Bad Nick was so hurt by the Texas Trio’s deserting us that he posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled So What Does Life Really Mean? Check it out and leave a comment. 

Thought For The Day – Why does a slight tax increase cost me $200, but a major tax  decrease save me thirty cents?

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  3 Responses to “Rally Getting Closer”

  1. The parking should go a lot smoother this year!!

  2. Is it just me, or is today’s “Thought For The Day” an incomplete thought?

  3. I feel a lot better now that I know the “Texas Boys” have to miss out on the Yuma rally. We were also on the Arizona parking crew and have to miss the fun in Yuma this year due to health reasons. I was depressed but now I say wait until next year. Here we come, hopefully. We had a great crew last year and you Texans are a hoot.

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