Jan 172010

It figures. We left cold, rainy Alabama and went to Texas, where it was just as cold and rainy. So we left there and came to Arizona, where it was in the 70s, with plenty of sunshine. So guess what the weatherman says we can expect this coming week? Temperatures in the low 60s and up to seven inches of rain by the end of the week!

It’s that darned cloud that hangs over my head. I managed to outrun it for a few days, but it’s caught up with me. Like they say, I can run, but I can’t hide.

After having some of Miss Terry’s delicious homemade bagels for breakfast yesterday morning, we celebrated our anniversary by wandering through the huge Mesa Marketplace indoor swap meet. It took over two hours to see everything, though after the first row or two, it was pretty redundant.

There are a lot of vendors, but most of them seem to get their merchandise from the same wholesalers, because stall after stall had the very same things on display. The same sunglasses, the same clothing, the same CDs, the same kitchenware.

We were looking for a Pegs and Jokers game, having gotten hooked on the game when Ron and Brenda Speidel introduced us to it a few months ago at our Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally. There were a dozen or more vendors selling Mexican Train and several other games, all the same at every stall, but nobody with Pegs and Jokers.

Terry did wander through a couple of kitchenware booths and found a few things that she’s been looking for. I get bored pretty quick looking at spatulas and sifters, so instead I stood outside and watched the girls go by. But I didn’t complain, because I know an artist like Miss Terry needs the proper tools to create the delicious food she does, and I get to eat it. And besides, some of the girls strolling by were very pretty!

After doing a little more shopping at a couple of other stores, we stopped by Terry’s parents’ house and spent some time visiting with them. Then we went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and talked about all of the good times we’ve had together, and all the good times we look forward to sharing in the years to come.

We appreciate everybody’s e-mails and blog posts congratulating us on our anniversary. You all make us feel very special.

Today is the last decent day we’re supposed to have for a while, and we want to try to install the engine bay fire suppression unit and refrigerator compartment fire extinguisher we got from Mac McCoy at Fire and Life Safety. You’d be amazed at how many diesel coaches are destroyed every year by fires that begin in their engine bays, and in their refrigerator compartments. We want to prevent that from happening to our motorhome!

Thought For The Day – Life may not be the party we hoped for…but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  11 Responses to “My Personal Raincloud”

  1. Best wishes on your anniversary – and hope you have many more happy ones. You make such a great couple! It is so nice reading the nice comments that you make about Miss Terry.

  2. Happy anniversary a day late but better late than never. Keep up the good work, Joy and I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Congrats Nick and Terry on your anniversary Wish we were there in Az. with you guys althought it has warmed up in AL. but now rain again. When we went by Camping World Thur. we saw the fire trucks going in and saw that there was a big diesel with smoke coming out of it. Don’t know what happened but you probably could find out. They were parked right at the service gate. Enjoy Arizona. We will probably be there next year.

  4. there is a custom made pegs and jokers game made from walnut wood being raffled off for $5 a ticket here at “boomerville” next Friday. Let me know and I will buy you a ticket and you can pay me back at the rally. And deliver if you win…

    They say rain runs downhill, so all that rain in your area is suppsed to come down the washes right here in Quartzsite…..so quick…..go somewhere else on the other side of the mountains!!!! LOL
    Jim Mossman

  5. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you guys had a wonderful day together….oh my, I almost forgot….everyday is a wonderful day together!! LOL Kidding aside, hope you had a great day.

  6. I know you have posted the codes many times before and I did go to your Gypsy Journal website looking for it to no avail before I wrote this … sorry to bug you again. I need to know how to tell when my subscription to the Gypsy Journal runs out.

  7. Joy,
    On the top line of your address on the envelope is a number, which is the number of the last issue on your subscription. The current issue is number 64, so if the number on the top lien of your address block is 66, you have two more issues to go. We also include a renewal notice with the last two issues of your subscription.

  8. Hate to tell you this Nick, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find much sympathy out here if all you can muster is temps in the “low 60s” — some of us haven’t seen numbers like that since last year!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    We are here in Quartzsite for the first time during the “season”. Vendors pretty much as you describe at Mesa. Lots of the same ole same ole stuff. A few unique vendors but there are unique vendors all over the US. All the vendors here are in love with their stuff and think it’s VERY valuable. I am a thrift shopper & garage saler. I can get better prices going to thrift shops, consignment shops, yard and garage sales around the country than here at The Q. Certainly there are a few unique things but for all the hype that goes on about the “deals” here, I just don’t see it. Having fun socializing with friends and experiencing the Q. But as far as shopping is concerned, not a big deal. Connie B.

  10. Well, at least you are already in Phoenix. We are on our way there and are staying in Deming NM. The weather channel just said that Tuscon is in a Winter Storm Watch starting on Tuesday. I thought we left this type of weather in Nebraska.

  11. First, belated congratulations in honor of our wedding anniversary!

    Regarding “Pegs & Jokers” – Last season in the Big Tent at Q, friends found vendor selling nicely made game sets … kinda spendy, but unique and available! Just a note – safe journeys and thanx for all you do on the Web. LdB

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